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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Chests are a type of collectible found in the first six episodes of Alan Wake. They were hidden to varying degrees by Cynthia Weaver and contain useful items, such as weapons and ammunition. They can be found by following the arrows painted with light sensitive paint and are marked out by the drawing of a torch. There are 30 chests to be found in the game.


Episode 1: Nightmare[]

# Image Section Location Content
1 Waking up to a Nightmare Behind the storage bay of the first Biltmore logging camp. One flare gun.
2 Inside the dilapidated shack above the second logging camp. Two packs of lithium batteries.
3 Inside a dilapidated wooden structure with a rusted pickup truck, found behind the small shed with a safe haven, after the second logging camp. One flare gun.
4 Uphill from the third logging camp, near the bulldozer, in a half-circle of boulders. One flare gun.

Episode 2: Taken[]

# Image Section Location Content
5 Elderwood National Park At the back of the Moonshine Cave. Lithium batteries.
6 In the waterfall grotto, below the Lovers' Peak lookout platform. Three flares, batteries.
7 On the upper rocks, by the wing of the crashed airplane. Two flares.
8 In a small shed found in the grassy dell at the right of the road leading back to the Elderwood Visitor Center. Two flares.
9 In the back of Rusty's rental cabin. Two rounds of flare gun ammunition.

Episode 3: Ransom[]

# Image Section Location Content
10 On the Run Inside a cave found near a destroyed police car, before the KBF-FM Radio Station. Three flares, lithium batteries.
11 Inside a dilapidated, small cottage, after receiving a call from "Alice". Three flares, batteries.
12 Mirror Peak Inside a mine tunnel, found after exiting the coal mine complex. Three flashbang grenades.
13 On the vista above the Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town. One flare gun, one round of flare gun ammunition.
14 Behind a boulder, after passing the old rope bridge. One flare gun, one round of flare gun ammunition.

Episode 4: The Truth[]

# Image Section Location Content
15 Cauldron Lake Lodge At the end of the precipice path hidden behind the trees of the Lodge's pergola garden. One flare gun, one round of flare gun ammunition.
16 The Anderson Farm On the root cellar underneath Walter Snyder's house. One flare, one flashbang grenade.
17 Inside the empty cabin found near the ranger station. Two flashbang grenades.
18 Inside the small barn near the mill, on the Anderson Farm. One flashbang grenade, revolverammunition.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

# Images Section Location Content
19 Night Life in Bright Falls On the broken pier on the far end of Harbor Street. One flare gun, one round of flare gun ammunition.
20 At the top of the shoreline cannery stair. One flare gun, lithium batteries.
21 In the storage room on the upper floor of the Bright Falls Town Hall. One flare gun, one flare.
22 Inside the shed in the parking lot of the Bright Falls Book Store. One flare gun, one round of flare gun ammunition.
23 Bright Falls Light & Power Near the entrance to the transformer yard of the power plant, next to the wire spools. One flare, one flashbang grenade.
24 On the base of the power plant, near the water's edge. Two rounds of flare gun ammunition, two flashbang grenades.
25 Behind the red shack on the trail to the Bright Falls Dam elevator. A hunting rifle, hunting rifle ammunition.

Episode 6: Departure[]

# Image Section Location Content
26 On the Road to Cauldron Lake Inside the small hut, at the bottom of the hill, after the logging yard at the left of the highway. One round of flare gun ammunition, one flashbang grenade.
27 In the wall-less barn behind the Larsen's Auto Salvage garage. Three flares, two flashbang grenades.
28 Inside the shack outside the Southeast Cliffs Ghost Town, by the ruined bridge. One flare gun, one flashbang grenade.
29 At the base of the ravine, below the mine cart bridge. Three flares, two flashbang grenades, two rounds of flare gun ammunition.
30 Inside the first building in the old mining encampment. Three flares, two flashbang grenades.