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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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These are the changelogs of updates for the PC version of Alan Wake.

Alan Wake v1.05.16.5341

  • Fixed crashes with Alt-Tab in SLI configurations
  • Fixed saving of assigned keys so that both Numlock on/off states work and can be defined separately
  • Fixed command line handling so that invalid input does not cause the game to enter unresponsive (“No World Loaded”) state
  • Fixed menus so that they don't remember mouse clicks
  • Added better error messages to File IO operations to track down some problems

Alan Wake v1.04.16.5253

  • Added support for Nvidia SLI. This requires an updated profile from Nvidia (available March 20-21st).
  • Major improvements to Stereoscopic 3D support.
  • Added Direct Aiming to control options (previously a command line parameter, that still works and overrides the menu setting).
  • Added command line “-freecamera” that allows toggling between normal and a gamepad controlled free camera by pressing right thumb stick (overrides the camera side toggling). This was added as many fans said they want to see the whole world that we have built. Use at your own risk.
  • Added Czech text only localization.
  • The floating particle words in The Signal and The Writer are now correctly localized for all languages.
  • Fixed the controller Back button to resume correctly from viewing manuscript pages.
  • Added an experimental mouse sensitivity adjustment command line option “-sensscale” for users with very high DPI mice. By adding e.g. “-sensscale=0.2” command line parameter, that number is used to scale the in-game mouse input. You can use still use the slider in the menu, which will get multiplied by the number defined.

Alan Wake v1.03.4825

  • Add Latin-American Localization support (download the Free DLC from Steam and add -locale=esm to Alan Wake's Steam launch options to use it)
  • Added -directaiming command line parameter that removes all mouse acceleration (enables also -rigidcamera automatically)
  • Improved low level mouse reading routines to make the control cope better with low and variable frame rates. This also removes the reported jerkiness when -rigidcamera was enabled. You may need to re-adjust your mouse sensitivity in the menus!
  • Removed auto-aim that was accidentally enabled in the previous build
  • Added a frame rate limiter to menus & videos to prevent cards running at 1000's of fps (reduces stress on the graphics cards)
  • Reduced CPU use when game doesn't have focus
  • Fixed "first run" on a 2nd PC overwriting saves & statistics downloaded from cloud
  • Fixed crashes when using alt-tab to change out of the game when the game is loading
  • Fixed DEVICE_CREATE_ERROR for users who have "custom DPI" set in Windows.
  • Fixed one specific case of "File IO Failure" issue when unable to write to My Documents
  • Fixed camera to remember it's side preference (tab key)
  • Fixed Cursor Key / Numpad assignment issues
  • Fixed screen brightness back to original when changing process
  • Fixed some cases of "back" and Return to Game functionality so that it doesn't need 3 presses

Alan Wake v1.02.16.4261

  • Fixed problems of game not moving forward and gameplay not triggering properly after videos.
  • Fixed flickering trees on Nvidia
  • Real Traditional Chinese translation for added PC strings.
  • Fix that the Developer Video Commentary volume is more sensible
  • Fix that Localized cinematic audio volume is at correct volume and adjustable
  • Fix that controller vibration works (note that it's disabled by default)
  • Fix that blur occasionally got re-enabled even if -noblur command line option was specified
  • Added "-rigidcamera" command line option for those who are sensitive to the default mouse/camera controls.
  • Added possibility to bind mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • Unofficial support for running the game in lower resolutions than 1024x768 using command line options
  • Prevent binding controller keys to keyboard actions (prevents odd problems)
  • Better CPU thread assignment for 3-Core AMD machines (smoother gameplay)
  • Big thanks for the PC fans out there! We are constantly working on improving the game based on your feedback, please keep it coming!

Alan Wake v1.01.16.3292

  • Initial Update