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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Cardboard Companions (25G/Bronze) is an achievement/trophy earned in Alan Wake. To get this achievement you must find and read all the cardboard standees hidden throughout The Signal.




  • "You found all of your cardboard buddies".


After exiting the cabin and entering the supply store, defeat the enemies there and run out the back door, taking an immediate right (you should see a bunch of red lights hanging outside). Now take another right which leads you to the left side of the building to find the first standee.

After the last collectible, you need to jump over the fence. You'll see the street destroyed. Go left, running by the floating words until you see more words of various weapons/tools. The standee is on the left by a white vehicle.

After getting a "key" to enter the church, look to your left as you enter. It's by the first window there.

You'll come to a spot where you have to use a search light to create objects that make a bridge. As you run up the first one (train car) let yourself fall in the gap, and to the right you'll find the standee.

After the area filled with light poles that turn on and off spontaneously is a Safe Haven light. After you pass through it, look right and you'll see the stand.

Once you get through the cabin area after the Safe Haven, you'll find a memory of Alan's wife (Alice) talking. To your right is a big truck next to the word "bridge". Head to the truck and take a right. You'll see the last standee after taking that right.

Standee Images[]

Odin Standee Sarah Standee