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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Break Rooms are locations found in Alan Wake 2. They act as safe rooms which allow Alan Wake and Saga Anderson to evade enemies, store their items in shoeboxes, and save the game. In the New Game Plus mode The Final Draft, weapons and Charms carried over from the previous run can be found in any Break Room's shoebox.


While the layout of each Break Room is different, they are often relatively small and almost always contain a bright light to protect the player from harm. Each Break Room has a coffee thermos (marked on the map as the "Break Room") where players can save their progress either via a quick save or manual save. A shoebox can also be found, which allows players to store their items to make room in their inventory; all shoeboxes are connected and items placed in one shoebox can be retrieved from any other.

Finally, a mop and black puddle of water (marked on the map as the "Janitor's Bucket") can be found in some Break Rooms, which can be used to switch between Alan's and Saga's stories. An instrumental version of the song "Yötön Yö" plays in Break Rooms with a Janitor's Bucket.

List of Break Rooms[]

Return (Saga Anderson)[]

  • Cauldron Lake
    • Witch's Hut - Only available once power is restored via a nearby generator. It is the first Break Room available.
    • Private Cabin
    • Rental Cabins - Cabin 1.
  • Bright Falls
    • Elderwood Palace Lodge - Only available once Return 3: Local Girl begins.
    • Bunker Woods - In the middle of the woods between downtown Bright Falls and the Valhalla Nursing Home, near the northern bridge.
    • Bunker Woods - In the far southwestern part of Bunker Woods (only available after completing the Valhalla Nursing Home Overlap), west of the Ranger Station.
    • Bright Falls Sheriff Station
      • Lower Floor (Maintenance) - Only available once Return 6: Scratch begins. Does not have a light source until the fusebox in the basement is fixed.
      • Upper Floor (Sheriff Breaker's office) - Only available after completing the encounter with Scratch at the end of Return 6: Scratch. Does not have a shoebox.
    • Valhalla Nursing Home
      • Second Floor (Lounge) - Will not have a light source when the nursing home loses power during Return 5: Old Gods.
      • Basement (Boiler Room) - Does not have a light source until the fusebox inside is fixed.
      • Wellness Center (Dispensary)
  • Watery

Initiation (Alan Wake)[]

  • The Dark Place
    • Northeastern rooftops
    • Northwestern rooftops, found on the way to the Oceanview Hotel.
    • Parliament Tower Plaza - Becomes available after exiting the Subway in Initiation 2: Casey.
  • Talk Show Studio
    • First Floor
      • Green Room
      • Lobby
    • Basement - In the room with the televisions above the Laundry. Only works as a Break Room when the Light Shift is active. During The Final Draft, this shoebox will not contain Alan's weapons when visited the first time.
  • Subway
    • Main Tunnel
      • In a small room to the north near the passage to Caldera St. Station.
      • In a room found on the way out from Shrine St. Station.
    • Abandoned Station - inside the train car.
    • Shrine St. Station - in a room near the start with the three Light Shifts.
  • Oceanview Hotel
    • First Floor (Office)
    • Second Floor
      • Room 225
      • Ballroom - In the northwestern corner.
    • Room 666
  • Poet's Cinema
    • First Floor
      • Lobby - In a Staff Only room to the west.
      • Prop Storage
    • Rooftop (Maintenance Rooms) - In the room opposite the ladder to the Cinema Sign.