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Can Pyramids are found throughout Alan Wake, there are 12 in total and are considered collectables, to "collect" them, they must be shot down. Shooting 5 can pyramids gives an achievement.


Episode 1: Nightmare (2)

  • Found on the fence to the right in Alan's dream where the revolver is first received.
  • After moving the log lift and traversing it, there is a balcony with a broken staircase to the right, a can pyramid is on the wooden railing.

Episode 2: Taken (2)

  • In the woods where there are bear traps, there is a little path that takes you to a little dip where you'll be able to see the water mill. If you look to the right, you'll find a can pyramid on a barrel.
  • You'll find this can pyramid to the left of the road when you get the pick up truck near the end of the episode. You'll find a caravan, benches, a safe haven and a blue toilet next to it.

Episode 3: Ransom (2)

  • When you reach the area where you get ambushed and with the 3 manual work lights you can switch on, there is a little shack with the can pyramid.
  • After the tram ride, the tram will break off to the path below the pyramid. Make your way up to where the tram would have ended and you'll see the pyramid.

Episode 4: The Truth (2)

  • When at the lodge, you'll come to a set of stairs leading down to a little pond. Before you go down the stairs, the can pyramid is on a wall behind you.
  • After you break through the barn door with the boat, when you go around the corner with the sparkling hanging wire, you will see the pyramid on the wooden wire wheel.

Episode 5: The Clicker (2)

  • Whilst on your way to the town hall, you'll find a hot dog stand with the can pyramid.
  • After you complete the three-switch puzzle and are about to divert power on the other side of the puzzle, you'll find the can pyramid.

Episode 6: Departure (2)

  • The can pyramid is on the wall in the motel parking lot.
  • When you go upstairs to open the gate into the depot, you'll find the can pyramid on the balcony.


  • Carny (10G) - Knock over 5 can pyramids.