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Coffee Thermoses are collectable items found throughout Alan Wake. They are scattered all over the game and you need to keep your eyes peeled in order to spot them, as sometimes they can be found in clear places, and other times they are tricky to find. There are a total of 100 to collect.


Episode 1 Thermoses (14)

  • The first thermos is found by the broken bridge (the left side of the road) just after you have learned to walk forward.
  • Shortly after you get the flashlight and revolver, you will come to a safe haven with a box containing a flare gun and some flare gun ammunition. To the opposite of the box and light there is a bunker with a small staircase. Walk down the stairs and the second coffee thermos should stand in the bunker. Don't drop down the edge to the right of the light or you'll miss it!
  • Just before you enter the lighthouse in Alan's nightmare, just after you have crossed the bridge, the third thermos should be on a bench to the right of you.
  • At the Oh Deer Diner in episode 1, the fourth thermos can be found at the back of the diner in between the Andersons and the old lady looking down the hallway.
  • After you finish the cutscene arriving at Cauldron Lake with Alice in front of the bridge, turn around and head back up the path all the way to your car. The fifth thermos will be located on a lookout nearby.
  • The sixth thermos in Episode One is found inside the Bird Leg Cabin were Alan and Alice stay in. Open the door and walk into the kitchen and the thermos can be found on the kitchen surface.
  • After Alan wakes up from the car accident, entering the lumberyard, and after the first cutscene with Stucky, look for a pickup truck. The seventh thermos in near the back end of it.
  • The eighth thermos is located after you cross the initial fallen log to cross the river. Turn left after that first tree and the thermos should be located atop a stone.
  • The ninth thermos near where Alan must make his own bridge between the logs to get around the broken staircase. Behind the stack of logs that act as the end of the bridge, the thermos will be on a rock.
  • On your way to the gas station, after the Safe Haven with a shack nearby with a radio inside, walk a bit further and you'll find the tenth thermos behind a rock just before you're forced to drop off in to an open expanse of forest. You'll also hear Stucky say something when you reach that point.
  • When you reach a Safe Haven that's activated by starting a power generator, head straight past the power generator and you'll see an oil barrel. The eleventh thermos is lying next to it.
  • After the fight with Stucky and making your way to exiting the battle area, there's a crane. On the treads on the left side of the crane is the twelfth thermos.
  • The thirteenth thermos can be found outside the gas station, underneath the sign for the gas station.
  • Continue past the thirteenth thermos and continue heading down the road until the very end of it where the fourteenth thermos lay. Nothing else is down there, except a lot of Taken.

Episode 2 Thermoses (17)

  • The first thermos is located in Alan and Alice's apartment, in the room with the computer, where Alice is processing some films.
  • Another thermos can be found at the police station, near the holding cells, on a coffee table.
  • At the police station parking lot, near the radio can be found another thermos.
  • Another thermos can be found at the Elderwood Cabins, behind the counter.
  • On the ground floor of the Elderwood Cabin where Alan and Barry are staying, at midnight, right before Alan sets off to meet the kidnapper, there's a thermos on the kitchen counter.
  • In the Elderwood Cabin area, outside the cabin near the one Alan and Barry use, on the steps of the hot tub is another thermos.
  • At the Lover's Peak Visitor Center, ignore Rusty, after you enter the plaza, turn right and look near a lone tree.
  • In a cabin to the left of the Elderwood National Park Ranger Office, right next to the white, crashed mini-van, is located another thermos.
  • Another thermos can be found before reaching Lovers' Peak, after a wooden bridge with a spotlight at the end of it; once you cross the bridge, turn right and walk past the wooden fence along the edge of the cliff. The thermos is located on top of a rock.
  • Right before the blocked gate by tree stumps leading up to Lovers' Peak take a right until you reach a site with a tree ring hanging, marked with some dates. The thermos is located on the picnic table.
  • On Lovers' Peak, before the wooden platform, behind the broad sign lies another thermos.
  • Inside a cabin, next to the one with the hunting rifle, there's another thermos; a power generator is situated outside the cabin.
  • Right before reaching the wooden shack with a watermill, on a hill overlooking it, another thermos can be found.
  • In the wooden shack with the watermill, after you use the wooden lift to jump across, a thermos is located on a wooden table near a window.
  • At the trailer park, near the emergency box there's a picnic table. The thermos is on it.
  • Once you get into the car and on the road, head opposite of where you're supposed to go and you'll come to a dead-end, where a thermos is located.
  • After you drive down the street, there is a truck that lights are flashing a few times, on the left side of that truck is a small area with a picnic table has another Thermos.

Episode 3 Thermoses (20)

