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These are the residents of Bright Falls that appear in the mini-series of the same name.


In the Bright Falls mini-series a couple of people can be seen in the background, they are the residents of Bright Falls. Almost no information is known about them. Every resident will only be mentioned and pictured once (the first time they are seen).

Episode 1 "Oh Deer"[]

Episode 2 "Time Flies"[]

Episode 3 "Lights Out"[]

Episode 4 "Local Flavor"[]

Episode 5 "Off The Record"[]

No new residents are seen in this episode.

Episode 6 "Clearcut"[]


  • Most of the residents are almost too happy (as in fake). This raises the question as to whether they really don't know what's happening or they are covering it all up.
  • Most of the residents are never seen in Alan Wake.