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Quote1 ...the coffee from the thermos is always refreshing and strong, no matter its quality before being poured into the item. Quote2
― Report AI73-UE, Control

Coffee Thermoses are a type of collectible found in Alan Wake. There is a total of 100 Oh Deer Diner thermoses to be found throughout the six main episodes of the game. They are replaced with Alarm Clocks and Night Springs Video Games in the The Signal and The Writer expansions respectively.


Episode 1: Nightmare[]

# Image Section Location
1 A Writer's Dream Inside the ruined covered bridge.
2 Inside the small military bunker of Rain Cove Point.
3 On a log bench on the Rain Cove Point Lighthouse.
4 Welcome to Bright Falls On a kitchen trolley in the Oh Deer Diner, under the neon sign with the name of the restaurant.
5 In the vista view overlooking Cauldron Lake.
6 In the kitchen of the Bird Leg Cabin.
7 Waking up to a Nightmare By the pickup truck, in the log maze of the first Biltmore logging camp.
8 On a small boulder in the small island in the middle of the river.
9 On a small boulder in the second logging camp, behind a large pile of logs.
10 Over the ridge overlooking Stucky's Gas Station, after the second logging camp.
11 Behind the rocks on the promontory, near the generator-powered safe haven, between the second and third logging camps.
12 On the caterpillar tracks of the yellow crane in the third logging camp.
13 Next to Stucky's Gas Station prices signs.
14 Next to the green truck blocking the entrance to the tunnel.

Episode 2: Taken[]

# Image Section Location
15 Bright Falls Sheriff Station In Alice's office in the Wake's apartment.
16 In the radio room of the Sheriff Station.
17 On the loading dock behind the Sheriff Station parking lot.
18 Elderwood National Park On the kitchen counter of the Elderwood Visitor Center.
19 On the kitchen of the hilltop cabin.
20 On the steps of the hilltop cabin hot-tub
21 Inside the storage shed near the visitor center and the ranger office.
22 At the foot of a tree behind the ranger office.
23 On a rock shelf overlooking the Tree Ring, behind a destroyed fence and phone booth.
24 On a picnic table near the Tree Ring.
25 Behind the information sign of the Lovers' Peak lookout.
26 Inside one of the two trapper huts found near the crashed plane.
27 On the narrow rocky promontory overlooking the old water mill.
28 On a small table on the middle floor of the water mill.
29 On a picnic table in the campground.
30 To the right of the campground, next to the folded truck blocking the road.
31 On a picnic table next to the entrance to the Elderwood National Park.

Episode 3: Ransom[]

# Image Section Location
32 On the Run On the picnic table near the fallen yacht, in the Sparkling River Estates trailer park.
33 In the kitchen of Rose Marigold's trailer.
34 Inside the first ranger station.
35 On a boulder, near the storage shed containing the generator.
36 On the footing of the KBF-FM Radio Station sign.
37 On the cliff edge above the the radio station, before the radio mast at the top of the mountain.
38 Inside a small shed near the derelict barn with the fallen tree on it.
39 On top of the pallets in the Train Depot storage yard.
40 At the right of the train depot exit, before reaching the Bright Falls Light & Power Pickup.
41 Mirror Peak On the wingback chair, on the cliff vista, near the destroyed bridge.
42 Next to the blocked mine entrance of the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum.
43 On a shelf in the storage warehouse of the coal mine museum.
44 On a wingback chair in the top floor of the second warehouse of the coal mine museum.
45 At the end of the partially destroyed bridge.
46 Inside the red cabin near the sinkhole.
47 Inside a derelict red barn located next to a rail carriage, in the Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town.
48 Behind the old shed where the keys are found.
49 In a narrow passage of the Old Silver Mine, before the elevator.
50 On the rocky cliff, to the left after the rope bridge.
51 Behind the garden gate of Mountain Manor.

