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Quote1 Cauldron Lake is a special place; very inspiring. Quote2
― Barbara Jagger

Cauldron Lake is one of the most important locations in Alan Wake. It is a large lake located near Bright Falls, Washington, and acts as an entrance to the Dark Place, a supernatural location where fiction and reality flow together. As a result, writers and artists near Cauldron Lake can turn their works into reality.


Cauldron Lake is a caldera lake in the mountains of the U.S. state of Washington. It is the eighth deepest lake in the world, formed from a volcanic crater. The lake has been the subject of much folklore throughout history and local Native American tribes regarded it as a gateway to the underworld, though it is unknown whether they knew of its power. Cauldron Lake has mysterious supernatural powers that enable artistic creators to bring their works to life at the site, including events, creators, and characters. These powers are the result of the lake's connection to the Dark Place, a realm of pure creativity and imagination.

In the 1970s, acclaimed poet Thomas Zane lived in an island cabin on Cauldron Lake; due to Zane's love of diving, the island came to be known as "Diver's Isle". Zane wrote stories and poems about Cauldron Lake with the help of his lover and muse Barbara Jagger and young assistant Emil Hartman. Zane eventually discovered the supernatural powers of the lake; Jagger later drowned in the lake under mysterious circumstances. Hartman, with possible ulterior motives, convinced Zane to use the lake's power to write Jagger back to life. However, when Zane did so, Barbara's body was possessed by an alien entity known only as the Dark Presence. Realizing his mistake, Zane cut out Jagger's heart, then used his poems to write himself, her, and everything else related to the incident out of existence. This was the most likely cause of the 1970 volcanic earthquakes which sank Diver's Isle. Zane and the Dark Presence were both trapped deep within the Dark Place. The earthquakes resulted in the collapse and flooding of various deep mining tunnels in the area, resulting in the loss of 32 lives and the end of the Bright Falls mining industry.

The Anderson Brothers use unfiltered water from Cauldron Lake as a key ingredient in their famous moonshine - it is hinted that the water of Cauldron Lake itself is chemically unique, as it makes the Andersons' moonshine very powerful and clears the mind of those who partake. Drinking the moonshine allowed Alan Wake to recall the events of the week he had forgotten.


  • Thomas Zane, in Alan's dream, quotes his poem about the lake: "There lied a deeper, darker ocean green, with waves both wilder and more serene..." After Alan finishes Departure, he states: "It's not a lake, it's an ocean." The meaning of this is still somewhat unclear, and possibly a metaphor for both characters realizing the scope of the lake's power and danger. What it could possibly mean is that the Dark Presence doesn't just lurk in Bright Falls, but could eventually be a global phenomenon. It may also be possible that "It's not a lake" literally means that it is not a lake as it contains no water, just the darkness. The best evidence for this theory is that unfiltered "water" from cauldron lake is a key ingredient in the Anderson brothers' moon shine which, according to the dying man at Anderson Farm, "makes you see" and allows Alan to put many of the final pieces together. If it is that the lake contains no water, than the statement is a mixed metaphor: "not a lake" meaning it literally isn't a lake and "it's an ocean" indicating the greater scope of the darkness.
  • The waters of Cauldron Lake are green at the surface and black just under the surface, foreshadowing the evil that lurks in its depths.
  • The Dark Presence currently resides in the Dark Place at the bottom of the lake. The two, however, are not one and the same.
  • In the world of Alan Wake, Cauldron Lake is the eighth-deepest lake in the world. In the real world, that honor goes to Great Slave Lake, located in Canada's Northwest Territories. However, the ninth-deepest on the list is Crater Lake, a lake made from the caldera of an extinct volcano, found in Oregon. This depth also makes it the deepest lake within the United States.
  • Crater Lake in Oregon was inspiration for the creation of Cauldron Lake.[1]

Signs, Posters, Plaques, and Notes[]

Bony-Legged Path[]

Agents Saga Anderson and Alex Casey take this path down to the Murder Scene the first time they visit Cauldron Lake. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
Bony-Legged Path - Newspaper

Rampage at the rental cabins! Unidentified man attacks vacationers in the dead of night.
Sunday. An idyllic evening of barbecuing and late night fishing was violently disrupted Saturday as a mysterious assailant attacked park visitors, causing chaos and destruction at the cabins. The incident left three people injured, one of which has been admitted to the county hospital. As to whether the attacker is still at large, Bright Falls police have yet to make an official statement, leaving local residents in a state of uncertainty.
Witnesses to the crime were visibly shaken, one of whom stated "One minute we were laughing and toasting some marshmallows, the next we heard screaming coming up from the cabins. We didn't know what was going on, so we called the police and started running in the opposite direction." said Kurt Mill.
Another eye witness who preferred to remain anonymous said, "It's like he appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly my dog starts barking his head off and this psycho guy comes crashing through the trees... don't think I'll ever feel safe in the forest again." 
A representative from the rental cabins, who chose to remain anonymous, wanted to remind customers "If you have plans to stay in our lovely cabins later this summer, please get in touch with us as we may need to rejigger some of the reservations based on the state of the cabin that you have rented with us." The representative went on to further remind future and potential guests of the wonderful amenities that can be found in their company's brochures and on the website, "Which is real nice. State of the art. My nephew made it and he's a real computer whiz."


