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Video of the defunct channel (video by Nate Able, who worked on the Bright Falls miniseries)

This page is about the promotional material for Alan Wake. For the in-game radio station, see KBF-FM Radio Station; for the collectibles, see Radio Shows (Alan Wake).

KBF Radio - Bright Falls was a internet radio channel on the music streaming service Pandora, created by the production team of the Bright Falls mini-series as part of the promotional material for Alan Wake. It was a mock version of the in-universe Bright Falls' local KBF-FM Radio Station, and was complete with intermittent narration from Pat Maine, the host of a nighttime show on that station.


The channel featured narration by Pat Maine (played by R.J. Allison) between songs. All of his narration is taken from Pat's in-game voice lines from Alan Wake, mostly from the collectible Radio Shows.

"Well! As I’m sure everyone’s noticed, that storm we all felt coming is finally here. The boys at the Weather Service reckon it’ll last until morning, at the very least. Pertaining to that, let me read that missing persons alert again: the Sheriff’s Department is still looking for a Caucasian woman, 30 years old, slim and blonde with blue eyes. She may be lost in the woods, and it’s possible she’s been injured in a car accident. So if you see someone in the area who maybe looks a little confused, give them a hand, all right?"
Source: A Missing Persons Alert
"You’ve all heard the name, of course; Alan Wake is the author of a very successful series of Alex Casey crime novels. He’s changed gears, though; he’s now working on a horror story! Now, you probably know that Mr. Wake is a somewhat controversial figure. He had a few ugly encounters with the paparazzi in recent years -- although speaking for myself, it’s hard to blame him for that!"
Source: Episode 3: Ransom, after meeting Wake
"I just stepped outside to catch a breath of fresh air, and let me tell you, the weather’s getting heavy! Nights like this make me especially glad I’m here talking to you and not home in bed. Once the weather takes a turn like this, I can’t sleep at all; it’s all... tangled bedsheets and dark thoughts, punctuated by the occasional plunge into nightmare."
Source: Snyder's Feeling the Pressure
"Welcome back to KBF-FM; hope you enjoyed that tune. Now, we were talking about life and finding that special someone, that soul mate... I can’t really fit that together with what I feel, what I -- what I felt for someone. Because -- she was the one. She was. And she -- I let her drift away from me. Maybe I didn’t put in the work, I don’t know, but... well, since then -- and it was a long time ago, but... but since then, there hasn’t been anyone. Not like her. And I’m not saying I dwell on her, or haven’t moved on. I like my life. I’m not living in the past. But I do miss the way she... completed me. I’m sorry, folks. I had kind of a scary experience last night, and let’s just say it’s shaken a few things loose."
Source: A Conversation About Love

Artists Featured[]

Due to the nature of Pandora, the artists broadcast on the station may be random:

As of 10 May 2:41 -

  • Ronettes - "Be My Baby"
  • Bobby Vee - "Charms"
  • Elvis Presley - "Lonesome Cow-Boy"
  • The Black Angels - "The Prodigal Son"
  • The Fall - "F'oldin Money"
  • Henry's Funeral Shoe - "Maria Maria"
  • Siberian - "Airship"
  • Pit Er Pat - "Baby's Fist"
  • Grand Army - "Save You"
  • Fuel - "Million Miles"
  • Lily Holbrook - "Better Left Unsaid"
  • Tegan and Sara - "We Didn't Do It"
  • Minimal Compact - "Raging Souls"
  • The Gathering - "Amnity"
  • Garbage - "Androgyny"
  • Benzos - "Glass Souls"
  • Tribe - "Joyride"
  • Led Zeppelin - "Over The Hills And Far Away"
  • The Black Angels - "Better Off Alone"
  • For Her and The Snow - "Hey Man"
  • The Scorpions - "Time Will Call Your Name"
  • George Harrison - "My Sweet Lord"


  • You can listen to the radio which is available on Pandora, here.