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The KBF Bright Falls radio station (97.6) is the local radio station in Bright Falls. The nightly radio host is Pat Maine.

Audio Website Transcripts

"Well, as I'm sure everyone has noticed, the storm we all felt coming is finally here. The boys at the weather service reckon it'll last until morning at the very least. Pertaining to that, let me read that missing persons alert again. The sheriff's department is still looking for a Caucasian woman, 30 years old, slim and blonde with blue eyes. She may be lost in the woods, and it's possible she's been injured in a car accident. So if you see someone in the area who maybe looks a little confused, give them a hand, alright?"

"You've all heard the name, of course, Alan Wake, is the author of a very successful series of Alex Casey crime novels. He's changed gears, though. He's now working on a horror story. Now you probably know that Mr. Wake is a somewhat controversial figure. He had a few ugly encounters with paparazzi in recent years, although speaking for myself, it's hard to blame him for that."

"I just stepped outside to catch a breath of fresh air, and let me tell ya, the weather is getting heavy. Nights like this make me especially glad that I'm here talking to you, and not home in bed. Once the weather takes a turn like this, I can't sleep at all. It's all tangled bed sheets and dark thoughts, punctuated by the occasional plunge into nightmare."


"Welcome back to KBF-FM, hope you enjoyed that tune. Now we were talking about life and finding that special someone, that soul mate. I can't really fit that together with what I feel, what I felt for someone... because she was the one, she was. I let her drift away from me. Maybe I didn't put in the work, I don't know... but well since then, and it was a long time ago, but since then there hasn't been anyone, not like her. And I'm not saying I dwell on her or haven't moved on. I like my life, I'm not living in the past. I do miss the way she completed me. I'm sorry folks - I had kinda a scary experience last night, and let's say it's shaken a few things loose."

In-Game Broadcasts

Episode 1: Nightmare

A Famous Deerfest Guest

Pat Maine: The Deerfest guests have already started to arrive. Just ran into one on the ferry... a famous artist, no less. We’ll see if we can rope him into an interview later on. Now, let’s go to the phones. Caller, you’re on KBF-FM.
Rose Marigold: Hi, Pat, it's Rose!
Pat Maine: Why, hello, Rose. What's on your mind?
Rose Marigold: I know who that famous artist was. It was Alan Wake, wasn't it? He's my favorite writer.
Pat Maine: Well, Rose, I--
Rose Marigold: I just saw him at the diner! Oh, I am so excited he's here!
Pat Maine: I’m sure he’s glad to be here too. Well, folks, I guess the secret’s out. This is Pat Maine on KBF-FM, and now, some music.

Have You Seen This Dog?

Pat Maine: Well, I was just outside for a breath of fresh air, and what a night! I know most of you are probably in your beds by now, but if you’re still up and around, take a moment! Step outside for a spell and breathe in deep. The weather is absolutely still, the sky is crystal clear. It’s like the forest is quietly breathing along with you. As you listeners know, I’m a night owl, and it’s on nights like this I wish I wasn’t cooped up in the studio. Makes an old man like me wish I could just roam wild. Heh. But here I am, and who’d keep you company all night long if I weren’t? Oh, and looks like I’m not the only one staying up late. Caller, you’re on the air.
Maurice Horton: Hey, Pat, it's Maurice Horton.
Pat Maine: Hello, Maurice. What're you up to?
Maurice Horton: Well, I was just taking Toby on his walkies.
Pat Maine: Oh, isn't it beautiful out there?
Maurice Horton: Sure. But Pat, the reason I called is that Toby heard something rustlin' in the undergrowth and took off after it, and I couldn't find him.
Pat Maine: Probably a rabbit.
Maurice Horton: Sure, Toby loves rabbits.
Pat Maine: Well, sure.
Maurice Horton: Anyway, I figured that, you know, if anyone runs into Toby, they could grab him. My number's on his collar.
Pat Maine: And Toby's a friendly dog?
Maurice Horton: Oh, Toby loves people. Usually he comes back, but we were pretty far from home and it sounds like he went pretty wild there. Great dog, but he's just too dumb for his own good.
Pat Maine: Ha ha! Well, Maurice, it's out there now. Hope Toby comes home soon.
Maurice Horton: Yeah, thanks Pat.
Pat Maine: You have a good night now.

Episode 2: Taken

Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting

Pat Maine: Well, folks, it’s been another long night, and it’s about time for me to sign off for a while. God knows I need my beauty sleep. Heh. Just one more item before I go: it’s been a busy night for the Sheriff’s Department. We’ve had a few broken windows, even a report of shots fired on Main Street. Deputies Mulligan and Thornton had to deal with two intoxicated young men who were celebrating the completion of their Deerfest float. Now, folks, we get this every year. I know it’s exciting that the big day is almost here, but let’s save it for the party -- and leave the gunplay for the shooting competition, huh? There’s no point in getting all worked up yet.

