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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Across the franchise, the player can encounter a wide variety of collectibles, some which help build a further narrative of a game, and others which are just for fun.

Alan Wake[]

Manuscript Pages[]

Main Articles: Departure and The Sudden Stop

Across the game, Alan will find pages of a manuscript he doesn't remember writing. Some foretell events due to occur and some which have already come to pass, while a very small amount are pages from his Alex Casey novels. There are a total of 106 pages to find across the six base game episodes; 91 in the Easy/Normal or Normal/Hard difficulties (depending on the game version) and 15 in Nightmare difficulty.

Radio Shows[]

Main Article: Radio Shows (Alan Wake)

Across the first four episodes of the game, Alan can find segments of Pat Maine's radio show "The Night Owl." There are 11 in total to find, though a twelfth unofficial one that doesn't count towards an achievement can be found in Episode 5: The Clicker with Pat playing War by Poets of the Fall.

Night Springs Episodes[]

Main Article: Night Springs

In each base game episode, players can turn on a television and find an episode of Night Springs. There are 6 episodes required to find that count towards an achievement, though a total of 8 episodes can be found in the Remastered version of Alan Wake, the two extra being on a television in Cauldron Lake Lodge in Episode 4: The Truth, though they count towards a separate achievement.

Writer in the Cabin[]

Main Article: Writer in the Cabin

Alongside episodes of Night Springs, across Alan's journey he will encounter televisions that will automatically turn themselves on. These are segments that show Alan within Bird Leg Cabin writing out the Departure manuscript whilst having a psychological discussion with himself. There are 7 of these to find across the game.

Coffee Thermoses[]

Main Article: Coffee Thermos


Main Article: Signs

Can Pyramids[]

Main Article: Can pyramids


Main Article: Chests

Alarm Clocks[]

Main Article: Alarm Clock

Cardboard Standees[]

Main Article: Cardboard Standees

Night Springs Video Games[]

Main Article: Night Springs (Video Game)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

Manuscript Pages[]

Main Article: Return (Night Springs)

Radio Shows[]

Main Article: Night Springs Radio


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Alan Wake 2[]

Return (Saga Anderson)[]

In Saga Anderson's chapters, collectibles can be viewed in the Mind Place.

Manuscript Pages[]

Main Article: Return


Main Article: Alex Casey Lunchboxes

Nursery Rhymes[]

Main Article: Nursery Rhymes

Cult Stashes[]

Main Article: Cult Stashes


Saga can find various radio broadcasts, mainly music and episodes of Pat Maine's radio show.


Saga can find Koskelas Ads (TV commercials made by the Koskela Brothers).

Deer heads[]

Saga can pet multiple hung deer heads found in several locations.

Mayor Setter booths[]

Saga can find six mayoral campaign booths across Bright Falls and Watery which will allow her to meet Mayor Setter.

Initiation (Alan Wake)[]

Words of Power[]

Wake can find multiple hidden circles containing Words of Power. These words give the player the option to augment and improve their weapons.


Main Article: Echoes Wake can find various Echoes throughout the Dark Place which show him visions of his fictional detective Alex Casey.