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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Couch Potato is an achievement/trophy earned in Alan Wake. You get this achievement by watching all of the available TV broadcasts. There are a total of 14 available shows. The achievement counts both the scenes you automatically get and the TV's you have to manually put on.



  • "Watch every single TV show".


  • "You have watched every single TV show on offer".


Automatic TV Locations:[]

Episode 1 (1)[]

Episode 2 (2)[]

  • Found in the jail cell room when making your way back inside the sheriff station after you found Alice's driving license.
  • After you pick up the car keys in the men's bathroom, the TV will turn on just before you leave.

Episode 3 (2)[]

  • Found in Roses' room after you wake up shown in a cut scene.
  • After you walk into the building after you fight the train, there will be a TV that comes on manually.

Episode 4 (2)[]

  • When returning to your room, when you go upstairs, the TV will turn on.
  • After you see Walter die, when you leave the room, the TV will turn on by itself in the opposite room in front of you.

Manual TV Locations[]

Episode 1 (1)[]

Episode 2 (1)[]

  • In Elderwood, after you left the cabin with Barry inside, you will head down the path. The second cabin you will encounter will have a broken door, which you have to kick down. Inside the cabin is a TV. Night Springs Episode 2: The Man in the Mirror will be shown.

Episode 3 (1)[]

  • After you crossed the bridge you will be in an industrial yard. You will have to push a button to enter a garage. On the second floor of the garage is a TV. Night Springs Episode 3: A Family Occasion will be shown.

Episode 4 (1)[]

Episode 5 (2)[]

Episode 6 (1)[]

  • In Alan's house at the beginning of the episode, you can turn on the TV in Alan's living room after listening the message from Barry on the answering machine. An interview of Alan on a TV show will be shown.