Doc Nelson's Deerfest Plans

Pat Maine: Welcome back to the show, folks. As promised, our very own Doctor Nelson has just parked his rear end in the studio. Doc, what's your Deerfest plan like?

Doctor Nelson: My plan? You make it sound a lot more organized that I ever seem to manage! Ha ha ha! No plan, really, just take in the atmosphere. I'm getting a little too rickety to do much more than that, you know.

Pat Maine: Oh, tell me about it. No sack race for us older gentlemen, huh?

Doctor Nelson: Ha ha! Yes, exactly, Pat. But I'm going to check out the parade, of course, and I'll be one of the pie contest judges, too.

Pat Maine: Well, that takes a different kind of constitution.

Doctor Nelson: Ha ha! Oh, yeah, it's my kind of exercise.

Pat Maine: Now, Doc, seriously, you're in pretty good shape, though. You're the outdoors type. I know for a fact you're an avid fisherman.

Doctor Nelson: That's right. Matter of fact, just caught a heck of a largemouth bass early this morning.

Pat Maine: But you're not taking part in the fishing contest?

Doctor Nelson: No, no. Not this year. See, Pat, I'm just not that competitive anymore. Now I just like to take my time and enjoy the peace of it. It's no fun if I need to worry about what I'm catching, you know?

Pat Maine: Considering your track record, the participants are probably pretty happy you feel that way.

Doctor Nelson: Ha ha ha ha! Well, Pat, that's kind of you to say.

Episode Three: Ransom

Snyder's Feeling the Pressure

Pat Maine: I just stepped outside to catch a breath of fresh air, and let me tell you, the weather's getting heavy! Nights like this make me especially glad I'm here talking to you and not home in bed. Once the weather takes a turn like this, I can't sleep at all; it's all... tangled bedsheets and dark thoughts, punctuated by the occasional plunge into nightmare. Is it just me? Well, perhaps it is, but I hope I can make the night a little bit easier to get through... Caller, you're on KBF-FM.
Walter Snyder: Hey, Pat, it's Walt Snyder.
Pat Maine: What's on your mind, Walt?
Walter Snyder: Well, I ain't the way you are, but, well, uh, I can't sleep either, you know? I've been just staring out of the window here, trying to make sense of it all, but, I ain't been drinking, either, you know, I just...
Pat Maine: Well, you sound like a man with a problem, Walt.
Walter Snyder: Yeah. Yeah, uh... I had a, uh, you know, an argument with Danny, you know Danny -- and then I got in trouble with the law, you know, and I’m... I’m just... well...
Pat Maine: I heard something like that, Walt.
Walter Snyder: Yeah. Well, you know, he’s -- you know, Danny’s my best friend and they let me out on bail today... and now I’m just alone here at the window, you know, waiting. Man, there’s something in the air tonight, man!
Pat Maine: Mm. I was just outside looking up at the sky above our broadcast tower thinking the same thing. What’re you waiting for, Walt?
Walter Snyder: I... I don’t know. You know, something’s gonna happen. You know? I gotta, I gotta... I... I think I better go.
Pat Maine: Well, Walt, maybe--
Walter Snyder: No. Thanks, Pat.
Pat Maine: Haaahhh. Well, good luck to you, Walt, hang in there. Let’s take a little break, folks, this weather’s really something else, huh?

Artists Featured

Due to the nature of Pandora, the artists broadcast on the station may be random:

As of 10 May 2:41 -

  • Ronettes - "Be My Baby"
  • Bobby Vee - "Charms"
  • Elvis Presley - "Lonesome Cow-Boy"
  • The Black Angels - "The Prodigal Son"
  • The Fall - "F'oldin Money"
  • Henry's Funeral Shoe - "Maria Maria"
  • Siberian - "Airship"
  • Pit Er Pat - "Baby's Fist"
  • Grand Army - "Save You"
  • Fuel - "Million Miles"
  • Lily Holbrook - "Better Left Unsaid"
  • Tegan and Sara - "We Didn't Do It"
  • Minimal Compact - "Raging Souls"
  • The Gathering - "Amnity"
  • Garbage - "Androgyny"
  • Benzos - "Glass Souls"
  • Tribe - "Joyride"
  • Led Zeppelin - "Over The Hills And Far Away"
  • The Black Angels - "Better Off Alone"
  • For Her and The Snow - "Hey Man"
  • The Scorpions - "Time Will Call Your Name"
  • George Harrison - "My Sweet Lord"


There is just one achievement involving the in-game radio broadcasts, which you don't have to listen to them, just turn the radio on. There are 15 broadcasts throughout the game.

  • KBF-FM (30G) - Listen to all of the radio shows.


  • You can hear Pat Maine on KBF Radio during Episode 2 of the Bright Falls mini-series, when Jake drives to the diner.
  • There is one radio which does not count towards this achievement, which is Pat Maine talking about "Poets of the Fall", which reminds him of the Old Gods of Asgard. He then plays the song War.
  • You can listen to the radio which is available on Pandora, here.