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The title page of the manuscript

As you explore Bright Falls, you will discover pages to the manuscript of a novel entitled Departure. Read closely and you will find that they paint a picture of the growing chaos across town, and sometimes reveal events before they occur. As you collect the pages, they will be stored in your inventory.

Departure was to be Alan Wake's next book, but could not come to write it because of his writer's block. However, in Nightmare, he finds pages of the book entitled "Departure", with the author being him, except he does not remember writing it. The manuscript pages can be found all around Bright Falls, with more that can be unlocked in Nightmare Difficulty. Alan also seems to find them in the wrong order, some regarding on his previous experiences, and some regarding on what is yet to come. Some of which are what is happening to him at that moment.

A sequel to Departure was also written, called "Return".

Episode 1: Nightmare Pages

Page 1: The Title Page of the Manuscript

"Departure" by Alan Wake

Location: On your way to the gas station, after the pertinent cutscene.

Page 2: Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer

The man turned to face me. His face was covered in shadows. It was hard to make him out in the darkness of the forest that surrounded us, but the axe he lifted was plain to see. It glistened with the blood of his victim.

He grinned madly. The shadows were alive, distorting his features.

It was a scene from a nightmare, but I was awake.

Location: On your way to the gas station, after the pertinent cutscene.

Page 3: Wake Fights a Taken with light

The taken stood before me. It was impossible to focus on it, as if it stood in a blind spot caused by a brain tumor or an eye disease. It was bleeding shadows like ink underwater, like a cloud of blood from a shark bite.

I was terrified. I squeezed the flashlight like my life depended on it, willing it to stop it coming any closer. Suddenly, something gave, and the light seemed to shine brighter.

Location: During your encounter with Carl Stucky (as a Taken). It lies on the ground near a pile of processed logs.

Page 4: The Dark Presence Wakes Up

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

For a long time, the Dark Presence had been weak, sleeping, nothing but a half-forgotten nightmare or a shadowy flicker in the corner of an eye in the forest at night; not real enough to properly exist, and yet too evocative to fade away completely.

Now it was waking up, the writer like a fly caught in a spider's web, each jerk and kick vibrating the strands that led deep into its lair. It was aware of him now, and it could use him.

All he'd need was a little incentive.

Location: After the first encounter with Stucky, in the woods, you'll be crossing a creek through some rocks forming a natural bridge. Right before that bridge, a bit to the left, near some lithium batteries and some revolver ammo.

Page 5: Wake Attacked by Birds

I heard them before I saw them, swooping down from the sky and screeching as they came.

I spun around just as the cloud was upon me. For an instant, I stared into a hundred dead eyes, black pearls glittering in the darkness.

I raised the flashlight and the swarm exploded like fireworks. Feathers burned, turned into ash. I couldn't hear my scream above theirs.

Page 6: Wake Finds Pages

At first I kept finding the pages as if by accident. The book I couldn't remember was either a terrible and true prophecy, or an act of creation that had rewritten the world. I began to hunt the pages, feverishly, for they held the answer to the mystery.

With it I could save myself.

With it I could save Alice.

Location: Before reaching the gas station, at some point Alan will handle a crane that holds a pile of logs, to use it as a bridge to cross over. After that, you'll come across a Safe Haven and a shack with a radio next to it. A few steps further towards the target destination you can find the page.

Page 7: TV in the Gas Station

I stepped into the gas station's garage. It was dark and quiet. The place was a mess. It looked like someone trashed the place, or that there'd been some kind of fight. Light spilled into the room through an open door at the back, and I made my way toward it.

Without any warning, I was blinded by a bright light. An old portable TV on the shelf had come alive by itself. Impossibly, I could see myself on the screen, talking like a madman.

Location: On your way to the gas station, some way after a gas generator-powered Safe Haven, you'll come across a big rusty red oil tank (or a deposit, whatever), where the ground takes an ascend. The page is a little before that, near some green oil barrels.

Page 8: Wake Lies to the Sheriff

"The cabin on Cauldron Lake?" she asked.

The Sheriff looked at me suspiciously. The early morning light flooded through the office windows. I would probably never have gotten out of the woods alive without her help, but I couldn't tell her the truth of what I'd faced the previous night. She'd think I was lying, or crazy. She'd lock me up.

And she wouldn't help me find Alice.

Location: On your way to the gas station, outside the shack with the TV that plays the Quantum Suicide episode of Night Springs.

Page 9: Stucky Taken

Stucky spat on the garage floor and tried to shake the cobwebs from his head. Ever since the couple never showed to pick up the keys, things had been fuzzy.

Something -- a feeling -- caught his attention. Stucky looked up and stared as his brain tried in vain to process the horror before him. He stumbled back, knocking over a can of oil; a black pool spread across the floor while he struggled for a brief moment, then let go as the unrelenting darkness engulfed him.

Location: Outside the gas station, under the parade float.

Page 10: Rose Daydreams About Wake

Rose knew she'd been gushing, but right now, she didn't care. As far as she was concerned, her brief meeting with Alan Wake was literally the high point of her life.

She watched as he got in the car with his wife. She was pretty, confident, at ease with Wake, not like Rose. They were perfect for each other.

She'd have given anything to be called their friend.

Location: After exiting the cabin Stucky pushed down the cliff with a bulldozer, on your way you'll encounter another bulldozer with a live wire hanging next to it. To your left you'll see a small shack. The page is inside it.

Page 11: Barry's Arrival

Barry Wheeler was bouncing off the walls. He'd jumped on a plane after his calls were ignored by both Al and Alice for several days. It could mean that they were both on a second honeymoon, but Barry didn't buy it. Al had been way too unstable for that -- not sleeping, messed up.

Barry had years of experience dealing with Alan Wake, and he couldn't ignore it; something was wrong.

Location: On your way to the gas station, a bit after finding page 10, you'll see four logs forming a bridge across the river to a place outside your destination. Cross the logs and you'll see a metallic box with the page on it.

Page 12: Toby the Dog

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Toby knew the smell: it was the man, the nice man who always gave him treats and never got tired of playing with him. Toby wagged his tail in excited anticipation and gave a joyous bark. Then there was another smell - a wrong smell - and it was alien enough to stop Toby in his tracks. Confused, he growled deep in his throat. The wrong smell came from the nice man. Blind animal terror pierced the dog's brain an instant before the axe followed suit.

Location: When you get to the gas station follow it around to some bathroom doors, it's tacked on the wall near the Women's bathroom.

Page 13: Rose is a Fan

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Barry took another sip of the heavenly coffee. He grinned at Rose. Surely, this was love.

Rose gushed on, breathlessly: "The new one will be a masterpiece. I know it! You must tell him not to listen to the trolls in the forums saying "Departure" will never get finished. He should take his time and make it perfect. I can wait."

Location: Before crossing the fallen tree leading to the wood-processing yard, to your left on top of a fallen tree trunk.

Episode 2: Taken Pages

Page 1: The Sudden Stop 1

  • This page is read out by the voice actor of Max Payne, and the text is a reference to that game series.

It's true what they say about the fall and the sudden stop at the end.

I'd lain here in the snow while the lurid chain of scenes that had led me here kept playing in my head, a rerun of my own private snuff movie, a memory of my corpse. Alone at my own wake. Thinking in metaphors again.

The femme fatale was gone. Only a sour taste remained of the kiss that killed me.

Location: In Alan's apartment, in his office.

Page 2: The Sudden Stop 2

  • This page is read out by the voice actor of Max Payne, and the text is a reference to that game series.

This was a late goodbye. Thirteen years after I'd gotten my revenge, it had finally caught up with me. It'd been a long time to bear the pain.

