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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Cemetery is an arcade map in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


Normal Description[]

"Graveyards are supposed to be nice and peaceful spots, but this one is anything but. Watch your back, or you just might get to enjoy a little eternal rest of you own."

Nightmare Description[]

"You thought it was bad before, when the Taken came at you in nice waves? This time, there are no breathers, no breaks for gathering your wits, it really is a nightmare."


10,000 points = 1 star 20,000 points = 2 stars 40,000 points = 3 stars


  • The first wave only includes two regular enemies.
  • The second wave is three regular enemies
  • The third wave is four regular Takens
  • The fourth wave includes a grenadier
  • The fifth wave is rather quiet - just a bunch of regular Takens.
  • The sixth wave includes a splitter and a grenadier. There are many fast Takens too
  • The seventh wave will have a Grenadier and a Chainsaw Taken.
  • The eighth wave has a grenadier, a splitter and more.


The Cemetery is one of the five different maps available for play in the Fight 'Till Dawn mode. It is the first map and is unlocked by default, requiring no manuscripts or stars to begin playing. The map itself consists of a small chapel (which the player cannot enter) as well as the surrounding graveyard, cobbled walls and flora. An ammo box can be found on the left side of the chapel and will eventually replenish itself. When standing at the entance to the chapel, just down the hill is a Safe Haven and to the west is a second haven; to the north-east is a third, and finally, to the east of the player's initial spawn location is a fourth source of light. There are three weapon chests in total, located variously around the area: A weapon chest for a combat shotgun located east of the player's beginning position; to the furthest west from the chapel a chest for a submachine gun; and finally, a hunting rifle found opposite to the previous directions. Additionally, a flare gun can be found lying on a large pale tombstone just before the first Safe Haven, a few metres ahead of the player's initial spawn point.

  • On the nightmare arcade level of the Cemetery, various changes have been made to weapon and supply locations, just like the other nightmare variants of the regular difficulty levels; the ammo box however remains in the same position.