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The 1978 Bright Falls AWE (unofficial title) was an Altered World Event recorded by the Federal Bureau of Control that took place in the town of Bright Falls, Washington in 1978. It was one of recurring AWEs in the area of Bright Falls. It was caused by the rock band Old Gods of Asgard, involving the Anderson Brothers, when the song they performed affected reality.

Event Summary[]

The Altered World Event (AWE) was caused by a Threshold located beneath Cauldron Lake, a lake near the town of Bright Falls, Washington. As a result of this Threshold, an AWE occurred in which the art created by the rock band Old Gods of Asgard altered reality to match the reality of their song.[citation needed]


The area of Bright Falls, Washington has a long history of reported paranatural phenomena and urban legends, some predating the official statehood of Washington. The indigenous tribes that inhabited the area originally believed Cauldron Lake, a lake formed by a caldera of a dead volcano, was a gateway to the underworld.[1] In reality, Cauldron Lake is a Threshold to an alternate dimensional called the Dark Place, inhabited by entities known as the Dark and Bright Presences. The Dark Presence has the ability to possess and manipulate humans, animals, and objects - known as the Taken. Its main goal is to be unleashed upon the world. The Bright Presence is its natural enemy, and the only thing capable of combating it physically. Cauldron Lake itself is a Place of Power that allows the works of art created in its vicinity to shape reality. Due to this power, the Dark Presence manipulates local artists into its bidding by shaping reality in its image through the works of art created in Bright Falls.


What exactly occurred during this event is not known, except that Odin and Tor Anderson, who were previously involved in the 1976 AWE at Bright Falls, were involved.


The Federal Bureau of Control continued to monitor the recurring AWEs of Bright Falls, while also listing Odin and Tor Anderson as persons of interests.