My blood painted the snow red -- a gruesome slushie -- dissolved all the scattered painkillers, and leisurely dripped down to the sewer, mingling with the bile of the city, becoming one with it.

I can see them now, my wife and my baby. Honey, I'm home.

Location: In Alan's apartment, on his desk, near the mockups.

Page 3: The Dark Presence in the Diner

In spite of its human mask, to describe the Dark Presence as intelligent would have implied human qualities on something decidedly inhuman.

Nonetheless, it found the one spot in the diner that was dark enough. Some light spilled into the corridor, ravaging it, but it took the pain, horrible as it was. The writer would soon fix that. He would be coming to the one place where it still had power.

Location: At the holding cells, in the cell next to the one Walter Snyder's in.

Page 4: Wake at Lovers' Peak

The kidnapper fired his gun one last time, and the shadow vanished into the darkness it had come from.

"See, nothing to it, Wake."

The thought of Alice in his hands was revolting. We stood on the wooden platform of Lovers' Peak, the waterfall and the mountain behind us, the lights of the radio-mast blinking red in the heights above. I fought with the urge to take a swing, forced myself to speak.

"Let's cut the act now. Where's my wife?"

Location: Outside the police station, past the fence, in the small garden patch.

Page 5: Alice Sees a Shadow

Alice looked through the viewfinder, lining up the shot. Cauldron Lake was breathtaking. Something caught her eye: a figure standing in the shadows behind the cabin, like a thin woman in a black dress.

She lowered the camera and looked again -- no one there, just a collection of bushes that looked vaguely human-shaped. She shook her head and laughed.

Location: At the police station, in the room with the communications console.

Page 6: Barry Doubts Wake's Sanity

Barry had never gotten along with Alice, but he knew Alan loved her with an almost frightening intensity. And now something had happened to Alice -- and here was Al, armed with a gun and saying things people got put in padded cells for. It was as if his friend had experienced a massive psychotic episode and was now totally disconnected from reality.

It scared the shit out of Barry.

Location: Outside the Heartwood Cabin Alan and Barry rented, near the orange pickup truck.

Page 7: Rusty Dying

The air in the visitor center was heavy with an awful smell, as if some rotten drowned thing had crawled up from its grave.

Rusty kept coughing blood. My eyes were drawn to the twisted shape of his broken leg. The attack had been vicious. Max whined in his cage. Rusty's eyes were wild with fear and terror.

He gasped: "Mr. Wake, it happened just the way it was on that page."

Location: A short while after leaving the Heartwood Cabin, right after the shack with the TV inside playing The Man in the Mirror episode of Night Springs, you'll see a car with an open trunk. The page is inside the trunk.

Page 8: Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence

The Visitor Center was sturdy, but the impact turned the front of the building into splinters. Rusty was thrown across the lobby like a rag doll and hit the far wall hard.

It didn't hurt until he tried to move and saw his leg bend the wrong way, felt the broken rib stabbing him on the inside. Rusty howled in pain and fear, suddenly afraid to die alone.

Location: Outside Elderwood National Park Ranger Office after Rusty gets attacked by the Dark Presence.

Page 9: Wake Reaches a Safe Haven of Light

At the last instant, I changed direction and threw myself down; the axe splintered the trunk of a tree.

I stumbled into the pool of bright light. My lungs burned; I was too exhausted to move. I tensed as I waited for the killing blow, but it never came. I raised my head. Nothing moved in the darkness beyond.

For the moment, bathed in the cold light, I was safe.

Location: Inside the Elderwood National Park Ranger Office, in front of a door you can't open.

Page 10: Rusty's Final Thoughts

In that last instant of consciousness, Rusty thought about Rose. He was older than she was; Rose was barely out of her teens. But she made him feel young and forget what a train wreck his long dead marriage had been.

He still wore the ring. He'd been waiting for her to tell him to take it off.

Now she never would.

Location: A short walk after leaving the visitor center, on a wooden picnic table next to a safe haven.

Page 11: Wake Sees the Torch Symbol

I turned the corner, afraid of what the flashlight's beam might reveal. Suddenly, a roughly painted symbol of a torch glowed in the light. Behind it, hidden by a rock, sat a battered metal trunk.

It was here for a reason, packed with supplies: batteries, flares, ammo. Things you need to make it through the darkness of the night. Something left behind by someone who knew what I knew, and more.

Location: On your way to Lover's Peak, near a Safe Haven with an emergency box and a wooden cart.

Page 12: Nightingale's Arrival

Agent Nightingale didn't want to be in Bright Falls. These little communities revolted him. And he didn't like the trees or the coffee. He now knew that impossible horrors lurked behind the storefronts and smiles.

He desperately wanted to turn the car around and just drive until he passed out or ran out of the road and booze. But he had a job to do. He had a writer to catch.... at any cost.

Location: On your way to Lovers' Peak, after the Safe Haven near a closed wooden gate, which you have to pass by going over the fence to its left. The page is lying on a boulder.

Page 13: Alice's Fear of the Dark

On more than one occasion, Alice tried to explain to me how it felt to be afraid of the dark. To her, darkness wasn't simply the absence of light, but something more tangible than that. It was something you could touch and feel.

Worse than that, it was something with a mind of its own, something malicious and malign. For her, things changed when they were wrapped in the darkness, they turned into something else, something foreign, and nothing was safe or innocent anymore.

I'd never really understood what she meant, until now.

Location: After reaching Lovers' Peak and splitting up with the kidnapper, the page is near some revolver ammo.

Page 14: Wake Hears a Chainsaw

The night had been one desperate situation after another. I was exhausted and my body felt as though it had been chewed up and spat out.

The flashlight was heavy in my hand, and each pull of the trigger sent a painful shock up my arm. But I was finally out of the woods and things were looking up.

That's when I heard the chainsaw.

Location: At some point after Lovers' Peak, you'll come across a couple of wooden shacks with a hunting rifle in one of them and a power generator and a couple of wooden ramps outside. The page is inside the other shack.

Page 15: Barry in Elderwood

When Barry saw the darkness attack the Visitor Center, it made him a believer. The men Al said he'd shot -- they hadn't been just locals on crank.

Somehow, the world had changed. Like the channel had been switched without a warning. You think you're watching a sitcom and you're really watching a horror show.

When the birds started attacking the cabin, Barry wasn't surprised, just terrified.

Location: In the cabin with the watermill, after using the elevator to jump across, the page lies on top of some sacks.

Page 16: Nightingale Fires at Wake

The FBI agent's command froze me in place. I considered surrender. It was all falling apart anyway; I could give in, let someone else deal with it.

But it felt all wrong. Call it instinct; his posture, the way he held the gun. He was no friend.

Shots ringing in my ears, I leaped for the hole in the fence and stumbled into the darkness beyond.

Location: After Alan receives a call from Barry, telling him that birds started attacking the cabin, he arrives at a trailer park. The page lies outside the WC cabin.

Page 17: Wake at the Dark Presence's Mercy

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

The Dark Presence had touched the girl to lure the writer into a trap. now it was night and he lay helpless, drugged, lit only by the flickering of the TV

screen filled with static.

Shadows coalesced in the room as the Dark Presence leaned close to the writer, ready to touch him again: "Back to work, boy."

Page 18: Rose and Rusty

Rose knew that Rusty was in love with her, and she liked him, too. She liked him a lot. He'd taught her to dance, and life had certainly taught her the value of a man who was gentle. He treated her well, made her smile, made her feel good.

But Rusty wasn't the prince of her dreams, and that tended to underline the unbearable truth: she was no closer to that Hollywood magic than he was.

