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The Bright Falls Dam is a location appearing in Alan Wake.


In The Clicker, Alan Wake and Cynthia Weaver begin to make their way to the Well-Lit Room, which is hidden beneath the dam. When Alan hears that Barry Wheeler and Sheriff Sarah Breaker are in trouble, he decides to leave the pipe and help them. Once he does, he makes his way with them over to the dam.

Rather than take the elevator, Alan has to take the long way up to the dam as the path is blocked for him. Once he reaches the top, he encounters the Dark Presence as a tornado. He must outrun it, to avoid getting sucked into the storm. He eventually reaches another elevator which takes him and the others down to the Well-Lit Room.

When it appears as if daytime has come, he is seen driving across the dam in Departure, beginning to make his way to Cauldron Lake.


  • Bright Falls Dam is based on the real life Diablo Dam found in Whatcom County, Washington.