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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Caldera Street Station. The name made me think of the exit wound of a bullet. Quote2
― Alex Casey, on an echo.

The Caldera Station is a subway station located underneath a dark version of New York City, on the Dark Place. As its name implies the station is located below the Caldera Street.


Finding himself on a dark and twisted version of New York based on his crime books, Alan Wake is contacted by Thomas Zane through a nearby payphone. Without providing many details, Zane tells Wake to head to the Caldera Street Station before the call is ended abruptly. On the floor, next to the payphone, Alan finds a subway pass and heads to the Caldera Street.

After charging his lamp with nearby light sources, Alan uses it to materialize the entrance to the subway station and, subsequently, the service entry, for which he uses the pass that he had found earlier. Once on the station, Wake finds an echo of Alex Casey and learns that the detective had come before him to investigating the disappearance of an FBI agent who was tracking down the Cult of the Word. The writer realizes that he can use that as plot element to further advance through the Dark Place. After the scene is rewritten, a trail of blood leading to the tunnels appears, alongside the missing agent's ID and a wrench and Wake proceeds to make his way through the subway.


The Caldera Street Station is a dark subway station with most its walls covered with graffity and signs that, just like the ones found on the city above, contain words and phrases that make reference to several moments and elements in Alan's life, as wells threatening messages and warnings.


Caldera Station[]

"A liminal place, crossing the threshold"
Image Plot Element Element Description Scene Description
Missing FBI Agent "They caught him. The blood trail led to the darkness of the tunnel." An FBI agent had come to the station in search of the Cult of the Word. The agent was subsequently knocked with a wrench and captured by the cult, leaving a trail of blood behind.


  • The name Caldera Street is most likely a reference to Cauldron Lake.