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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The Bright Falls Light & Power is a location appearing in Alan Wake and the home of Cynthia Weaver. It is possibly the safest place for Alan to be.


Despite it being dangerous outside, inside, the power plant is one of the safest places in Bright Falls against the Dark Presence. On the wall outside by the door, there is a sign that gives a warning:

This decommissioned site is private property. The power plant is no longer in operation.
Trespassers will be prosecuted."

In The Alan Wake Files it is revealed that the power plant was decommissioned after the earthquake on July 19, 1970 caused significant damage. This was the same incident that sank Diver's Isle. It could be that as the quake was caused by the Dark presence that maybe it wanted to weaken the power plant as this is one of the safest places from the darkness as the game shows, that or it could just be an accident as the Bright Falls towns people like to believe.

This power plant provides all the light in the region. With recent developments in hydroelectric energy, and the recent earthquake activities, the power plant, along with the nearby warehouses, transformer yard, and swing bridge, are open for local visitors only.


When you first walk into Bright Falls Light & Power, you instantly get blinded by light. The entire front room is covered in light bulbs and light fixtures. There isn't a single spot where light doesn't shine on. Around the room there is some ammo, flares and flashbangs.


  • Despite the warning given on the sign, Cynthia Weaver continued to live here. The towns people, including the law (being Sheriff Sarah Breaker), seemed to be alright with that, despite the warning. She did, however, move to the Valhalla Nursing Home in her later old age.
    • Given that the plant seems to contain a large amount of equipment that was simply left behind and abandoned when the plant shut down, it's possible that the sign is simply a leftover remnant from when the plant was in operation, and that no one ever bothered to take it down after the threat of prosecution was no longer in place.
  • The power plant was based off of the real life Gorge Powerhouse, located along the Skagit River in Newhalem, WA.