Location: On your way back to Barry, you'll eventually find a flare gun and Alan will comment on how this is probably the best weapon against the dark creature he's facing. At that point head off your destination, up the road to a kiosk. The page lies on the kiosk's floor.

Page 19: Barry Meets Rose

Nobody in Bright Falls seemed to know where Al was, but Rose, the waitress at the diner, had seen him. From what Barry could tell, Al pretty much fell off the face of the Earth when he left the diner.

Rose was just the kind of fan that Al hated, but she really tried to help. She was smart too, knew a lot of what was going on in the town, knew a lot about Al, even knew who Barry was.

Barry liked her. That was no big surprise. When it came to women, Barry and Al rarely saw eye to eye.

Location: On your way to Lover's Peak, a bit after the first torch symbol chest, to the right of your appointed destination you'll see a wooden gate with a "Do Not Feed Wildlife" sign next to it. The page is lying on the ground near the gate.

Page 20: Sarah Thinks About Wake

Sarah didn't care about the legal threats Wake's agent had made. She let Wake go without argument because there was something about him she couldn't quite put her finger on, something that reminded her of her father.

She didn't think Wake would hurt his wife. Then she thought about the way he waded into Hartman, that hair-trigger rage flaring up without warning.

Location: This one's a bit tough to describe. After Lovers' Peak, at the section of the forest where bear traps are about, at some point you'll see a house with a water-mill across the river. Head towards the end of the part of the forest, from where you can see the house across. At some point, you'll see some fallen tree trunks near the edge of the cliff. Two wooden barrels are also nearby. The page is there.

Page 21: Deputies at the Logging Site

The logging site was a mess. The modular office had been pushed out of the cliff.

Deputy Thornton climbed up from the wreckage, excited, breathing hard from the exertion. "Nobody there. It's weird. Don't you think that's weird?"

Bored, Mulligan let out a mighty snort, "Hell, it's always weird, Thornton. Just a question of sorting out what kinda weird it is this time around."

Location: In the cabin with the watermill, on the second floor, one floor below the one with the elevator, the page lies on the shall balcony.

Page 22: Wake Feels the Dark Presence

Shadows stirred and the wind picked up as I ran through the forest. I felt the Dark Presence turning its gaze toward me.

Then the moonlight was blotted by dark shadows that raced violently across the ground, moving too swiftly to be natural. Darkness gathered between the trees, and melted again to reveal the Taken. No natural path had brought them here.

Location: Shortly after exiting the top of the mill, there is a ruined shack to the left of the "The darkness wears her face" graffiti. Inside, jump up the stacked boxes to get behind the large crates.

Page 23: Wake's Despair

There was no misunderstanding, Cauldron Lake was where Alice and I had stayed, but there was no cabin and no island. I was missing a week. What had happened to me? What had happened to Alice?

I had to get her back. I couldn't face life without her.

Location: When you first get to drive a car, at some point the road will be blocked by a couple of stone fences and you'll have to turn left to carry on. Get off the car, go past the stone fences and into the tunnel. You'll see a huge rig with some logs on it. The page is by the rig.

Episode 3: Ransom Pages

Page 1: Randolph Calls the Police

Mr. Randolph liked Rose, that little smile she had, how she was still sweet when life had tried so hard to make her bitter.

It wasn't any of his business what she did in her trailer, but those strangers -- the writer and his smartass sidekick -- looked like trouble, and they'd been in there for hours, way past her normal bedtime. He reached for the phone and called the Sheriff's station.

Location: After exiting the trailer, on the ground next to the mailbox.

Page 2: The Dark Presence Sleeps

For decades, the darkness that wore Barbara Jagger's skin slept fitfully in the dark place that was its home and prison. It was hungry and in pain. It dreamed of its nights of glory when the poet's writing had called it from the depths and given it a brief, terrible taste of power and freedom. The rock stars had stirred it from the deep sleep the poet had sunk it back to in the end.

When it sensed the writer on the ferry, it opened its eyes.

Location: While running from the police, a short distance after crossing under the bridge, on the path at a checkpoint.

Page 3: Nightingale in the Radio Station

Nightingale stared through the broken studio window into the dark woods. He turned around, started to walk out, but Maine grabbed his arm.

"Young man, you almost shot me! You don't shoot off rounds at people like that. What's the matter with you?"

Nightingale shook his arm free, marched out. His cheeks burned with rage and humiliation.

Location: After departing the radio station, this page is attached to a fence along the path.

Page 4: Sarah Distrusts Nightingale

Sarah trusted her gut, and her gut said agent Nightingale was an asshole. He felt wrong, and it wasn't just the smell of stale booze. It was in the way he flashed his badge, pulled rank, the look in his eyes when he wanted answers.

Where was Alan Wake? What was this about an accident? Where was his wife? And most importantly, why did she let Wake go?

He wouldn't answer her questions. "Federal business" was all he'd say.

Location: On a rock along the path after leaving the cabin with the power company lights, just past a small shack.

Page 5: Wake Attacked by a Possessed Object

The pipe wrenched itself loose from the bridge's steel framework. Wrapped in darkness, it floated in midair, twitching spastically. For a moment, I didn't understand what I was looking at.

The heavy object lurched at me with impossible force. I threw myself out of the way, but just barely.

When I turned my flashlight on it, it shook in a dark rage, before it flew at me again.

Location: After the call from Alice, along the path, on a stump.

Page 6: Wake and the Dark Presence in the Lodge

I slammed the door shut right in his smug face. He pleaded for me to open the door. True to form, the asshole actually thought I would obey.

I had no sympathy left. No guilt, either, not for him. I took a moment to savor the scream. I bet I had a smile on my face.

It was all that I had time for.

The Dark Presence was inside the lodge with me.

Location: After the railway bridge, on the ground next to the ladder.

Page 7: Wake Attacked by the Dark Presence

A darkness surged toward me, sucking everything loose from the ground into its depths, tugging at my clothes.

I saw the flare the kidnapper had dropped and threw myself toward it just as I felt my feet leave the ground. The darkness embraced me with the force of a tornado. Somehow I managed to light the flare.

The darkness roared and cast me away. I fell, toward the dark waters of the lake far below.

Location: Upon exiting the warehouse, on the railing at the top of the stairs leading into the yard.

Page 8: Rose Visited by the Dark Presence

Rose didn't know how the strange old lady got in her trailer. And she looked...wrong, somehow.

The woman showed her teeth in an approximation of a smile and traced a finger down Rose's cheek. "Pretty girl," she said.

Rose felt as if she was falling asleep, but her knees didn't buckle. The crone spoke in a whisper, her words ice cold and dark in Rose's ear.

Location: While running from the police, after the cruiser crashes onto the path, follow the tracks away from the destination marker to the dead end to find the page.

Page 9: Rose Touched by the Dark Presence

Touched by the Dark Presence, Rose was lost in a dreamland where everything was drawn in black and grey crayons. The old lady had promised her that all her wishes would come true. She would be Alan Wake's muse.

She was smiling so hard it hurt her face. She crushed a bottleful of sleeping pills into the coffee.

Deep down inside, she was screaming in terror.

Location: After the safe haven with the radio, cross the bridge. The page is on the cliff off to the right.

Page 10: Walter Fights Danny

Danny had stepped out, but what stumbled back in was something else, something alien, a monster. Walter tried to kill it, first with his fists, then a chair.

It wouldn't die; instead, it kept coming, unaffected by the beating it had taken. After Walter managed to kick it down the cellar stairs, fear took over. He ran, got behind the wheel, gunned the engine. The booze wouldn't make him forget, but he knew he had to try.

