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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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David Woods is a character in Alan Wake 2. He is the husband of Saga Anderson and the father of Logan Anderson.


Not much is known about David, but he is the husband of Saga Anderson and the father of Logan Anderson.

False reality[]

David was seemingly disliked by Saga's grandfather, Tor, and blamed (the bastard) for having Saga leaving him, when he later admitted, after Saga's fight with Cynthia Weaver in Return 5: Old Gods, that it was not David's fault that Saga left but Tor's, for breaking the Anderson family apart. In this alternate reality, Saga had brought Logan with her upon leaving her husband, which had led to the death of Logan Anderson, in which she drowned in Cauldron Lake.

Events of Alan Wake 2[]

While David doesn't appear physically, his voice is heard during phone calls.

Conversation #1[]

David is first heard during a call with Saga where their daughter, Logan, had slipped in the shower, who was okay but had a slight concussion. David was relieved to have heard Logan's fall in the shower, otherwise she would have drowned.

Conversation #2[]

David is last heard in Return 7: Summoning, during a phone call when Saga is driving from Bright Falls to Cauldron Lake. Due to the Altered World Event spreading, perpetrated by Scratch, David accused Saga for abandoning him and for the death of Logan, and he wishes not to hear from her ever again.

David: David.
Saga: David! It's me. Where have you-
David: Stop. For once, you need to listen. You left me. You took my daughter away from me. Then you let her... She's dead because of you, and I don't ever want to hear your voice again. Stop calling me.
Saga: David.

It is still unknown what happens to David at the end of the game, as it is believed that David's altered memory of the horror story was erased and managed to regain his original memories upon the Clicker being used and the Dark Presence defeated.