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Child of the Elder God is an achievement/trophy earned in Alan Wake.

Achievement Description


  • "Have a rock 'n' roll moment without dropping to a low health state".


  • "You shone a light upon this night of otherworldly fiends".


In Episode 4 at the Anderson Farm, Alan will need to defend himself from Taken for a pre-determined amount of time. During this time Alan (you) must stay above 25% health to earn the achievement. It is advised to do this on normal or easy, but if you are still struggling, do not be afraid to use your arsenal. Do also note on the left side of the stage is a Heavy Duty Lantern; that should be priority one for this battle.

Keep your distance from the Taken and don't take risks - if they get too close immediately dodge and sprint away. From time to time Barry will activate the stage light which acts like a temporary safe haven. Take advantage of this to heal and destroy Taken with immunity but be aware that it is only a short time before your friend fumbles the electronics, thus leaving Alan on his own again for awhile. Don't forget that upon entering the stage light, all Taken will momentarily disappear. During the fight fireworks will go off all around and they can easily destroy the Taken, so take that into consideration when low on ammo. They also provide a good opportunity to earn the "Collateral Carnage" achievement.