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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Hey, bestseller! Quote2
― Barry Wheeler, throughout the game

Cardboard Standees are one of the main collectibles in the Alan Wake DLC Special 1: The Signal. They also play a role throughout the game as an iconic feature of the famous writer, Alan Wake.

Locations (Non-Collectible)[]

Bright Falls (Mini-Series)[]

  • In episodes 1, 2 and 4, the cardboard cut out can be found at the front door of the Oh Deer Diner.
  • Rose placed it there due to being a big fan.

Alan Wake (Main Game)[]

  • In Nightmare, just like in the mini series, it is found at the front of the diner by the front door. Rose explains she asks if she could have the cut-out when the book store took it out from the front window.
  • In the first half of The Truth, Barry Wheeler brought it to the Cauldron Lake Lodge to punish Rose after what she did to him and Alan, despite it not being her fault.
  • In the second half of The Truth, Barry brought the cut-out and carried it all the way to the Anderson Farm.
  • During the cutscene where Alan and Barry get drunk, the cutout is seen in the corner.

Locations (Collectible)[]

  • Although this is a collectible, it cannot be picked up, only observed, similar to the Bright Falls points of interest. When you do observe a cut-out you haven't checked before, it counts towards the achievement.
  • There are six to be found in total.
  • All six of the cut-outs are of other characters as well as Alan Wake, as there are standees of Barry and Alice.
  • Strangely, Alan's standee appears several times but cannot be read.

Odin Anderson Standee[]

  • Once you have left the tool store, go right, and then right again.

"The all-father! The trickiest geriatric with the wittiest gimmick! The deranged patriarch with the trademark tangent! Crazy... like a fox. Dig?

The enduringly popular star of the hit reality series "Barry Wheeler Presents: "New Tricks for Old Gods," blasts out his latest masterpiece, guaranteed to please gourmands everywhere -- "Moonshine: It's What's for Dinner" is available in all fine bookstores! Also available as a modestly priced limited edition with annotations and commentary by Barry Wheeler. Phlegm fans, take note: coming soon as an audio book!"

Sarah Breaker Standee[]

  • Just after you have got to the area which Alan describes the area as a "place someone scooped up", go left and go left of the building.

"Bright Falls' Finest! The red-hot cop chick with the lightning-fast boomstick!

Her debut book, "The Only Girl in the Bookhouse," delves deep into the double life of having a successful law enforcement career while being involved in a secret society. How does daddy's little trooper fit into an old-fashioned fraternity?"

Barry Wheeler Standee[]

  • In the Bright Falls Church to the left, just after the imaginary Sarah has unlocked the door for you. It reads:

"The literary agent with the constant ailment! The frantic sidekick with the hectic rhetoric!

The owner of the most fashionable jacket ever made and the author of the indispensable guide to would-be agents everywhere, "Blood From a Rock: When The Goose Starts Goldbricking," presents a new collection of short fiction by Alan Wake! Included are classics like "Errand Boy," as well as numerous mortifyingly clumsy early works buried deep in the disappeared writer's files. Never intended for publication? That's not the Wheeler way! Get yours now!"

Cynthia Weaver Standee[]

  • Appears just after the "bridge" segment.

"The lady of the light! The cloud of the gloom in the Well-Lit Room!

Weaver's difficult and uncompromising life is illuminated in "Cynthia Weaver: Carrying the Torch," an enlightening and occasionally harrowing biography by Ellen Adams, who was an intern at the Bright Falls Record under Weaver's editorship."

Tor Anderson Standee[]

  • Appears after the big lights off, lights on sequence.

"The god of thunder! The boozing geezer with the anger and the hammer! Come one, come all, face the age of murder and storm!

Discovered by Barry Wheeler, this fresh new voice from a bygone era suggests new and innovative solutions to old problems. Don't you dare leave your bookstore without the best-selling self-help book, "You're All Nails To Me"! Foreword by Barry Wheeler."

Alice Wake Standee[]

  • Around the area where you hear the second memory of Alice.

"The nyctophobic beauty with the muse-ariffic booty! The soothing oasis in the seething crisis!

The renowned and award-winning photographer's new coffee table book features intensely personal and intimate images from a life haunted by a husband who was never there. "Writer's Muse" -- pre-orders accepted now."