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The Bright Falls Sheriff Station is a location appearing in Alan Wake.


The Bright Falls Sheriff Station deals with crimes in the Bright Falls region. The Station houses a row of three cells, where the town drunk, Walter Snyder, was frequently held. Alan Wake is also held in the last cell, along with Barry Wheeler, by FBI Agent Nightingale after his capture.

Besides the cells, there is also a loading dock outside which also doubles as an impound lot. The only way to this area is through the cell block. In addition to the cell block, there is also an unused back room which serves as a conference area. The hallway it empties into is also where storage closets and the Sheriff's Office is located. In the lobby of the station is the front desk, where Deputy Grant is often on duty. The phone calls are directed here, usually taken by Deputy Janes. Off to one side is the radio room, where an old-fashioned switchboard is, as well as a weapons closet. The switchboard allows deputies to monitor local police band calls.


In Episode 2: Taken you are receiving treatment to the injuries you got in Episode 1: Nightmare. You then talk to Sheriff Sarah Breaker. You interrupted by a phone call telling you that a kidnapper has Alice. He tells you to go out back to get something from a junker. Its Alice's drivers license. The kidnapper tells you to meet him at Lovers Peak in Elderwood National Park. Dr. Hartman is in the lobby when you return. Alan talks to him and thinks he is the kidnapper and punches him just as Barry enters the station. Sarah asks where he will be staying so they can be in contact with each other. Deputy Grant gives some suggestions but says to stay away from the Majestic. She also mentions Elderwood. Alan says he is staying in Elderwood.

In Episode 5: The Clicker you wake up in jail. You are talking to Agent Nightingale when a seizure strikes Alan and Sarah checks to see if he is okay. Agent Nightingale thinks it's a trick. When Sarah tries to leave with Alan, Nightingale pulls a gun on him. When Nightingale has a strange sense of déjà vu, he gets sucked up by the darkness. When that happens Sarah is ready to believe what Alan said. The lights are out, so they race to the power box to fix it. Sarah says that she has all of Alan's stuff in her office. They load up and are heading to Cynthia Weaver but first they need to get to the Coast Guard chopper keys from Town hall. Sarah tells Barry that people need to be warned, in case Sarah and Alan don't make it back. Sarah's password is "Night Springs".

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