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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The Bright Falls Sheriff Station is a location appearing in Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2.


The Bright Falls Sheriff Station deals with crimes in the Bright Falls region. The Station houses a row of three cells, where the town drunk, Walter Snyder, was frequently held. Alan Wake is also held in the last cell, along with Barry Wheeler, by FBI Agent Nightingale after his capture.

Besides the cells, there is also a loading dock outside which also doubles as an impound lot. The only way to this area is through the cell block. In addition to the cell block, there is also an unused back room which serves as a conference area. The hallway it empties into is also where storage closets and the Sheriff's Office is located. In the lobby of the station is the front desk, where Deputy Grant is often on duty. The phone calls are directed here, usually taken by Deputy Janes. Off to one side is the radio room, where an old-fashioned switchboard is, as well as a weapons closet. The switchboard allows deputies to monitor local police band calls.

Events of Alan Wake[]


In Episode 2: Taken you are receiving treatment to the injuries you got in Episode 1: Nightmare. You then talk to Sheriff Sarah Breaker. You interrupted by a phone call telling you that a kidnapper has Alice. He tells you to go out back to get something from a junker. Its Alice's drivers license. The kidnapper tells you to meet him at Lovers Peak in Elderwood National Park. Dr. Hartman is in the lobby when you return. Alan talks to him and thinks he is the kidnapper and punches him just as Barry enters the station. Sarah asks where he will be staying so they can be in contact with each other. Deputy Grant gives some suggestions but says to stay away from the Majestic. She also mentions Elderwood. Alan says he is staying in Elderwood.

In Episode 5: The Clicker you wake up in jail. You are talking to Agent Nightingale when a seizure strikes Alan and Sarah checks to see if he is okay. Agent Nightingale thinks it's a trick. When Sarah tries to leave with Alan, Nightingale pulls a gun on him. When Nightingale has a strange sense of déjà vu, he gets sucked up by the darkness. When that happens Sarah is ready to believe what Alan said. The lights are out, so they race to the power box to fix it. Sarah says that she has all of Alan's stuff in her office. They load up and are heading to Cynthia Weaver but first they need to get to the Coast Guard chopper keys from Town hall. Sarah tells Barry that people need to be warned, in case Sarah and Alan don't make it back. Sarah's password is "Night Springs".

Events of Alan Wake 2[]


In Return 1: Invitation

In Return 6: Scratch

In Return 7: Summoning


Appearance Transcript
Bright Falls Sheriff Station - Author-Number Combination Lock Code UFOS Myths & Reality Part I: Sightings Under the Lens

Author: Quincey
UFOS Myths & Reality Part II: Communion & Testimonies
Author: Baston
UFOS Myths & Reality Part III: Tricksters and Falsehoods
Author: Westmore
A Revolution for the Brain
Author: Esse
Memory Loss: The Battle to Regain Your Mind
Author: L. Temp
DON'T FORGET!! A=1 B=2 C=3 D E F G H I=9 J=0 K=1 L=2 M N O P

Bright Falls Sheriff Station - Cult Connections and The Lake House RESEARCH PROPOSAL

In 2010, writer and suspected parautilitarian Alan Wake was reported to have disappeared into Cauldron Lake, a known Threshold site. Three years later, a small group responsible for multiple killings was arrested in New York City by federal investigators. The murders were re-creations of deaths found in the writing of Alan Wake. Interrogations with the murderers revealed they saw Wake as a sort of prophet, describing themselves as his “cult,” and considered his novels to be sacred texts. As Wake was missing at the time, it’s unlikely he had any personal involvement with this cult, at least there is no evidence supporting the idea.

Soon after the New York cult was detained, an organization known as the Cult of the Tree began operating around Cauldron Lake, the same area Wake disappeared. This is now the second organization branding themselves as a cult with a direct physical connection to Alan Wake, operating in the location he was last seen in. I propose that this is not a coincidence, and would like permission to search for a link between Wake and the Cult of the Tree.

See file 14-54-5326 for the full proposal.


