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For the town of Bright Falls, see: Bright Falls

Bright Falls is a 6-part live action mini-series prequel to Alan Wake. The series was announced 22nd April 2010 and the first two episodes were officially released on the Bright Falls Website on 27 April 2010. The series is co-written and directed by Phillip Van.


  • Christopher Forsyth as Jake Fischer, a novelist/journalist who comes to Bright Falls to interview Dr. Hartman about his new book and to get away from his home life for a while.
  • Allison Lange as Ellen Adams, an old colleague of Jake who lives in Bright Falls.
  • Bruce Katzman as Dr. Emil Hartman, he has just written a book, which Jake interviews him about, but has a mysterious side to him.
  • Cooper Huckabee as Sam Smith, the man in charge of the Motel.
  • Liam Moser as Daniel Smith, Sam Smith's son.
  • Robert Peters as Deputy Mulligan, one of the town's deputy sheriffs.
  • Merette Bartles as Rose Marigold, a waitress at the diner, who is also a big fan of Alan Wake, and apparently loves writers, hence being flirtatious with Jake.
  • Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porreta as Alan Wake.  The main protagonist in the Alan Wake game, Ilkka Villi is the actor shown as the character of Alan Wake for live action appearances within the game, while Matthew Porreta is the voice of Alan (both during playable portions of the game and the live action scenes performed by Villi).
  • Emily Peterson as Alice Wake - She is the wife to Alan Wake who goes missing in the Alan Wake game. She too has a cameo appearance in the series.

List of Episodes

The series is based around Jake Fischer, a writer who comes to Bright Falls to get away from home and interview Dr. Emil Hartman. As he stays in Bright Falls, weird things begin to occur which he cannot explain.

  • Episode One: Oh Deer - The series is set before the events of the video game "Alan Wake" and in this episode, Jake arrives in Bright Falls. He begins experiencing weird events starting with hitting a light-sensitive deer on his way to town... - This episode was released 27 April 2010.
  • Episode Two: Time Flies - Jake begins experiencing gaps in his experience of time such as having no memory of writing down things during an interview with Dr. Hartman. - This episode was released 27 April 2010.
  • Episode Three: Lights Out - The next day, Jake wakes up and finds himself in the woods with his hands covered in red mud. He goes to see Ellen for comfort. Meanwhile, strange things are going on at the motel. - This episode was released 4 May 2010.
  • Episode Four: Local Flavor - Jake arrives at the local diner, where a woman seems to be acting crazy, trying to destroy the lights in the street. He then loses track of time while watching a Deerfest commercial, as soon as the buck is shot he has a strange vision, then wakes up in the body bag from ep 1. - This episode was released 11 May 2010.
  • Episode Five: Off the Record - After finding himself in a body bag, Jake heads over to see Dr. Hartman and asks for his help, but when a light is shined in his eyes, he freaks out. He decides to video record himself in order to see what happens when he is no longer conscious. - This episode was released 14 May 2010.
  • Episode Six: Clearcut - Jake starts packing his bags after he realizes what he did during the night. He is questioned by Deputy Mulligan who was looking for the motel owner. As soon as the deputy leaves, Jake rushes to Ellen to ask her to help him get out of the town. - This episode was released 14 May 2010.

Opening Titles

A full summary of the intro of each episode, including the many easter eggs, can be found here.


In an interview with Philip Van with G4, questions were brought up on a possible season two/regular series. He said: "With all my brain and soul, yes. If fans keep on it and there's a constant demand, it may come together. I've been up nights thinking about how the story could progress. The project is personal for all of us involved and I'm attached to these characters and this world. We shot in and around my hometown and you can even find my lovely mom in one of the episodes. It doesn't really get more personal. With any luck, and the continued and awesome support of our fans, we’ll be able to keep going."

Read more here.


  • The actor for Emil Hartman is different than the actor who modeled for the game.
  • The mini-series was shot over a period of a week.


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