Location: On the way to the train depot, after the Safe Haven with the revolver nearby, the path splits off to the right. Following this long, winding path leads to the radio tower, and this page is on one of the base corners.

Page 11: Wake Attacked by a Bulldozer

The bulldozer's engine roared to life. Mud and rocks flew as it fought for traction. It crashed the concrete wall and landed heavily in the yard.

If it were an animal, it would've shaken its head after the impact, fixed its eyes on me, and charged. Of course, it had no head, nor eyes. Shadows crawled on its form, twisting it into a monster.

Then it came for me.

Location: After leaving the cabin with the power company lights, head off to the right, away from the destination marker. The page is attached to a closed gate.

Page 12: Wake and Night Springs

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Even after all this time, hearing the Night Springs theme caused a surge of conflicting emotions in me.

It had been my first real writing gig. Barry had known a guy who knew a guy, and suddenly I'd been a semi-regular writer on the show. I'd always been ashamed of the job, felt it was trash. I had wanted to be an artist, a novelist.

I'd been naive back then. It had taken a long time to learn to be proud of the work.

Location: Look for a tower with a gate in front of it after crossing the train trussel while on your way to the train depot.  Before the gate, turn right and it'll be on the edge of a rock facing the cliff.

Page 13: Sarah in the Radio Station

With Nightingale gone and the night wind blowing in through the broken studio window, Maine stared at Sarah. The Sheriff looked away. Maine's voice shook with barely controlled anger.

"That boy's doing more drinking than thinking. I hope you know what you're doing, Sarah. He's got a sickness in his eyes. You take my word for it: he wants Wake for a reason, and it's not for anything good."

Location: Outside the coal mine museum, on the green wooden path to its entrance.

Page 14: Thomas Zane in Love with Barbara Jagger

When Thomas Zane fell for Barbara Jagger, it happened fast. She was young, vibrant and beautiful, full of life. He had never been a very happy man, and without any seeming effort she had changed all that.

Zane felt good for the first time in his life. Everything she did was another piece of a jigsaw puzzle he hadn't even known he'd been missing.

And best of all, she made the words flow, strong and sharp. She was his muse.

Location: After jumping down the chute in the mine museum, this page is on the ground along the path.

Page 15: Wake Touched by the Dark Presence

Some of the Taken retained echoes of their former selves, but these were just the nerve twitches of a dead thing. Nothing remained but a shell, covered and filled with darkness.

In most cases these puppets were enough for the purpose of the Dark Presence. But for anything more elaborate, as with the writer, it was different. It needed his mind. And so rather than taking him over completely, it merely touched him.

Location: On the path to Mirror Lake, after picking up some flashbang grenades, this page is right on the path.

Page 16: Wake and Barry in the Cell

I stared through the bars of the jail cell. Barry stood behind me, swaying on his feet, looking as ill as I felt.

Agent Nightingale stood on the other side of the bars with Sheriff Breaker. Nightingale had a stack of manuscript pages in his hand. He seemed unhinged as he gloated:

"Well, I've got you now, Raymond Chandler. It's all here, all the evidence, including conspiracy to murder a federal agent."

Location:On the way to Mirror Peak, inside the mine building, on a table below "follow" graffiti.

Page 17: Wake and Casey

Things were never as simple in real life as in fiction. I had lost count of the times I had wished there'd be a clear reason for my writer's block. Something to fight, something to lash out on.

There wasn't. I was filled with doubt. I was nothing like the hero in my books. Alex Casey had gone through his life with single-minded determination, never wavering from his goal. Even now, I was angry at myself, angry at Alice, angry at Barry. I was fumbling and I had no plan.

Location: Upon reaching the ghost down, on the right side of the bridge, right on the path.

Page 18: Nightingale in the Majestic

Even behind the closed doors and curtains of his grimy room at the Majestic, the local motel, Nightingale could feel the locals' eyes on him, the unrelenting pressure of their judgment.

He forced it out of his mind. For all he knew they could all be under Wake's spell already. You do what you have to do to get the job done.

He took comfort from the bottle in his hand: "Please," he thought, "just let me get through this".

Page 19: Mott at Cauldron Lake

Mott had checked all of Stucky's rental cabins. There had been no sign of the Wakes. It was dark when he'd found their car parked at the end of the road by Cauldron Lake.

It made no sense. They must have taken a wrong turn, but there was no sign of them, and the car had been there for hours already.

Frustrated, Mott stood on the rotten ruin of the footbridge that had once led to Diver's Isle, before it sank beneath the waves years ago. The boss wouldn't be happy.

Location: On the way to Mirror Peak lookout, after exiting the silver mine, just after reaching the broken bridge, right on the path.

Page 20: Wake Wakes Up in the Lodge

I tried to hold on to Alice, but her form melted away. I was losing control. Dr. Hartman stood in her place. I wanted to hit him, but my arms were jelly.

He smiled. It was a reassuring smile and I hated him for it.

"I had to give you a sedative, don't fight it. You went through another rough period. Right now it's very important that you stay calm. We don't want you to have another episode. You're a patient at my clinic, have been for a while now."

Location: On the way to Mirror Peak lookout, after the ruined building, on some descending stairs, right on the path.

Page 21: Mott on the Ferry

For Mott, spying on the writer on the ferry had been a disappointment. His boss had made Wake out to be something special, but Mott hadn't been impressed.

He'd gotten a good, long look of the wife, though, and liked what he saw. Mott had fantasized about goading Wake into a fight, but it hadn't happened. Still, he'd get his chance to see if the writer had anything in him.

He'd been promised as much.

Location: On the road to the coal mine, after the ranger station, there is a mineshaft on the left side of the road. The page is inside, all the way at the top of the stairs.

Page 22: Hunters Taken

The hunters were big, thickset men, confident and at home in the woods. They were feeling good, running on beer, ghost stories and camaraderie late into the night.

It did them no good as they were taken by the Dark Presence, sucked deep into a darkness far worse than any ghost story they ever told or heard.

Location: upon first entering the silver mine, take the path to the left, past the "Tunnels go to Cauldron Lake" graffiti. Follow the path all the way and look around to the right.

Page 23: Doc Examines Barry and Rose

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Doc sat down heavily. He'd examined Barry and Rose. Barry was already recovering. Rose was another story: she was conscious, but she was barely present, almost delirious, disturbed, "touched in the head," they used to say.

It wasn't the first time Doc had seen someone in such a state, but it'd been over thirty years.

Doc poured himself a stiff drink.

He hadn't forgotten a thing.

Location: After crossing the bridge in the ghost town, there is a red shed with part of its roof pulled off and laying on top.  (The shed straight ahead as you go through the main part of town where you are supposed to go)  Go in the back of it and there will be the page.

Page 24: Wake Reads a Page

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it. In it, I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it. In it, I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it. In it, I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it. In it, I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it. In it, I lifted the page in front of my eyes and read it.

Location: After the graveyard while reaching the mirror peak outlook, you'll come across old railroad tracks.  Follow them left to a rock face with the page in small notch.

Page 25: Tor Hits Nurse Sinclair

Lightning flashed behind the windows of Cauldron Lake Lodge. Tor Anderson laughed and held the steel hammer above his head. Nurse Sinclair was trying to calm him down without success.

Tor grinned madly and shouted: "My hammer's up! Here's a friendly poke from Mjöllnir, wench!"

He brought the hammer down with all his might on Sinclair's head.

"We're on a comeback tour, baby!"

Location: After exiting the silver mine, immediately take a right and go up the stairs. At the top is a tower with a ladder; this page is on top of the tower.

