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The Cult of the Word is a religious murder cult which supposedly operated in New York City in 2013.


They believe Wake's writing to be gospel and did unspeakable things, including murder, believing that they would be able to bring him back from death or whatever it was that had caused him to disappear 13 years prior to present time. To do this, they re-enacted the murders described within Alex Casey PI novels, believing that it would summon Alan Wake back. Purportedly, the cult was led by a mysterious figure called "Scratch."

Around the same time, in 2013, the real life FBI agent Alex Casey began to investigate the Cult. Having the same name as Wake's character and a similar occupation, the Cult of the Word also started harassing Agent Casey. It was for this same reason that Agent Casey decided to join Saga Anderson on her investigation of a similar cult-like murder that happened in 2023 near Cauldron Lake, the same place that Alan Wake had disappeared 13 years prior.

While trapped in the Dark Place, Alan Wake saw numerous visions and Echoes of Alex Casey's real investigations into the Cult of the Word and/or unused story beats he had discarded from his own Alex Casey writings and, believing them to be inspiration, used them in his own writing to shape the Dark Place to find a way to escape.


  • The Cult of the Tree also formed in 2013.
  • Many of the Shadows in the Dark Place took the forms of members of the Cult of the Word.
  • The Cult of the Word as depicted in the plot of Alan Wake's chapters (Initiation) is highly similar to the antagonistic cult in the filmmaker Tom Zane's movie Nightless Night. In both instances, the cult idolizes Alan Wake (or "Veikko Alén") and seeks (or is rumored to seek) a way to bring them back, in a ritual which heavily involves the detective Alex Casey (or "Aleksi Kesä"). Furthermore, in both instances the filmmaker Zane plays a meta role. In Wake's Initiation, Zane is Alan's guide who had secretly betrayed him to work with Scratch, and he is also the Grandmaster of the Cult of the Word and/or Scratch himself.[1] Meanwhile, the writer Veikko Alén is played by Zane in Nightless Night, and the credits for the film state that it is based on a novel by Alan Wake.


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  1. Internally, the subtitle speaker ID for the Grandmaster, who appears in an Echo in Draft Three, is "ZANE/SCRATCH."