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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Coffee World. The most caffeinated place on earth. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Coffee World is a coffee-focused amusement park built and previously operated by the Koskela Brothers in Watery, Washington. The park's mascot is a moose called Mocha. While the park is only a playable location in Alan Wake 2, posters in the Oh Deer Diner indicate it opened shortly after the events of the first game.


Coffee World has several attractions, rides, a gift shop, and a game zone. Inside the park are also info boards, a small playground, coffee-related statues, props, and animatronics.

  • Fresh Pot Gift Shop
  • Huotari Well (cursed well with dark history)
  • Mocha the Moose (beloved moose of Coffee World)
  • Fair Trade Fun Zone (minigames like "Balloon Pop" or "Bowling Row")
  • Expresso Express (thermos can shaped ride)
  • Slow Roaster (Ferris Wheel with coffee cup wagons)
  • Percolator (rotating ride with mascot-themed wagons that rotate on their own axis)
  • Latte Lagoon (small boats in a water section)


The Koskela brothers own Coffee World. Inside the Gift Shop you can find a board with team members.

  • Susan (lost and found)
  • Stuart (maintenance)
  • Thomas (ride operator)
  • Joonas (security)
  • Nina (shop)
  • Victor (janitor)
  • Lucy (caregiver)
  • Robin (park walkaround)
  • Anna (concession stand)

Events of Alan Wake 2[]

After fighting her way through a trail, Saga Anderson arrives here in order to obtain the key to her trailer.

Documents & Signs[]

Coffee World[]

Appearance Transcript
Coffee World - Toilets Out of Order
Toilets Out of Order
We're Sorry!

This toilet is temporarily out of order

WTF!!! All the toilets are out of order!!! Get your shit together!!

Coffee World - Review Notes
Coffee World Review Notes

1) Coffee themed names for the rides -mildly amusing
2) Nice view of Watery from the top of the Ferris Wheel
3) The mascots were trying their best
4) What else? Okay coffee?
1) Rickety rides
2) Creepy mood
3) Money-hungry owner
4) They killed the poor moose!
2 Out of 5 Stars

Fresh Pot Gift Shop[]

Appearance Transcript
Fresh Pot Gift Shop - Our Team Board
Our Team Board

Remember to bring your liability forms for Tuesday's bring-your-dog-to-Coffee-World day!
Congratulations to Thomas for completing his first year at Coffee World! As usual, this work anniversary earns you a free packet of freshly ground coffee!
The Percolator is unfortunately undergoing maintenance, but don't worry - we will fix it as soon as possible!

Fresh Pot Gift Shop - Maintenance Log

6/27/23 | Coffee World entrance sign defaced. Cleaned with detergent, waxed sign. Should be good until someone tags it again tomorrow. | VICTOR

7/5/23 | Slow Roaster pod is stuck, won't swing. I hit it with some WD-40, seems good for now. | JAAKKO

7/19/23 | Fallen tree near Latte Lagoon. Should probably call the tree guy? Chainsawed and removed, keeping the wood. | JAAKKO

8/12/23 | Several burned out bulbs on Percolator, replaced and ordered more bulbs. | STUART

9/1/23 | Squeaking on Latte Lagoon car B. Tightened the bolts, less bad now. | JAAKKO

9/10/23 | Percolator control panel jammed. Removed front with screwdriver. Found a penny in there (?!) | STUART

Fresh Pot Gift Shop - Safe Code Hint
Safe Code Hint
Why did you change the damn password to the safe again!? I thought it was Lookout, Fixer, Supplier?? Who hurt you? Why are you so paranoid?!
Calm down, this one's easy. Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner. See? Not rocket science!
Fresh Pot Gift Shop - Letters
Hey Ilmo, heads up -
Got another angry voicemail from a parent about her kid poking himself in the eye with one of the souvenir puukkos. Who's grand idea was it to sell kids plastic knives in a coffee themed amusement park, anyway?
Oh right, it was yours.
I need another moose favor. Mocha was doing just fine, he even got a glowing vet report, and then bam. They say it was a heart attack. I'm not blaming you, maybe he just had a bad ticker. No tolerance for stimulants either.
We're telling the kids that Mocha's taking a little vacation, but I could really use your help ASAP to maintain continuity. Do you have any more in stock?
Thanks in advance,

Huotari Well[]

Appearance Transcript
Coffee World - The Huotari Well
The Huotari Well
The Huotari Well

From 1913
Legends say this is the dwelling place of the evil water spirit, the Näkki, who lures people to their Watery graves. In the early days of Watery's history, this very well was where Ilmari Huotari hid the bodies of his victims, with the help of his brother Jaakoppi Huotari.
It was only after Illmari murdered his own brother that their gruesome acts came to light. But was it madness or the spirit of Näkki possessing Ilmari that drove him to murder, like he himself believed?
Is there more to this well than meets the eye?

Mocha the Moose[]

Appearance Transcript
Coffee World - Mocha the Moose
Mocha the Moose
Mocha the Moose

One morning during Coffee World's construction, a wounded moose was discovered taking shelter inside the Fresh Pot Gift Shop. Though limping from a leg injury, the wily moose proved too quick for Wildlife Rescue!
After a long and unsuccessful chase, everyone stopped for a much needed coffee break - brewing up some of the Coffee World's finest. Before the first cup was poured, the moose appeared, drawn by the delicious aroma. He allowed himself to be treated in exchange for a steaming mug of what is now known as Mocha's Signature Blend.
Since then, Mocha the Moose has become a beloved fixture of Coffee World, welcoming guests from across the country, as well as personally taste-testing each of our roasts to give them the Mocha seal of approval.

A-Moose-ing Mocha Facts:
  • Mocha is around 6 years old. Did you know moose can live up to 35 years?
  • Mocha weighs 820 lbs. Did you know moose are the largest species of deer in the world?
  • Mocha loves to swim. Did you know moose can dive up to 20 feet underwater?
  • Mocha's favorite drink is coffee. Did you know that Mocha is the only known moose with a caffeine addiction?