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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Alan aiming his revolver at a transforming birdman

Across his journey into Bright Falls and Night Springs, Arizona, Alan will encounter many horrors. However, these primarily manifest in the from of Taken: monstrous ententes that have been touched by the Dark Presence. Although light is critical in Alan's defense and offense, after taking down the Taken's shield, he must finish them off with a Conventional Weapon. They take on many forms, from the simplest Revolver to the greatest Submachine gun.



The Revolver is Alan's first conventional weapon and easily the weakest. It has a clip size of 6 rounds and it has medium range and fire-power. Ammo is plentiful, so this weapon can always be relied upon as a back-up weapon. It seems to be Alan's preferred weapon, as it is the weapon he carries in most cut-scenes.

Double-Barrel Shotgun[]


The Double Barrel Shotgun is the second weapon Alan will come across. It has decent range and high firepower, but the weapons largest drawback is it's small ammo capacity: It can only hold 2 shells before it must be reloaded.

Pump-Action Shotgun[]


The Pump action shotgun is a powerful weapon but cannot be obtained until episode 3, since the hunting rifle is found a few times in episode 2, it has a large capacity (8 shells) and high fire-power. It suffers from short range limitation however and is highly ineffective at medium to long range shots. Ammo is also plentiful later in game.

Hunting Rifle[]


TheHunting rifle is the best weapon in the game. It has high fire-power and is accurate at all ranges. It has a 5 round magazine capacity (less than the Pump action) but it reloads quickly. Ammo is sometimes scarce, but later in game many ammo boxes can be found.