Episode 4: The Truth[]

# Image Section Location
52 Cauldron Lake Lodge On the reception desk of the Cauldron Lake Lodge.
53 On the railing of the lodge mezzanine balcony.
54 On the windowsill of the storeroom next to Emil Hartman's office.
55 On the stone walkway by the main entrance, outside the lodge.
56 Inside the gazebo where the taken Birch is fought.
57 On a stone wall near the exit of the lodge garden.
58 The Anderson Farm On a small crate on the wooden platform of the mine yard.
59 At the abandoned campground.
60 In the window frame of the ruined house, before Walter Snyder's cabin.
61 On the kitchen of Walter Snyder's cabin.
62 Next to a rusting tractor on the road to the Anderson Farm
63 Next to a rusting tractor by the road junction.
64 On the control panel of the Old Gods of Asgard stage.
65 On one of the bleachers, in front of the stage.
66 On a table inside the barn, near the rusted car.
67 On a shelf on the second floor of the silo barn.
68 On a chair in the downstairs bathroom of the Anderson's farmhouse.
69 In the kitchen of the Anderson's farmhouse.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

# Image Section Location
70 Night Life in Bright Falls On the reception desk of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
71 On the information kiosk in Harbor Street.
72 On the floor in the Oh Deer Diner main counter area.
73 Next to a portable toilet at the end of Harbor Street.
74 On a wooden table in one of the tents behind the Bright Falls Town Hall.
75 In the small kitchen next to mayor's office, in the Town Hall.
76 In the display window of the Bright Falls Book Store.
77 In the sandbox of the Bright Falls Park.
78 In a corner in the crypt of the Bright Falls Church.
79 On a wooden bench, near the helipad.
80 Bright Falls Light & Power On a concrete barrier outside the warehouse.
81 On a concrete pipe near the exit of the warehouse.
82 Next to a mesh fence in the transformer yard.
83 In the grass, outside the first control booth of the L.t. William T.G. Randal Memorial Bridge.
84 On a sofa in the second control booth of the spinning bridge.
85 Next to the security hut of the Bright Falls Light & Power.
86 Next to a low bookcase in Cynthia Weaver's room.
87 Inside a giant concrete tube near the Bright Falls Dam elevator.
88 On the edge of the cliff, right of the dam elevator exit.
89 On a shelf, at the bottom of the spiral stairs, inside the dam fortification.

Episode 6: Departure[]

# Image Section Location
90 On the Road to Cauldron Lake On a picnic table at the scenic vista area.
91 In front of a barn in the pasture, before the first tunnel.
92 In the restroom of the Majestic Motel.
93 On the porch of a small cottage in the field, after encountering the possessed monster truck.
94 On a metal shelving in the Larsen's Auto Salvage garage.
95 On a stack of pallets near the ramp, in the scrapyard.
96 On a shelf inside the Holloway and Company building in the Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town.
97 On a covered platform on the far side of the mine cart bridge.
98 Inside the fallen rail carriage in the woods.
99 At the base of the windmill, on the mine encampment.
100 The Dark Place It has to be materialized by shining the flashlight on the "thermos" word next to the sofa, in the Dark Place.


  • The presence of coffee is a reference to the television series Twin Peaks, whose lead character, Agent Dale Cooper, frequently mentioned his fondness for it. The name of the achievement "Damn Good Cup of Coffee" may also be a reference to a similar line from the show.
  • A coffee thermos can be found in a cell in the Containment Sector of the Oldest House in Control. A case file reveals that the thermos was found by the Federal Bureau of Control near Cauldron Lake following the events of Alan Wake and was cataloged as an altered item. The object possesses the altered effect of maintaining liquids warm for a surprisingly long amount of time. In addition, the coffee from the thermos is "refreshing and strong" regardless of its quality or condition before being poured into the container in the first place. This seems to suggest that any coffee placed in the object is turned into the Oh Deer Diner's coffee.
  • Coffee Thermoses can also be found in Break Rooms of Alan Wake 2, functioning as a way for the player to save their progress in the game.