  • The first thermos of episode 3 can be found outside on a picnic table on the way to Rose's trailer.
  • Once the player reaches Rose's trailer, it is inside on the kitchen counter.
  • When escaping the police, the thermos can be found in a lookout tower on the left side of the road, on the wood stove.
  • Outside of the lookout tower, near the storage shed that contains the generator.
  • In the parking lot of the radio station, at the base of the sign.
  • After finding the safe zone with the revolver after leaving the radio station; look for a path going uphill towards the transmitter tower. The thermos is a level below the tower.
  • Located in a series of storage sheds, the one past the temporary work lights will have the thermos.
  • After you drop into the train yard, it will be on a pile of pallets on the right.
  • After defeating the tractor and the taken, the thermos can be found after heading through the gate, it is on the opposite side of the truck between the walls.
  • At the road block, the thermos can be found after heading through a grove. It is on a plush arm chair overlooking a cliff.
  • Near the entrance to the coal mind, it can be found on the left behind the mine cart.
  • After it goes dark in the mine museum, go down to the first floor, the thermos is sitting on a storage shelf.
  • After turning off the power, and heading up the stairs, the thermos can be found sitting on a plush arm chair in the room before you exit the building.
  • When trekking through the forest, after you pass through the gate and defeat the Taken, there will be a rickety walkway overlooking the main road to the light sanctuary. The thermos is at the end of the walkway.
  • When you reach the area that has several stationary spot lights, head to the left into the woods until you reach a cabin. The thermos is inside along with several other supplies.
  • Upon reaching the ghost town, the thermos is in the second section of the town, in a large red building on the right.
  • To the rear of the shed that contains the key for the door in the ghost town.
  • In the silver mine, following the ambush, it is in the corner of one of the mine shafts.
  • After exiting the mine, continue to narrow suspension bridge overlooking Cauldron Lake. After crossing, look immediately to the left, along cliff edge.
  • After crossing the house over the roof, make your way around to the gate where you will find another thermos.

Episode 4 Thermoses (18)

  • Sitting on the front desk of the lodge.
  • On the second floor of the lodge, on a railing.
  • In the same room Barry is locked in, on the window sill.
  • Once you have exited the clinic, hug the side of the building until you reach a side gate, it is on a low wall.
  • In the gazebo where the "boss" Taken appears.
  • Third section of the pond area, near the light, on a low wall near a wheel barrow.
  • Following the car crash, you follow a set of train tracks. Follow a wooden walkway opposite a mine entrance.
  • In the woods surrounding the farm you will come across a camp site with a heavy duty flashlight, the thermos is on the wood pile.
  • In a house near a light sanctuary. The thermos is in the second story window.
  • In the cabin where the blue car car is parked, in the kitchen.
  • Down the road from the cabin, it sits in front of a tractor on the right side of the road.
  • Drive towards the farm, there is a house with an SUV in front of it. The thermos next to the tractor in the field in front of the house.
  • On a set of bleachers just in front of the rock stage.
  • On-stage, right in front of Barry.
  • In the barn, first floor, near a rusted car.
  • On the second floor of the milking building, defeat a tough enemy, the thermos is on the shelf.
  • In the Anderson house, in the ground floor bathroom.
  • In the Anderson kitchen on the first floor.

Episode 5 Thermoses (20)

  • Thermos in the police station reception area.
  • After leaving the police station, there is a T-intersection, the thermos is in the wooden shack on the water-side.
  • In the Oh Deer Diner, in the main counter area.
  • In the area with the Deer Fest float, keep going until you reach a dead end. The thermos is on a truck with several pot-o-potties.
  • After Sara unlocks the gate, it is through the gate in a picnic tent.
  • On the first floor of the town hall, it is outside of the mayors office.
  • In the display window of the bookstore.
  • In the sandbox of the playground.
  • In the basement of the church, turn 90 degrees at the bottom of the stairs.
  • At the helipad, on a wooden bench,
  • After the helicopter crash, near the fence opposite the speedboat; near some storage containers.
  • In the warehouse with the ambush, in one of the concrete pipes on the stack.
  • In the transformer maze, after being ambushed by two enemies, check the surrounding area for the thermos sitting on a couple of pallets.
  • Through the transformer maze, in front of the control room before the bridge.
  • After crossing the spinning bridge, it is in the control room on the other side.
  • In the parking lot of the power station, near the control room.
  • Inside the power station, in Weavers room near a bookcase.
  • After meeting up with Sara and Barry, there is a giant concrete pipe after a safe zone, the thermos is inside.
  • After taking the lift up the dam, exit and take the cliff edge to the right, it is past a wrecked car.
  • When escaping the tornado, you will descend a spiral staircase, the thermos is at the base on a shelf.

Episode 6 Thermoses (11)

  • Upon completing the flashback, the thermos is on the picnic table.
  • Past the logging area entrance, the thermos is in front of a barn of the left side of the road.
  • After it becomes dark, there is a motel on the left side of the road, the thermos is in the lobby bathroom.
  • After passing through the tunnel, you will encounter a Taken monster truck. Drive to the edge of the map where you will find a barn, the thermos is just outside.  (Hint: It's in the field next to the bard with the safe zone.  Enter it from the side perpendicular to the path to the safe zone barn after getting the truck.  It'll be on the porch.)
  • In the work camp, the thermos is inside the garage with the white van.
  • When you enter the scrapyard, the thermos is just before the ramp on the right.  Look for it on the stacks of pallets.
  • In the area with the searchlight in the distance, one of the cabins on the right will have the thermos.  It's the Holloway & Co cabin in the ghost town.  It's  the one with the big billboard on its roof on the right.
  • After the mine cart ride, past the birds, there is a thermos next to one of the structural supports near a hole in the wood floor.
  • In the woods past the mine cart, there is a train boxcar propped up on a rock, the thermos is inside.
  • Near the broken down windmill, the thermos is at the base.
  • Once you enter the lake, shine your light on the word "thermos" to reveal the final one.


Total of 50G available.


  • The presence of coffee is a reference to the television series Twin Peaks. The lead character, Agent Dale Cooper, frequently mentioned his fondness for coffee. The name of the achievement "Damn Good Cup of Coffee" is a line taken directly from the show.
  • The thermoses are actually from the Oh Deer Diner.