Episode 4: The Truth Pages

Page 1: Thomas Zane's Writing and Assistant

Zane could feel the poems, taking form, shaping things. As he experimented, he imagined he could almost feel the power surging through the keys of the typewriter.

It exhilarated him, but there was fear, too. If not for his young assistant, Emil, he would have given it up.

But Emil convinced him otherwise. He, too, had a way with words.

Location: This page is automatically obtained during a cutscene.

Page 2: Barry in the Lodge

Hartman kept talking, giving Barry the grand tour, clearly proud of the place. He went on and on about his hunting trophies, and Barry was impressed, but he was here on business. He raised his voice, cut through the monologue.

"Hey, Hartman? Where's Al?"

Hartman stopped in the mid-sentence, annoyed at the interruption. He nodded at the hulking orderly standing nearby. The man smiled and clapped a practiced hand on Barry's shoulder.

Location: After the cutscene in Wake's room, on the ground to the left at the top of the stairs.

Page 3: Hartman Watches Wake Fall

Hartman followed the fall of Alan Wake with his binoculars. When the writer hit the water, he ordered Jack to take the boat to him.

The spot was easy to see in the dark even with all the extra lights in the boat. The flare floated and kept burning even in the water.

Jack turned the radio louder as the engine sputtered. The music was rough and clanking, something the Anderson brothers would no doubt have enjoyed, but Hartman chose to ignore it. Wake was finally within his reach.

Location: This page is automatically obtained during a cutscene.

Page 4: Hartman's Mission

Hartman knew he was no creator. He had no ambitions on that front, and he certainly didn't want to end up like every artist he had worked with here: damaged in ways that were hard to describe, or worse.

It was enough for Hartman to maintain creative control and provide direction. To be a "producer." That was what most of these people were in need of, anyway.

Of course, suitable subjects were few and far in between.

Location: When escaping the clinic, in the room after the one with the poltergeist couches, on the arm of a couch.

Page 5: Wake Sees the Old Gods Stage

I stared at the Viking paraphernalia that littered the area, surrounding an unlikely centerpiece: a full-sized stage, complete with an impressive sound system with all the trimmings, including a dragon. It took a special kind of crazy to build something like this in a remote field.

When the sky split open with a deafening boom and the music started blasting, it felt strangely appropriate.

Page 6: Barry Attacked by a Taken

For the moment, Barry was just glad he had survived the fall. He had been separated from Al, and there was no easy way to climb back up.

He told himself he'd be okay, okay in the gloomy forest at night. He would just have to wait for a while for Al to find his way down. Barry turned when he heard the heavy footsteps and saw the movement: the man-shaped shadow lunged at him from the bushes, an axe held high.

Barry screamed and threw up his hand. The world exploded.

Page 7: Mott in Charge

Mott knew that Wake was smarter than him; Wake had more money, a beautiful wife, everything. And Hartman said Wake was important. That made him better than Mott. But Mott was calling the shots now. He'd expected Wake to whimper and grovel, but instead, he seemed willing to fight. Mott knew he'd gotten under Wake's skin.

If only Mott actually had his wife. The thought made him shiver.

Page 8: Mott Fails Hartman

Hartman wasn't happy. Mott could see it in his eyes. He quickly lowered his own: he'd made a mess of it, and he knew it.

The shame of failure was hard to bear. He hadn't expected Wake to say he needed more time, and he'd blurted out "two days," less than Wake had asked for, to show him who was in charge.

But that wasn't part of Hartman's plan.

Location: In the lodge, in Dr. Hartman's office.

Page 9: Hartman and the Power Failure

Hartman hurried down the corridor. He had disliked leaving Wake when he was surely at his most susceptible to therapy, but this was not an ordinary storm. Wake had been writing, and he had woken something up in the depths of the lake. Now it was coming for him.

Hartman had naturally prepared for a situation like this. The idiot brothers would keep Wake distracted while Hartman double-checked everything, just to be sure.

Page 10: Hartman Sedates Wake

Hartman watched as Wake's features slackened. The man was bull-headed, no doubt; even lying on the bed, he'd almost broken Hartman's nose the second time. But with a little time, he could break Wake down, give him proper direction. Wake was easily the most promising subject he'd had...well, since Tom, really.

"Sleep well, Alan," Hartman whispered with a smile. "Let me take care of you."

He sniffed hard to clear his throbbing nose; swallowed blood and barely tasted it.

Page 11: Nightingale Arrests Wake

Agent Nightingale stared at the passed-out writer. The man was sleeping off one hell of a night. Nightingale felt a stab of envy at Wake's oblivion. But he had a job to do.

He put the gun to Wake's head, and almost became a murderer.

His hand shook and his throat felt tight and dry. Biting his teeth, he tried again to pull the trigger. He lost the nerve.

Wake stirred. Nightingale would have to settle for an arrest.

Page 12: The Patients Escape the Lodge

The storm raged on as the Anderson brothers walked unsteadily away from the clinic with the other patients in tow, knowing that this time they wouldn't return. The darkness around them seethed with horrors, but Tor and Odin were unafraid.

Their eyes glinted with guile. They knew every secret path, and there was blood on their hands.

They had fought these shades before.

Page 13: The Dark Presence at Large

The Dark Presence followed the choreography laid out to it in the manuscript, growing stronger and stronger, moving like a storm from one scene of destruction to the next.

But it was still bound to follow the story and chained to the dark place it came from.

When the story reached the end it longer for, it would finally be free.

Page 14: The Anderson Brothers in the 70s

It's 1976. Madness reigns at the Anderson farm. Contrary to all logic, the headiest ingredient of their moonshine is unfiltered water from Cauldron Lake.

The Andersons felt like gods.

Odin can't stop laughing. He contemplates cutting his eye out.

Tor runs across the field, naked, shrieking, hammer in his hand, trying to catch lightning.

Their songs have power, something ancient is stirring in the depths, coming back.

Location:  In the barn right after the concert stage fight, on the second floor.

Page 15: The Mystery of the Missing Week

Again, Alice's screams rang in the stillness of the night. I saw myself run toward the cabin, flashlight in my hand.

I followed my past self. I was an out-of-body observer, a time traveler in a crazy, drunken dream. This was the beginning, the night Alice had disappeared.

The mystery of what had happened during the missing week was about to reveal itself.

Page 16: Walter at the Anderson Farm

When he stopped the car at the Anderson farm, Walter felt relieved; oblivion was close at hand. The brothers wouldn't miss a jar of moonshine, or two, in the booby hatch.

But then he saw the man on the porch, and he knew who it was.

Driving for his life and knowing it was useless, he didn't realize he was crying until he couldn't see the road for the tears.

Page 17: Hartman During the Missing Week

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Hartman had never felt as anxious as during the week after Mott had managed to lose the Wakes. Their car stood by the path that had once led to Diver's Isle. Hartman thought about Thomas Zane's cabin in the depths.

It was only a matter of time before Wake started writing. They had to be found, and fast.

The moment he heard on the police radio that Sheriff Breaker had picked up Wake, he was already in his car, driving toward town.

Location: In the Anderson farm, after the fight with the construction equipment, go through the safe haven and then jump down the ledge nearby.  Go to the left where the large barn is with a tractor out front.  Continue past the tractor to a small outhouse.  The page is hanging on the door.

Page 18: Hartman Considers Mott and Wake

For a moment, Hartman considered strangling the idiot. Mott was mean-spirited, but easily manipulated; an emotional infant who lived for his approval.

Wake, by contrast, was a far more difficult subject. Mott had given him too much leash. In two days, who knew what could happen? Hartman would have to find a way to rein him in, and quickly.

