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Bright Falls: A History is an in-universe book that depicts the history of the town Bright Falls. It is mentioned within The Alan Wake Files. It contains collective articles about the town, including various instances of "Bigfoot", UFOs as well as shadowy figures.


Quote1 The following article is taken from a larger work, Bright Falls: A History, edited by Conrad Breaker. Copies of the book can be easily located at the town’s library or book store, but this chapter was found among Agent Nightingale’s effects, cut from the book with a razor. When contrasting the content of this chapter to the rest of the fairly benign book, it’s easy to see why it appealed to Nightingale. Quote2
― The Alan Wake Files

Book Topics[]

The full article excerpts can be found on pages 102-113 in "The Alan Wake Files".

Bigfoot, Of Course[]

As with many such towns in real-world lore, Bright Falls was also known to various Sasquatch sightings, the Lummi tribal name for "Bigfoot". These sightings date back centuries, of which Cauldron Lake is known to have had the most across Washington state.

The topic goes into detail about various sightings and footprints left around Cauldron Lake. One of the most prominent sightings was by a man named ""Mountain Mike" Callahan" in 1857. A loud bellowing sound was heard, and Callahan was seen later screaming through the town of Bright Falls. Due to his experience, he never spoke a word up to his death nine months later.

A Dark Cloud[]

This topic goes into detail of a "shadow beast" that could be seen within and around Cauldron Lake.

In 1977 a young couple spotted an "inky dark cloud" hovering above the lake. Although the weather had been clear that night, the dark cloud seemingly caused the area to become stormy. The whole ordeal frightened the couple where they fled the scene. Slightly earlier in 1975 a woman named Ingrid Peterson, saw "a dark brontosaurus-shaped creature" appear from the lake, apparently created from darkness. Her account was largely ignored however due to her alcohol addiction.

The Feathered Serpent[]

Around the years 1978-1979 there were reports of an Aztec like creature, named a Quetzalcoatl. However local tribes around the area egregiously dismissed such reports as "ignorant".

Shadows Everywhere[]

Across all of Bright Falls, there had been various accounts of what locals have described as "Shadow dogs, dark humanoid shapes, black bird-like creatures, even dark versions of plant life enter into the mix of legends". Various townsfolk would find random inanimate objects in the strangest of places, such as in trees or in the middle of the woods, all of which are objects impossible for a person to have carried themselves to place.

Lights in the Sky[]

In summer 1901, before the invention of the airplane and even before electricity was widespread in Bright Falls, many residents claimed to have seen mysterious lights within the treetops. One resident named Tobias Crane even created the painting "Floating Lights over Cauldron Lake" based on what he saw, a painting which ended up in Emil Hartman's private collection of works.

This section also goes into detail on various "illuminated messages" that have been discovered across the town, though the local sheriff's department had no idea to who was leaving such messages. Most accounts of messages found all share the same common thread of seeing a "torch" symbol.

The Scratching Hag of Bright Falls[]

One legend across the town is of the woman named "Granny Claws", a mysterious darkness filled figure that takes the form of an old grandmother to lure in children with a plate of sweets or cookies; she is then known to eat the children. This story was often brought up in the town when a child goes missing. Her house is said to be able to move around, supposedly on "chicken legs".

A Very Attached Couple[]

One incredibly weird phenomena is of a couple named Vern and Norma Bergdale. In 1957, both Vern and Norma apparently died of natural causes at the exact same time on opposite sides of Bright Falls. Private letters from Vern state that an "unsavory bargain" had been made and that "strange forces" were in play. A witness that was with Norma, named Betsy Segerstrom, saw Norma exhale a large black cloud before her death.

The Curious Case of Mr. August[]

A documentary, titled "The August Year" was created by German filmmaker Klaus Sankt about a man named Clark August III. One winter in Bright Falls, August spent it in the forests of the town in a "dirty business suit" as part of a weird experiment. Miraculously August survived the entire winter, though exact details on what he did in that time are unknown. However not long after he mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Many locals put it down to alien abduction, dark spiritual forces or even strange micro-tornados that seem to occur across the town. Sheriff Sarah Breaker stated that there is no physical evidence to claim where he might have disappeared to.