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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Bright Falls Aficionado is an achievement/trophy in Alan Wake. You earn the achievement by reading all of the historical and cultural landmarks found throughout Bright Falls. There are 25 signs in total.



  • "Absorb every bit of local history and culture".


  • "You have examined every sign and point of interest in the Bright Falls area".


Episode 1: Nightmare (1)[]

Waking up to a Nightmare

Episode 2: Taken (5)[]

Bright Falls Sheriff Station

  • Wanted posters in the police station hallway.

Elderwood National Park

  • A description for Buck-Toothed Charlie in the Elderwood Visitor Center, left of the starting position.
  • The history of Moonshine Cave, deep inside the cave. Go left through the door in the wall when Alan states, "Lover's Peak was at the far end of the nature trail".
  • Description for The Great Old One, next to a giant tree stump with a hole cut into its base.
  • The history of a tree dating back to the Oregon Treaty. Past a giant fallen log with a hole cut into it (Through Tree), there is a fork. Take the right fork to a giant tree ring suspended by two chains.

Episode 3: Ransom (3)[]

Mirror Peak

  • There are three signs detailing the history of the Bright Falls Mining Company just past the entrance. The first is to the left of the entrance, standing next to a mining cart. The second is attached to the side of a display case containing mining equipment, next to the first sign. The third is attached to the edge of the red building, before you turn right and climb the stairs.
  • Upon entering the ghost town and after crossing the bridge, there is a sign standing next to the red building on the right. The history of Grey Peak Gorge.
  • A green sign for Cauldron Lake. After crossing a canyon in a cable car, there is a sign just past a safe zone and red supply box.

Episode 4: The Truth (5)[]

Cauldron Lake Lodge

  • A memorial attached to the giant sundial on the lodge terrace.
  • A poster for The Creator's Dilemma hanging in the lounge/reception area, next to the front entrance overlooking the circular driveway.
  • A framed list of guidelines for patients hanging opposite the dining room entrance, before you meet the two brothers playing a board game.
  • A nameplate for a statue located in the center of the circular driveway outside the outside the lodge.

Anderson Farm

  • Tour poster on the second floor of the Anderson farm barn, past the boat crane switch.

Episode 5: The Clicker (7)[]

Night Life in Bright Falls

  • A statue nameplate for the founders of Bright Falls, across the street from the town hall.
  • A paper notice for the Alex Casey book series found before exiting the book store, posted on the right wall above the reading table.
  • A lit fall event schedule posted in front of the church.

Bright Falls Light & Power

  • A green sign for the giant spinning bridge, after crossing the transformer yard.
  • Gold warning sign next to the power plant entrance.
  • Sign for the floodgate controls in front of the three pedestrian bridges leading to the kill switch, when cutting power to the transformer yard.
  • A gold sign next to the switch you must hold to let Barry and Sarah past the entrance to the dam.

Episode 6: Departure (4)[]

On the Road to Cauldron Lake

  • A sign for The Majestic Hotel at the first rest stop after crossing a bridge, near a white RV.
  • Black general information board in The Majestic Hotel lobby.
  • White sign on the entrance gate to the scrapyard, near the Larsen's Auto Salvage & Used Parts billboard.
  • After entering the scrapyard, a yellow warning sign on the garage door of the first building you encounter.