The Carbine rifle is a weapon in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

In-Game Description

The carbine rifle is a trusty workhorse. It has an acceptable rate of fire, holds a decent amount of ammunition and is very effective even at range.


The carbine rifle looks very similar to the M14 rifle in real life. The carbine rifle has a magazine of 8 rounds and boasts a somewhat fast semi-automatic fire rate. The carbine rifle can take down weaker enemies with a single shot, while larger enemies will take several follow up shots. This, coupled with the small magazine and longer reload time means that the player can find themselves in trouble if left without a sufficient back-up weapon on hand. Being a two-handed weapon, the carbine rifle occupies the top slot, replacing any other such weapon. The carbine rifle is similar to the hunting rifle, but has a higher rate of fire and a larger magazine by 3 rounds. However, the hunting rifle boasts a higher damage level and is capable of taking out several enemies with a single shot. This allows for the carbine rifle to engage larger groups of enemies, but leaves the hunting rifle better at taking out small amounts of tougher enemies.


The carbine rifle can be first found in the trainhouse by the railway yard, where you find the Kasabien CD. It is also found in the back of a truck at the Mount Redtooth National Observatory just out the front of the entrance.


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