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The Bright Falls Church is seen in Episode 5: The Clicker and Special 1: The Signal of Alan Wake.


The Church is seen in The Clicker when Alan Wake and Sheriff Sarah Breaker are making their way towards the helicopter at the Bright Falls Fire Station. At first the key won't work and they are attacked by Taken. After they pass through the interior they go out the basement where they are attacked by assault Taken.

Church Events

These are the church events, found on a billboard out the front of the church:

Church Events, Fall Schedule
  • Sunday School (Sundays)
  • Bible Study (Mondays)
  • Bright Falls Knitting Club Meetings (Alt. Wed. evenings)
  • Deerfest Candle Night (Sep. 14)
  • Deerfest Morning Service (Sep. 15)
  • The Presbyterian Choir of Watery visit (Sep. 28)
  • Annual Charity Bake (Oct. 3)