It might be bright, sunny July, but it's never to soon to start worrying about the gloomy months of autumn ahead. That's right, in the grand scheme of life those dead depressing days are just around the corner. Have you been taking your Vitamin D? Probably not! But for all of you thinking "There's got to be another way," there's good news. Hiking has been proven to be incredibly beneficial to your mental and emotional health, so get on out there and do it! Just don't forget a flashlight in case it gets dark.


A heartfelt reunion took place this weekend when Mrs. Amanda Smith was reunited with her beloved dog Coffee Bean.
C.B., (as his owner refers to him) had been missing for three days, and Mrs. Smith was afraid that she would never see her best friend again. "When I got the call I couldn't believe my ears," she said, "I must have asked 'Am I dreaming?' at least seven or eight times."
It was actually nine times, confirmed Ranger Stevenson, the man responsible for finding the wayward canine. "It's rare that you get to give those kinds of calls, and I feel real grateful to have had the opportunity. What with all the predators out there, usually you're telling folks that you found their dogs dead, their cats eaten, you know... and so it felt real good to give some good news. Even if Coffee Bean is in kind of rough shape. The fur will grow back, sure, but... Well, I suppose that's all I should say about that."


Little Sally Upton's whole family erupted into cheers when she won the big match this weekend. Was she playing soccer? Tennis? No, in this brave new world that we live in her family was cheering her on as she won a match in a game that exists only on the information superhighway!
The game in question was "Mega Baking Star," in which players compete to make the tastiest treats and sweetest eats for their virtual judges online.
Bright Falls congratulates Sally on her big win!

Bony-Legged Path - Mirror Peak Sign
Mirror Peak Sign

The mighty mountain in the distance is no other than Mirror Peak, the iconic landmark overlooking Cauldron Lake. From the right angle, its beauty will be reflected on the calm surface of the lake -mirrored in all its inverted glory.

Bony-Legged Path - Mortar Falls Sign
Mortar Falls Sign

This powerful feat of nature will revive the spirit as it does the surrounding nature.
The churning, grinding waters at the bottom of the falls resemble a mortar and pestle, quite like the one the Witch of Cauldron Lake is fabled to have used to travel through the night sky.

Bony-Legged Path - The Rarest Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest
The Rarest Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest
The Rarest Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest

James Chee

I've finally made my way to Cauldron Lake. The fence was easy to climb over, with the proper gear and skills which I thankfully possess. Next goal: spotting the rare and elusive orange crowned warbler. A little late in the season, but hopefully I can catch it before it begins its journey south.

I've noticed intriguing behavior in the surrounding common birdlife - they seem to be alarmed and swarm around the lake. No birds of prey nearby. There are some strange sounds carried on the wind, however. Nothing I can recognize or explain. Getting a little concerned. I might have to find another spot, somewhere safer.
The sounds are getting closer.

Moved inland. Foliage is STUNNING. Must come back in fall. Had to stop and sketch this gorgeous Vine Maple. Just at the way the Methuselah's Beard hangs off it - this is why trees are better than people.

Speaking of people, saw some drunk guy staggering around the forest earlier, acting weird - maybe drugs? Kept my distance. Should probably find another spot. So annoying!

After I saw that weirdo guy I decided to change spots again - moved up the mountain a bit. Found a fantastic overlook to camp at, but I'm more interested in this Alaska Onion Grass. Invasive but edible and surprisingly tasty!

Started hearing wolves or wild dogs or something like 10 mins ago... but they sound wrong. Rabies? Want to leave but the sun is going down and my stupid phone is dead. Gonna hide in the tent and hope they go away.
Something is really not right about this place.