Research facility WA-03 at Cauldron Lake, WA has been compromised. Cause unknown.

The incident was visually confirmed by Agent Estevez when she visited the facility to make contact with Dr. Marmont and Dr. Marmont, heads of operations at the Lake House. The facility itself is reported to be in a damaged state, with no living staff found during a brief search. A longer search was not possible due to an active AWE in the area requiring all available resources.

Investigation and containment not possible with current personnel. Emergency dispatch of response and rescue staff is requested.

The Investigations Department has no knowledge of the Lake House’s recent research or projects due to worsening communication and cooperation since HQ went dark. As a result, this report cannot determine the incident’s cause without further investigation.

Refer to file 92-33-3215 for full incident report.


At approx. 1900 hours on 13 Sep 2023, readings from a remote surveillance unit monitoring Cauldron Lake, a known Threshold to what researchers theorize is the origin dimension of A-040, the Shadow, passed acceptable limits. Attempts to contact FBC research facility WA-03, code name “the Lake House”, were unsuccessful. Onsite event verification is not possible.

Response procedures are initiated, with immediate effect.

Lead Agent K. Estevez will mobilize Investigation Unit Beta from the remote operations site at REDACTED. All available Shadow-specific equipment (lot 4-11B) has been approved for use in the field.

To confirm an active event. If an active AWE is occurring, the dispatched team will identify its nature and severity, limit exposure, and attempt to contain or neutralize the source.

If no event is active, check monitoring equipment, perform a limited-profile sweep of the area, and check status of the Lake House and its staff.

Relevant operatives in the area include the Cult of the Tree, REDACTED, and Alan Wake (currently missing).


Based on reports, the item is a light switch from a lamp cord, with part of the severed cord still attached.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that the item possesses the ability to alter reality, the changes being based on REDACTED, when used by a capable parautilitarian. Parsing this item’s effect from that of the Cauldron Lake Threshold responsible for recurring AWEs in the area is difficult because the only reported uses of the item have occurred near this Threshold. Without more data, we cannot confirm if the item intensifies the effect of the Threshold, or vice versa, or if there is no connection whatsoever.

Recorded material from Dr. Hartman after becoming a REDACTED have revealed that Alan Wake eliminated "Barbara Jagger” (likely a physical manifestation of a REDACTED) by inserting the light switch into its chest and “flicking the switch.”

The item is confirmed to have been used in 2010 to turn fictional writing into reality (see file AWE-35). However, it is unclear what the restrictions and limitations of this effect are.

The light switch is a possible OOP, but the team cannot conclusively classify the item based on secondhand accounts. Proper examination and testing is required in order to determine classification and precise effect of the item.


SUBJECT: Alex Casey, FBI
22:18 - Subject seems physically weakened, with some confusion about his whereabouts and events (concussion?) - similar symptoms to those becoming Shaded Individuals. Exposure to the Shadow is suspected, but not confirmed.

Physical wounds are minimal. Light abrasions. Possible mild concussion.

07:30 - Continued observation shows no signs of increased aggression in subject. Subject remains aware and coherent. A starkly different progression than other victims. Reasons for exceptional result unknown. Less severe exposure? Subject’s resilience? Intentionality on Shadow’s part? Requires further examination/testing.


Through extensive interviews with witnesses of AWE-35, additional details regarding the Shadow (A-010) have been discovered.

REDACTED and REDACTED, both present during the AWE, reported seeing a woman named Barbara Jagger in Bright Falls at the time. Jagger is a former actress and Bright Falls resident, who emigrated with the filmmaker Thomas Zane from Finland, and was reported to have drowned in Cauldron Lake during a REDACTED AWE in 1970.

Research staff have concluded that Jagger's appearance is likely a case of the Shadow manifesting in human form. Research is ongoing as to the nature of the connection between the Shadow and the psychophysical signatures available for it to mimic. Current hypotheses are:

a. The Shadow can only manifest as artists, or individuals tangentially involved in the creation of art, who have operated within a certain physical range of Cauldron Lake.
b. The Shadow can manifest as any individual “contained” (definition needed) within Cauldron Lake.

