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Quote1.png Mr. Wake, it's me! Clay Steward, remember?! Quote2.png
― Clay, Episode 1: Nightmare

Clay Steward is the fictitious writer who wrote The Alan Wake Files.


Clay Steward was a happily married man with a house, a wife named Anna and a son named Milo Steward. However, Clay was struck with nightmares at one point. In the nightmares, he would be running through the woods of Bright Falls, chased by dark shadowy figures. While in the dreams, he would meet with a man who beared a striking resemblance to Alan Wake. Together, the two would fight their way through the dream and try to survive, but would always be killed at the end by the time Clay woke up.

Clay became obsessed with the man in his dreams. He would search everywhere for the man, investigating him. Eventually, Clay became so obsessed with finding the man in his dreams, he left his wife and son to find the man.

After searching endlessly, Clay found a connection to the man in his dreams and Alan Wake. Clay studied Alan, and then traveled to Bright Falls a year after the events of Alan Wake. There, he conducted an investigation surrounding Alan Wake, Bird Leg Cabin and FBI Agent Robert Nightingale's investigation. This became the Alan Wake Files.

Events of Alan Wake


Clay is only seen in Episode One in Alan Wake's Nightmare.

He is seen when Wake is fleeing the hitchhiker who has turned into a tornado across a bridge. Clay stands by a cabin holding a gun in his hand, calling to Wake to hurry over to him. Wake reaches him and runs inside the cabin. But when Wake does this, the cabin door flies shut and locks itself. Clay runs to the door, terrified. Suddenly, the lights in the cabin go out and the hitchhiker appears with an axe behind Clay. Without a flashlight, Clay fires shots at the hitchhiker unaffectedly as the hitchhiker's shield of darkness deflects the bullets. Before Clay can escape, the hitchhiker lifts up the axe and hits Clay in the chest with it. Clay looks up in the sky, choking on blood, while Wake takes a step back from the windowsill, terrified. Clay falls on the ground, and the hitchhiker hits Clay with the axe again, cutting into him and killing him. The hitchhiker then leaves to try to kill Wake.


  • He lives in Madison, Wisconsin and came to Bright Falls for answers.
  • At the end of The Alan Wake Files, he sees a man looking like Alan and chases after him. The man turns around showing a smile like he's hiding a big secret, before turning a corner and vanishing. It's possible the man he saw was Mr. Scratch.