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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Commencing countdown, Major Tom. Ready for the journey - to be Bowman, flying into the Monolith. Ready to see... to understand. Quote2
― Casper Darling, Control

Dr. Casper Darling is a major character in the Remedy Connected Universe. Darling once served as the Head of Research at the Oldest House for the Federal Bureau of Control. During the 2019 Hiss invasion of the Oldest House, Darling disappeared into the Dark Place. Darling encountered Thomas Zane, and the two began a collaboration of art and science to use for their escape together.



As Head of Research for the FBC, Dr. Darling was the head of the Bureau's Research Sector. He oversaw research efforts into a number of paranatural topics, and supervised the investigations of multiple major Altered World Events.

An overview of his background and role during the events of Control can be found here.

During and after the 2019 Hiss invasion, Dr. Darling's fate is unknown. He is implied to have entered an entirely different plane of existence altogether.

Alan Wake 2[]

While Dr. Darling does not appear physically, references and his brief image appear during the events of Alan Wake 2. While in The Dark Place, Alan Wake can find a copy of Darling's book "My Interpretation of Many Worlds" in Mr. Door's dressing room. During Initiation 5: Room 665, while Wake is talking with Zane, Darling and Jesse Faden appear briefly on the TV screen. Seeing their image causes Zane to panic and hide. Furthermore, an image of Darling can also be found on a TV in Room 205 of the Oceanview Hotel.

The Final Draft[]

In The Final Draft, Dr. Darling finds himself trapped within the Dark Place, though fascinated by the dream-like reality it contains and the voice of Alan Wake, that Dr. Darling notes sounds similar to him. Realizing that the Dark Place is most receptive to art, Darling becomes determined to collaborate with an artist as a means of escape. Immediately, Darling is met by Finnish filmmaker Thomas Zane who had also been trapped in the Dark Place since 1970. As Zane and Darling flirt with each other, they both begin a collaboration of art and science to escape the Dark Place.


  • Darling is portrayed by Matthew Porretta, who voices Alan Wake.
    • In Darling's messages in The Final Draft, he picks up Alan Wake's voice over a radio, and mentions how the voice sounds very familiar to his own, a nod to the fact that both characters are played by the same actor.
  • In the Control expansion AWE, Darling's image briefly appears on the TV screen seen through the spiral door in the Oceanview Motel when Alan Wake and Thomas Zane meet. This parallels Dr. Darling and Jesse Faden's brief appearance in the Oceanview Hotel inside Tom Zane's room during Initiation 5: Room 665.
  • Based on Darling's flirtatious interactions with Thomas Zane, it's possible Darling is bisexual.