Research is actively ongoing.

See file 38-453-1873 for full report.

Transcript of interview with subject: ALAN WAKE, suspected parautilitarian

Location: Bright Falls, WA
Interviewer: Kiran Estevez, Lead Agent

KE: Mr. Wake, you have been taken into FBC custody and will receive an in-depth interrogation at a later date, but for now I need to ask if there is anything you can tell us regarding the incident at the hotel. Anything we may need to know.

AW: There is a force here you don’t understand. A presence. It's after me. It wants to consume me. Consume everything.

KE: Yes, you mentioned this "Dark Presence" before. Why does it want you?

AW: It feeds on artists. On the art they create. It wants me because of my writing. But it can be any form of art, any artistic expression. Music, painting, film, photography, it can feed on any of it. All of it. You have to believe me.

KE: We are well aware of this entity, Mr. Wake. We've been tracking the situation here for a long time now. You yourself have been on our radar for over a decade. I'm sure those nuts in the research department are just going to love checking you out. Hey, make a note to redact that before submission. Let's get back on track. You mentioned a light switch earlier. Where is it now?

AW: I don’t know. But I need it. I can't end this without it. Will you help me get it?

KE: Mr. Wake, you are in custody, pending charges for breaching of numerous federal violation codes. We are not going to give you a suspected paranatural object.

AW: You’re not (expletive) listening to me.

KE: We are listening just fine. Now, do you have any accomplices?

AW: (Expletive) you. Let me the (expletive) out of here. It’s coming for me. We’re all in danger.

Interview was terminated due to subject being uncooperative.


Front Desk Computer

Sheriff Tim Breaker's Office Computer

Staff Kitchen Policy Reminders
from: Sheriff's Station Admin
to: Sheriff's Station Team
02/20/2023 01:20 PM

Do NOT microwave whole fish. I shouldn't have to say this.

Important Information
from: Sheriff's Station Admin
to: Sheriff's Station Team
08/26/2023 11:40 AM

Mulligan owes me 20 bucks and refuses to pay it back. I suggest we dock his pay for that amount (plus interest) and add it directly into my paycheck.

Deputy Thornton

RE: Important Information
from: Sheriff's Station Admin
to: Sheriff's Station Team
09/09/2023 11:49 AM

Thornton doesn't remember I already paid him back by buying him lunch months ago. So don't listen to him.

And definitely DO NOT TOUCH MY PAY or I'll swear to God I'll sue.

Deputy Mulligan

from: Sheriff's Station Admin
to: Sheriff's Station Team
09/03/2023 08:00 AM

The front desk computer and admin e-mail are not to be used for personal quarrels or other unofficial business.

And remember to wash your coffee mugs.


Deerfest safety preparations
from: Officer Barbara Morgan
to: Sheriff's Station Team
09/05/2023 12:30 PM

Hey y'all,

I missed the sync on Deerfest safety prep last time.
Any updates? What's the latest on crowd control? Whoever put "bayonets" into the suggestion box was clearly kidding, right? RIGHT?


Security measures
from: Officer James Cooper
to: Sheriff's Station Admin
09/07/2023 03:22 PM

I understand that there's a need to keep the arrested folks under lock and key but who the heck is the paranoid madman who decided we needed every other door in our facility to be geared with the latest hight-tech top security nonsense? The stuff's not safe! One power outage and those locks aren't budging.

I've warned you about this a half a dozen times now. Don't blame me when you're locked in with no way out.

Officer Cooper

Notable Members[]


Former Members[]

Notable Equipment[]


  • The full letter-number code for Sheriff Tim Breaker's office is: A=1; B=2; C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6; G=7; H=8; I=9; J=0; K=1; L=2; M=3; N=4; O=5; P=6; Q=7; R=8; S=9; T=0; U=1; V=2; W=3; X=4; Y=5; Z=6;
    • The authors of "UFOs Myths and Reality" are Quincey, Baston, and Westmore; QBW=723