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Bright Falls Ranger Station is a location found in the northwest of the Watery area. This is one of several bases of operations for the FBC's parafictional research. The others are


Appearance Transcript
Ranger Station - Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes
Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes

Ranger Station...........1
Bunker Wood..............2

Ranger Station - Brainstorming Nursery Rhymes
Brainstorming Nursery Rhymes
Birds. Watching you like in that movie - but protective, not attacking.

Mythical inspiration- guardian spirits? Norse mythology? Or Ancient Egyptian?
Corvus corax from the family Corvidae. Research symbolism and uses.
Elements - Stalking monster, watchful birds?
Stakes can't be too high for both risk management and fruitful outcomes.
Make sure the rhyming is looser this time. Need to test this approach for possibly more ambiguous interpretational results.

FBC Email Correspondence[]

Manning your stations
from: Dr. Campbell
to: Vega; Michaels
02/15/2023 07:30 AM

It has come to my attention that both of you have left your posts on several occasions while on duty to galivant around town on personal business. This is unacceptable. You are under strict FBC protocols regarding covertness and confidentiality, and as your supervisor, I am responsible for your conduct at all times. If you find the work boring, too bad. You are to fulfill your roles and duties as I see fit, and as the project requires.

I am changing your posts. I'll be overseeing the Watery area, as it now has the most test sites to cover. The ranger cabin there will be my base of operations. Vega, you are moving to Cauldron Lake's Witchfinder's Station. Michaels, you are staying in the Bright Falls station. I don't want to hear any excuses, but I do need you to acknowledge these orders.

Dr. Eugene Campbell
Lead Researcher
Department of Parafictional Research

RE: Manning your stations
from: Vega
to: Dr. Campbell
02/15/2023 10:10 AM

Dr. Campbell,

Acknowledged and understood. That goes for the both of us, Michaels and me. It really was not gallivanting as you put it, though, as I was attacked by some rabid animal out there in the woods and Michaels helped me get medical attention in town. You should know all that if you read your messages, of course.
In any case, orders received.

Assistant Researcher


  • Witchfinder's Station is the only named Ranger Cabin on the area maps.