Page 19: Mulligan Questions Nightingale's Orders

Deputy Mulligan tuned Thornton's chatter out. He didn't think writers were particularly useful people, and a huge manhunt for one stuck him as idiotic, certainly not worth the missed opportunity for coffee and pie. It wasn't even clear what the man had done, except run from them at the trailer park.

Mulligan knew he wasn't alone: the sheriff's patience with the Fed was running out.

Location: after holding off the Taken on the stage, go down the stairs to your right and around the corner. The page is pinned up on a power board.

Page 20: Nightingale Finds the Manuscript

As the deputies hauled Wake and Wheeler away, Agent Nightingale eagerly examined the stack of papers Wake had been carrying. It was incomplete, a collection of random pages.

But there was enough: he saw his own name in there, among others. His hands shook with emotion.

Finally, it was proof. He had been right all along.

Episode 5: The Clicker Pages

Page 1: Nightingale Reads the Manuscript

Nightingale tried to make sense of the manuscript. It was disjointed and strange. He didn't understand half of it, but it all rang true, impossibly true.

He took out his hip flask when he reached the page that described how he reached the page that made him take out his hip flask.

It wasn't the booze that made his mind reel.

Page 2: Nightingale Attacked by the Dark Presence

Nightingale felt the situation veering out of his control, but the gun at least felt steady in his hands. He was ready to fire, resolved that he would let this happen over his dead body--and yet he hesitated.

He had seen this moment before, read it in the page. He was transfixed by the déjà vu and the horror that he was a character in a story someone had written.

Then the monstrous presence burst in behind him and dragged him into the night.

Page 3: The Dark Presence Set Back

The darkness that wore Barbara Jagger's face was furious. The story in the manuscript had been making it stronger all the time, but now the light had set the writer free and hurt it, weakened it.

It was only a matter of days before the Dark Presence would be strong again, but meanwhile, it would be difficult to recapture the writer.

Page 4: Cynthia's Work

Cynthia Weaver worked hard, following her obsessive rituals--sometimes fighting them, always giving into them in the end.

She haunted the halls of Bright Falls' abandoned power plant. She marked her caches with light-sensitive paint that could only be seen by eyes that had been touched by darkness and saved by light like she'd been.

She was preparing defenses and supply lines for the war she knew would come--the war between the forces of light and darkness.

Page 5: The Dark Presence Hunts Wake

For it to be free, the Dark Presence needed the writer to finish the story. Again and again the story let it get frustratingly close to the writer without letting it capture him. It was bound by the events depicted in the manuscript.

But it could pursue the writer indirectly, put others on the task, and stop those who would help him.

It took over everything in its path, made them its puppets, and sent them after Alan Wake.

Page 6: Alice Trapped in the Dark

Alice had screamed until she had no voice left to scream. Around her, the darkness was alive. It was cold and wet and malevolent and without end. She was a prisoner, trapped in the dark place.

The terror would have burned her mind out, but one thing made her hang on: she could sense Alan in the dark. She could hear him. She could see the words he was writing as flickering shadows.

He sensed her, too. He was trying to work his way to her.

Page 7: Barry in the Sheriff's Station

Barry was in his element, making calls, making things happen, even if he didn't entirely know what those things were. He wouldn't let the hot sheriff chick down, even if every noise he heard from outside--and he heard plenty--made him jump. He had only paused to text Al a message, told him to hurry up.

Suddenly, Barry froze in mid-dial: a window broke somewhere in the building, and then the lights went out.

Page 8: Barry in the General Store

Barry got back to his feet inside the Bright Falls General Store and dusted himself off. Right next to the cans of baked beans was a locked case filled with flare guns. And yet, here was a conveniently placed barrel of crowbars!

Barry's smile widened as he realized that this was the classic movie scene where the hero had to gear up and arm himself to the teeth. Barry threw himself into the role.

Page 9: Wake's Plan

The story I had written in the cabin had come true. Touched by the Dark Presence, I had written a horror story, but the end was still missing. The story was incomplete and the last unfinished page of the manuscript still sat in the typewriter in the cabin study.

If I could get back there, if I could read the page, then I could write my own ending to the story and save Alice.

Page 10: The Falling Helicopter

Sarah was almost starting to relax. Maybe they could turn this into a win yet.

Suddenly, there was a piercing sound, like a table saw gone wild, as a hundred birds made out of shadows swarmed into the rotor.

The chopper bucked wildly and the board lit up, telling her what she already knew: they were going down. Barry Wheeler screamed next to her.

Page 11: Zane's Shoebox

Thomas Zane knew he had to remove all that had made this horror possible, including himself. That was the only way to banish the dark presence he had unleashed and now looked at him through the eyes of his dead love.

But he also knew that despite his best efforts, it might someday return, so even as he wrote himself and his work out of existence, he added a loophole as insurance, an exception to the rule: anything of his stored in a shoebox would remain.

Page 12: Cynthia on Her Way to the Dam

Making her way through the water pipe alone, Cynthia was angry at the writer. Foolish young man, taking unnecessary risks. And the way he broke the rules! Didn't he understand what was at stake?

Since the terrible days in the 70s, she hadn't wavered once, as hard as it had been. She was tired of protecting the town all these long years and now only wanted to rest.

Page 13: The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 4

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

The Poet and the Muse lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The chorus:

And now to see your love set free

You will need the witch's cabin key

Find the lady of the light, gone mad with the night

Find the lady of the light, still raving in the night

That's how you reshape destiny

Location: After Cynthia tells you to cut the power in the transformer yard, you need to enter the gated area outside.  Follow the fencing on your left all the way around until you get to the concrete wall of the small power shed you can't enter.  The page is in the corner.

Page 14: Children of the Elder God Lyrics 1

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Children of the Elder God lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The first verse and chorus:

Warriors, torchbearers, come redeem our dreams

Shine a light upon this night of otherwordly fiends

Odin's might be your guide, divorce you from the sane

Hammer's way will have its say, rise up in their name

Oh, Memory and Thought

Jet black and clawed

Children of the Elder God

Scourge of light upon the dark

Location: After the transformer yard while on the mission "Crossing the bridge," you'll find a road with a lot of parked cars on it with a spinning bridge to the right.  Go left down the road and you'll see a school bus.  The page is in front of it.

Page 15: Children of the Elder God Lyrics 2

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

Children of the Elder God lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The second verse and chorus:

Scratching hag, you can rake your claws, and gnash your crooked teeth

You've taken slaves, like ocean waves, now feel the ocean seethe

Father Thor, bless this war between the dark and light

In their songs let their wrongs bring dissolution's night

Oh, Memory and Thought

Jet black and clawed

Children of the Elder God

Scourge of light upon the dark

Location: After the cut scene with Cynthia Weaver (The Lamp Lady) and the helicopter crash, go straight and follow the only way you can go.  After being ambushed by some birds, you'll come across a fallen tree before the crash site.  You need to walk on the tree and grab the page sitting on it.

Episode 6: Departure Pages

Page 1: The Dark Presence Wants to Stop Wake

The Dark Presence was no longer trying to capture the writer so he could create the ending it wanted.
The writer knew too much. He was too strong, and he carried a weapon left behind by Thomas Zane, something that could hurt it.

Now the darkness was doing everything in its power to simply stop the writer from ever reaching Cauldron Lake and the dark place it came from.

Page 2: The Trail of the Dark Presence

The bottom of Cauldron Lake was a graveyard of things the lake had claimed in one way or another over the decades. The Dark Presence brought them up in its wake, scattering the rotten, waterlogged hull of an old boat here, the remains of a long-ago crashed airplane there.

