Combat shotgun

Combat Shotgun.png

The Combat shotgun is a weapon in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It is available to the player after they have collected 40 manuscript pages. It can be found next to the Mount Redtooth National Observatory.

In-Game Description

It's range and accuracy leave something to be desired, but on the one hand, it packs a hell of a punch, and it's fully automatic. A horde of big guys crowding you? Not for long.


The Combat shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon. It resembles the real world AA-12 shotgun and shares its fully automatic fire mode. The combat shotgun has a very decent magazine size of 12 shells, giving it the largest magazine of any of the shotguns. It is also the shotgun with the highest rate of fire. This allows the combat shotgun to take on groups of enemies with relative ease. Shot per shot the combat shotgun falls short of the others, but its best features lies in its automatic rate of fire. Unfortunately, this is also the Combat Shotgun's greatest drawback due to the dreadfully small ammo reserve (12-rounds full magazine plus 18 more), so it is best if the player paces shots carefully with short burst, and remains aware of their ammo count. The combat shotgun replaces the two-hand slot weapon, so the player should adjust their load out accordingly.


The combat shotgun can first be obtained at the Observatory from within a weapons case behind the main entrance to the building. Opening the weapons case will require 40 manuscript pages.

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