Bony-Legged Path - FBC Steven Lin Report
FBC Monitoring Station Report

Clear signs of tampering. Signal was re-routed into a transmitter that is not one of ours. I've fixed it so any alerts will come our way, but it's definitely concerning. I'll make a report for the Investigations Dept.
Leaving this here in case I'm not the next person to fix this things. If you're reading this, check for tampering. We may want to put more secure metal casing around the whole thing so that the "raccoons" can't get to it anymore
Steven Lin, Chief Technician

Crow's Foot Hills[]

This area, and most of the northwest and southwest of the map, is initially inaccessible due to flooding. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
General Store - UFOs and U
UFOs and U
UFOs and U... The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Unidentified Flying Objects

Writing this down in case it happens again and I forget. I got that feeling again. It hit me suddenly at 1:15am after I'd finished my Ahma on the porch of the trailer. I got in the car and drove, chasing it.
Starry night, not much moon. As expected, it led me past Bright Falls to Cauldron Lake. I tried to find the right spot, the right emotion, the right thought, the combination to have it all align to make it happen. Terrified it would. It didn't. Not this time. Frustrated but relieved.
I scanned the sky for the shapes, the objects. Nothing. But when I blink repeatedly I think I saw the afterimage of an Octahedron. It faded fast.
When I got ready to drive back, I felt someone watching me, here but not here. It's him. I know it is! Does he know I'm getting close? I'm on the right track. I was right to come to Bright Falls.

Cauldron Lake General Store[]

The General Store is the site of the Murder Scene, as well as where Saga can collect the Sawed-Off Shotgun. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
General Store - Note of Warning
Note of Warning
Let this be a warning to you, fellow trespassers:

They say the lake is a caldera-something formed by an erupting volcano, or the sinkholes it leaves in its wake. But what if that's not true? What if it's something else, something less natural and much more manmade? Intentional?
I say the lake's not formed, it's designed. And it has a purpose.
The lake is a hiding place. Beneath the calm surface lies a secret machinery ready to be activated at the press of a button. And the people with the button - they're in that big house by the lake, preparing. I know it.
First drawing:
- water line
- REAL caldera is made from a volcano
Second drawing:
- water line
- engineered structure
- strange machines???

General Store - Combination Hint
Combination Hint
Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter.
General Store - Watch Log
Watch Log
Monday 9/3

Some suspicious activity spotted. The fielder thought he saw movement in the bushes. Footprints around the area were found, but some were compromised by the fielder. Note to self: Train the fielder
Tuesday 9/4
Nothing to report. Some animals. Regular.
Wednesday 9/5
Hunters out after dark. Poachers? Heard some gunshots. Not one of ours. Gotta keep an eye on these people. They could get more than they bargained for out there.

Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins[]

This area of Cauldron Lake will be unaccessible until after Return 5: Old Gods, as the bolt cutters are required. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins - Newspaper and Eviction Notice

The majority of the scenic and beloved Cauldron Lake area was fenced off, and access is restricted as a government agency takes over. Tuesday. The unthinkable happened over the weekend as local tourist destination and beloved fishing spot CAULDRON LAKE was cordoned off by government officials. Citing seismic disturbance in the area, the Federal Bureau of Control has limited access for the “foreseeable future.” When asked by about the effects this closure will have on the region as a tourist destination, the FBC spokesperson expressed “profound regret on the impact this may or may not have on the local economy.”
This comes as a shock to locals, who have enjoyed campground and fishing access around the lake for generations. When interviewing residents around town to get a feel for the reception, it as clear that tensions were running high. “This is an absolute outrage,” said Kathy Wahler, lifelong Bright Falls resident and volcanologist. “There has been no documented volcanic activity in this region for millennia. The only seismic activity going on down there is when the Koskelas take their 4x4s for a joy ride on the hiking paths.”
“I just bought a season camp pass,” said Ed Randall, a Watery native. “I sure hope these Feds reimburse me my $350 bucks, but I’m not holding my breath.” In addition to the inconvenience and anger locals are feeling, there is concern as to what this means for the future. “Joe and Cindy just put all their savings into that convenience store for the campground. What happens to them? What happens to all the businesses around here that rely on out of towners? People are scared, and they want answers.”


Anyone looking for a gift for the reader in their life would do well to visit Bright Falls Bookstore this weekend. In an effort to clear out the stock room Bright Falls Bookstore is Raffling off hundreds of old books and collections – including many signed books and items considered “collector’s editions.” All proceeds will go towards renovating the bookstore and charitable donations to student literacy programs. Tickets for the raffle will be on sale from 9:00 am on Saturday until 6:00 pm the following day, with drawing taking place Monday morning.


To many people, hackers are the stuff of Hollywood movies and TV shows; dark criminals committing cyber crimes in action movies. But to many people around the world, hackers are a very real threat. Cybercrime experts warn that “phishing” attempts are on the rise… and show little sign of stopping. What is “phishing” you may be asking yourself. “Phishing” is when someone poses as a fake email address in order to trick the recipient into sharing their personal information… information which could then be used to access bank accounts or other personal databases. Even the most professional-looking emails or text messages can be faked, experts warn, so people are encouraged to always act with caution when sharing information on the ‘net. All it takes is one mistake… and your information could be out there forever


The FEDERAL BUREAU OF CONTROL has designated this area to be vacated as a matter of public health and safety.
Failure to comply with this order is a federal crime and will result in swift and forceful action per code 0157-DE.
Your compliance is appreciated.

Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins - Child's Journal
Child's Journal
Day 1

Some weird animal tryed to brake into our Clubhouse. It was scary!!! Max hit it off a big stick and it ran away. I think it waz a skwerl befor.
Day 3
Our candy stash has gone mising! Mayby it was ths scwerl?
Day 6
Max fownd candy rappers in the woods. There waz some big poops there. It wasnt the sqerrel.
 Day 7
Max has gon mising.


1. One person is the Wicked Witch
2. Everybody else has to run and hide
3. When the Witch says Beware me!!! everybody has to change places
4. If you go to someone else's hiding place you can tag them to kill them
5. Don't get tagged and killed
6. If the Wicked Witch finds you, you're DEAD!!!!
7. If you find the Witch's lair, she is caught
8. Burn the Witch

Witch's Hut[]

Once Saga repairs the fuse box, the Witch's Hut acts as a Break Room. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
Witch's Hut - Witch's Hut Sign
Witch's Hut Sign

Here lived the Witch of Cauldron Lake.
Beware - her spirit may still haunt this place.

Witch's Hut - Journal

Midge told me today that her family's moving away.
I haven't even told her that I like her yet...
What's the point anymore? She said her parents want to get better jobs and get her to a better school in a big city. I guess that's fair.
Who wants to stay in Bright Fucking Falls?


So I TOLD her. She said thanks. FUCKING KILL ME.


I snuck out last night again. Went to the big house by the lake, instead of just watching it from here, like I always do. Instead of just sitting around, like I always do. SCREW THAT! Anyway, something weird is going on down there. I'm going to find out what. Going to go back there tomorrow, with better gear. I bet I can find a way inside the building, take some photos, It's gonna be EPIC.

Witch's Ladle[]

This acts as the site of the game's first Overlap. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
Witch's Ladle - Witch's Ladle Sign
Witch's Ladle

There is no mystery in Cauldron Lake being named after its cauldron shape. And yet, there are many mysterious stories about the lake. It being a gloomy doorway to the underworld. Or of a witch whose cauldron the lake really was.
The legend tells that when the affections of a local Sheriff went unanswered, he accused the lady in question of having bewitched him. She was drowned, but her dropped ladle grew into a strange tree, named Witch's Ladle.
The woman returned to avenge her wrongdoers - if she was not a witch before she was one now. She killed the Sheriff, drowning him in the lake. Then, she took out his heart and locked it in a box. With the heart, she would summon him from the lake to exact revenge on her behalf. Or so the legend goes.


While originally a ranger station, the Witchfinder's Station has been converted to an FBC location for the study of parafictional research. Click expand to view the images and transcripts.

Appearance Transcript
Streamside - Fisherman's Note
Fisherman's Note
Today's catch:

A yellow perch and a midsize pike. Almost caught a lake trout but it gave me the slip. Saw an out-of-towner walking around in the woods just before sunrise. Had binoculars or a telescope or something. Taking notes. Didn't notice me. Good, don't need the attention
Today's catch:
Just an old rubber boot. Some of the regular creepies roaming around again. Avoided them, as usual. No-one notices a quiet old fisherman, not even the fish.

Streamside - Wildlife Sign
Wildlife Sign
From Alaska to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and all the way down to California, the Pacific Northwest area spans over a diverse range. Here you will find 59 threatened or endangered species of plants and animals, including the mighty orca and wild gray wolves.

The Pacific Northwest region's ecosystems are wonderfully diverse. They include mountain areas like the Cascades and Olympic Ranges as well as the dense forests around them. In the West, there are several islands, and dry desert plateaus cover the East.
Some of the common wildlife calling the Pacific Northwest their home are robins and seagulls, squirrels and otters, cougars and deer, coyotes and raccoons, salmon and blue herons. The marshes and ponds of this area host an impressive variety of fauna, but majestic trees like the Black Cottonwood, Big Leaf Maple and Oregon Ash thrive in the wetlands too. It is truly the nature lover's paradise.

Streamside - Private Cabin Notes
Private Cabin Notes

Miriam and Matt - Thanks for the lovely hike!
Patty - Came down from NYC and loved every minute of the trip.
Laurie & Bob - These paths have seen better days
Kev - Nice views you got here.
Mr. Lockhart - May I suggest adding some nice rest stops along the way?


...from your friendly Park Ranger
- Hike and enjoy the scenery
- Set up your tent
- Enjoy a nice meal
- Relax!
- Chop down trees
- Leave your trash behind
- Be loud and obnoxious
- Start a forest fire
And remember.. always have FUN!!



Alan Wake II[]