Trees shattered under the impacts. The earth groaned. It didn't even notice.

Page 3: Thomas Zane's Last Dive

Zane cut its heart out, but it didn't die. The thing that wore Barbara's face kept crooning sweet nothings, sugar laced with poison.

He put on the suit, untied the monster from the chair. The thing in his arms thrashed weakly, but he held fast. He stepped outside, off the pier, and into the dark water, a sinking pinprick of light, descending toward a bottom that never came.

Page 4: The Dark Place

The dark place I found myself in was unlike anything I could ever have imagined; it wasn't solid, it flowed. It was conceptual and subjective.

For someone else, an artist in another field, it would have been very different. I could sense the story of the manuscript all around me, the words and ideas floating in the air, poised to become real.

Page 5: The Way through the Dark Place

After Zane had gone, I stood alone in the shifting dream that was the dark place. I had to find a way to the cabin. I had written myself a way through this place in the manuscript.

I followed the idea of a path. I had written myself across the ocean that blocked my way, and with that, there was a bridge to the island beyond. The idea of the cabin flickered in the underwater darkness. I willed the cabin to be real.

And it was.

Page 6: The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

The Poet and the Muse lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The first verse:

There's an old tale wrought with the mystery of Tom the Poet and his muse

And a magic lake which gave a life to the words the poet used

Now, the muse she was his happiness, and he rhymed about her grace

And told her stories of treasures deep beneath the blackened waves

'Til in the stillness of one dawn, still in its misty crown

The muse she went down to the lake, and in the waves she drowned

Location: Look for the green couch in the Majestic Hotel Entrance room.  The page is sitting on it.

Page 7: The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 2

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

The Poet and the Muse lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The second verse:

The poet came down to the lake to call out to his dear

When there was no answer he was overcome with fear

He searched in vain for his treasure lost and too soon the night would fall

Only his own echo would wail back at his call

And when he swore to bring back his love by stories he'd create

Nightmares shifted in their sleep in the darkness of the lake.

Location: It's located on a shelf on the second floor of the barn, following the possessed monster truck.  On the first floor of this barn is a safe zone with a truck you can drive.

Page 8: The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 3

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

The Poet and the Muse lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The third verse:

In the dead of night she came to him with darkness in her eyes

Wearing a mourning gown, sweet words as her disguise

He took her in without a word for he saw his grave mistake

And vowed them both to silence deep beneath the lake

Now, if it's real or just a dream one mystery remains

For it is said, on moonless nights they may still haunt this place

Location: Find this on a table on the second floor of the Yard Manager's Garage.

Page 9: Sarah and Barry in the Well-Lit Room

In the end, Barry wasn't going to shoot Sarah, they both knew that. Once she had no chance of catching up to Wake, Barry gave up the gun and sat down on the floor, shielding his face from the merciless glare of the Well-Lit Room.

"I don't think I'm ever gonna see him again," he said in a weak voice.

Sarah didn't have it in her to be mad at him. Besides, he was probably right.

Location: Once you reach the junkyard gate, you will see that the asphalt road straight forward is blocked. Drive around the blockade, among trees, or simply pass it by on foot. At the end of that road, you’ll find a green work truck truck and the page on it.

Page 10: Zane's Poem

  • This page can only be found in Nightmare Mode.

I'd first heard the poem in a dream, recited by a strange UFO-like light. I'd read it again in the cabin, in a book by Thomas Zane:

For he did not know
That beyond the lake
He called home
Lies a deeper, darker
Ocean green
Where waves are
Both wilder
And more serene
To its ports I've been
To its ports I've been.

Location: Look for a mesh fence near the generator that powers the elevator, in the mine encampment; the note is pinned to the fence at the back of the fence when you go around.

Other Pages

The Alan Wake Files

Page 1

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found near Lovers' Peak.

...four days after she reached the age of twenty-six, Maggie decided her life was over. If asked to explain why, she could not have answered. If pressed, she might admit it had something to do with Samuel. How he had left three months ago without a word, and how she had just seen him at a party, and how he had his arm around a beautiful girl she’d never seen before. It was more than that of course — it was always more than that. That’s why she was walking the seven miles to Lovers’ Peak. Teenagers had parties out there, and very occasionally someone would fall or jump. She hiked the trails wearing her old headlamp, following the bouncing ball of light like she was reading the lyrics to a song. When she reached the peak she switched the headlamp off. If asked, she would say that she did not jump. She simply inched herself closer and closer to the edge until the inevitable happened. Eyes wide open, she fell rapidly, but death was quicker. In her last moment, she saw a great cloud of ink rise from the tree canopy and catch her like an insect in amber. It held her softly, the way Samuel once did, and by the time it brought her down to the forest floor to settle on her feet it was as though she were reborn and ready to start her new life. Perhaps she would visit an old friend and...

Page 2

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found half buried in the forest.

Ellen shivered as the storm rolled in. A sweater and jacket should have been plenty to ward off the chill, but it was dark and suddenly so bitter that the stars looked jagged. A scientist should always be prepared, she chided herself. Ellen wasn’t weird, no matter what the other 7th graders said. Her mind just worked differently. Which was why she was sitting in the forest with her ears stopped up and a mini tape recorder beside her. Soon, she would know the answer to the question: if a tree falls in the middle of the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Extra credit! The alder trees rattled against each other in the wind like finger bones. Soon as the storm toppled one over, the recorder would provide the proof if it actually made a sound when it fell. She shivered again, her breath frosty. She looked around, trying to get her bearings, but everything seemed tilted and out of place. Even the stars were blinking out, like somebody pulled the plug on heaven.

Page 3

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found on the Elderwood Nature Trail, near the tree known as “The Great Old One".

...nothing to cover herself but the shadows that overwhelmed her, she reached for the light switch in desperation. She cringed, and crossed her arms across her chest, hugging her own body close, bracing for the onslaught. Squeezing her eyes shut, she shuddered as she felt the darkness fill her, chasing away every hope, attacking even her memory of her own identity. The alarm of the invasion caused her to cry out involuntarily, which only sped the inevitable: her descent into despair hurtled like a pitch-black boulder thrown down a dark mine shaft. Her cries came out in muffled choking sounds. In her ears, she could hear what sounded like a monsoon crashing its devastation inside the cabin. Outside, there was near silence. The elderly couple who walked by heard nothing of the internal storm that raged only a few yards away. “It’s cold,” the old woman said to her husband, “suddenly very cold.” Her gray curls shook as she shivered. The old man smiled. “You’re always cold,” he said. There did seem to be an extra breeze through the forest. He slipped his jacket off and put it over her shoulders, thinking he was rescuing the nearest damsel in distress.

Page 4

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found beside an abandoned RV.

Worst vacation ever. Two weeks off a year and Blaine had to spend it driving around in an RV with his in-laws from Tokyo. People acted like they had never seen a redwood tree, and his mother-in-law found every jerkwater town “cute.” Nothing cute about Bright Falls, just redneck dopes asking him what kind of mileage he got in the Winnebago. Didn’t help that his wife Asako’s spastic colon was kicking up with all the fast food, making her totally useless. It all fell on Blaine. He wanted to barrel on to Longview or Portland, someplace with a Sizzler and a multiplex, but his in-laws had seen the mountain turnout and wanted to stay and watch the sunset. Like the sun never set in Japan. Fine, Blaine stayed in the RV while the three of them stood against the railing taking pictures. Geez, it got dark fast up here in Nowheresville. Hardly see a thing. One minute it was twilight, and the next...

Page 5

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found near an abandoned cabin in the woods, north of Cauldron Lake.

