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This page contains all the unused or cut content that was removed prior to the final releash of Alan Wake in 2010 - this includes areas, enemies, items and early Episodes (but only those that were made after settling on the plot of the game)

Unused Content

Taken Bears and Wolves

As shows in concept art and developer notes, there were planned to be several Taken animals such as Bears, Wolves. Models and preliminary animations have been made, and the developers made several successful AI and pathfinding tests - using a pack of Wolves in-game. However, those enemies were eventually scrapped since there wouldn't be time to bring them to a polished state. They held onto the Birds since they were a unique enemy type, but also a an homage to Alfred Hitchcock.[1]

Traces of those enemies remained in the final game, such as wolf howls and bear references in Elderwood (warning signs and bear traps) and a painting in Cauldron Lake Lodge which features a Taken Wolf.

The Sawmill

The Sawmill was one of the areas around Bright Falls which were experimented upon during the development of the game. The area was originally going to be used for a boss fight against a Taken version of Agent Robert Nightingale, which constituted a "monster boss fight". At some point, the concept of Taken Nightingale was abandoned and the area was scrapped. Some of its assets were later used for other areas in the final game.[1]

The Sawmill was eventually revived for Alan Wake's first DLC - The Signal, where the area was used as the setting for the final portion of the level, and coincidentally even featured a boss fight against the Insane Alan as a large conglomerate of Poltergeist televisions.

Race Track

Back when Alan Wake was planned to be an open world game, there was going to be side content that players could interact with at any time. One such thing was the option to race against other viacles on a rack track. When the game became a linear experience, the race track was scrapped as well.

Several textures for the track were found[2], and there is one picture that features a glimpse of the actual track in-game.[1] Most of the assets appear to have been used in the final game though, especially in Episode 5 for the Deerfest parade area

The Bright Falls Museum

The museum was planned as a building for the open world map, where players could learn more about the history of Bright Falls. The developers saw no use to it since they both moved away from the open world structure and found ways in incorporate lore and history in areas such as the Coal Mine Museum and The Elderwood National Park.

Dream Teater

The Dream Teater was going to be an area that players could run into during several instances, featuring as a way to dive into some of Alan Wake's memories prior to the events of the game, as well as moments from the missing week inside the Bird Lake Cabin. It was supposed to introduce the dream-like and psychological elements of Alan's consciousness into the game.[1]

The Teater was eventually replaced by the New York flashbacks and the Writer in the Cabin episodes - the latter fitting more with the aesthetic and tone the deveopers intended for the game to have.

Ball Maze

The Ball Maze was one of the little ideas planned for the game - featuring the area around Bright Falls as its play surface. It was going to be its own mini-game with working physics.[1]

While the mini-game went unused, the prop itself still remains in the game. It can be spotted in Thomas Emerson's room in Cauldron Lake Lodge.

Early Episodes

Alan and Barry in the Lighthouse

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The Forest Fire

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Nightingale and Finn

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