Bill rocked on the porch of his cabin as the last of the light faded, listening to his stomach growl. When his little brother disappeared twenty-six years ago, at least Bill got dinner. Oh sure, folks had traded tales of screams in the night, and nothing but a smear of blood left behind, and poor Timmy this and poor Timmy that, but Bill had insisted the brat must have gotten lost or fallen down a well. Timmy was always careless. Always sticking his nose in places it didn’t belong. Clara was the same way. Bill’s wife. Clara never liked the cabin — always worried about being so far from other folks, always seeing things in the trees, always asking him dumb questions. Now, Clara had disappeared too. Snatched away an hour ago, leaving a pan of meatloaf fixings on the table. The night deepened, but Bill maintained the same unhurried rocking. He liked the gathering darkness, the way the shadows piled up on each other. All these years and he never missed his little brother and he wouldn’t miss Clara either. He would miss her meatloaf though.

Page 6

  • According to the Alan Wake Files, this page was found in a ditch alongside Route 21B.

If Donny Ray thought Darlene was going to fall for that “I run out of gas” nonsense, he had another thing coming. She had slammed the door of his 4x4 so hard it about cracked the window. She didn’t care. Donny Ray did, though, running after her, yelling who did she think she was. Darlene knew who she was. She was the one saying shove it to Donny Ray, which was why she lay hunkered down in the weeds, listening to the crickets while Donny Ray thrashed around in the darkness, bellowing about what he was going to do to her when he found her. Crickets got real quiet, but Donny Ray didn’t notice. Darkness boiled up from the trees, and he didn’t notice that either, not even when it rolled right towards him. Heart pounding, Darlene eased towards the road and started walking quickly back to town. She promised herself she wouldn’t run, wouldn’t panic, wouldn’t give in to fear but that didn’t last long. She didn’t look back though. Not once. So that was something. Darlene first felt it coming after her like a vibration under her feet, almost a tickle. It would have been half-pleasant on a sunny day, lying around by the lake, eyes closed, like somebody was teasing her toes with a blade of grass. She was long past that though. Not tonight. No...

In-Game Cutscenes

These pages are generally seen briefly in cutscenes. They're not as well written as some of the pages Alan picks up.

Episode 4: The Truth

In the cabin, two stuffed ravens stare at Wake and Alice from atop a bookshelf. Wake is surprised to find his typewriter sitting on the desk. Alice has planned the whole thing behind Wake's back to get him writing again. The vacation was just a ruse to get Wake here. Wake feels angry and betrayed. Everyone keeps pushing him to do something he is not ready to do. Wake and Alice argue about it. Suddenly, the lights in the cabin start to flicker. Unseen by Wake and Alice, Barbara Jagger stands in the shadows in the cabin. As soon as it began, the flickering stops and Jagger is gone. Alice is startled by the flickering lights. Wake is too angry to stay. He needs to cool off, clear his head.

Wake storms out of the cabin. He is certain that Alice will not follow him into the dark. When Wake gets to the car, he hears Alice. She is screaming in terror, calling his name. There is a splash of water and then silence. Alarmed, Wake picks up a flashlight from the car and rushes back to the lake. Wake is surprised to see that the cabin is dark, the lights are out. He looks for Alice. Wake scans the dark water with his lamp. He sees her form underwater, sinking into the darkness. He draws a shuddering breath and dives into the black water.

Wake wakes up gasping from a nightmare. He is in the car. The car has crashed against a tree. It's night. He is bleeding from his forehead. He has hit his head. He staggered out. He calls out Alice's name. There is no reply.

Location: Can be seen in the dream sequence in Episode 4, where Alan places the page on the desk next to him.

  • It's possible this page was originally part of the script for the game, but was snuck into a cutscene. The events that occur in the game are slightly different to those depicted here.

Official Survival Guide

Inside the survival guide are five "lost files" spread out across the guide.

Lost File #1: Prelude to the Falls

Wake watched his life unravel. Others had overstayed their welcome, rubber-necking their way into his private life. True, he’d had his fair share of run-ins with the paparazzi. But no one needed this kind of stress. He needed a change. Alice told him she’d arrange everything: the plane tickets, the rental car, and a cabin with views of Mirror Peak. This was to be an unforgettable vacation.

Lost File #2: A Seasoned Sherpa

The man beckoned him over, ready to impart the local flavor, with a knowing glint in his eye. This was a path tracked before, both recently and decades ago. The guide was a dishevelled fellow, with a scruffy beard and an overly elaborate flourish to his narration. But he was the best the visitor could manage. And he knew Alan Wake’s secrets.

Lost File #3: Master of the Marionettes

Deerfest was in full swing, and Harbor Street was awash in red, white, and blue confetti. He stared out from the window of the Oh Deer Diner, and saw life pass him by. These people were the salt of the earth, ready to help both friend or stranger. These people were cruel, uncaring, and mischievous. Out for themselves, and fearful of failure. These people were mad. And he was the master of these mad marionettes

Lost File #4: Shadowed by Another

Wake watched with interest from his new study, as the long-haired man left a psychic strand—an almost invisible impression—in his own wake. Alan was being followed. A fellow traveler, naive enough to plunge into the unexplored deep? Or a figment of Wake’s own imagination, created by the author to weave layer upon meticulous layer so others could watch Wake’s own predicament play out?

Lost File #5: 1000 Points of Light

For Wake, the adventure was over. He was content to re-read his Manuscript Pages, and double-check any loose ends, or plot discrepancies. Two days later, he had finished. Another literary triumph, and one he could now share with the many fans who descended on the small Pacific Northwest town, hoping to follow in his footsteps. He had achieved so much. But he had sacrificed more.

  • This lost file appears at the end of the Prima guide, and is more of a congratulatory page for the player getting, originally, 1,000 Xbox achievement points for following the guide.


  • During the first playthrough of a flashback when Alan arrives at his home and when you go see Alice in her office doing posters for his book, go to his study and you'll find a manuscript page, as well as several books written by him. The manuscript pages, The Sudden Stop 1 and 2, all describe Alex Casey. The deep voice is not of Alan Wake, but Casey, which in first describes snow and a femme fatale and the second one describes the end of his revenge and at the end, Casey gets to see his wife and baby again. These are allusions to Remedy Entertainment's other franchise, Max Payne series. The snowy setting is mostly the setting for Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. which the at the beginning of The Sudden Stop, talks about the fall and sudden stop at the end, references the title. The femme fatale in the story is likely a reference to Mona in The Fall of Max Payne. Also, Alex Casey describes his wife and baby, who are dead, which alludes Max Payne's family who died on the first game. Also, the books Alan wrote have references to story plots of Max Payne. Two of which is, "The Fall of Casey" and "Alex Casey" references Max Payne and The Fall of Max Payne. While first game was developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by "G.O.D. games" for PC and Rockstar Games for consoles, Max Payne 2 was published only by Rockstar, in conjunction with Remedy games who developed it, since the rights to May Payne were sold to Take-Two Interactive, who is the owner of Rockstar Games. The deep voice of Alex Casey sounds identical to Max Payne himself. As well, Alex Casey and Max Payne are both New York City Detectives. The narrarator of these two pages is Max Payne's voice actor "James McCaffrey".
  • The pages in the game contain the texture of directions Alan had to take in the first episode. This can be seen using no clip mode before you pick up a page.
  • The text of Page 2 from Chapter 1 "Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer", and Page 13 from Chapter 2 "Alice's Fear of the Dark", and text from at least one other manuscript page, can be seen on a page that Alan Wake (or rather, his actor, Ilkka Villi) picks up in the music video for the song "War" by Poets of the Fall