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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Even though there are not many clear-cut bosses as of yet in the Alan Wake franchise, this article is a list of all special encounters that act as bosses.

Alan Wake[]

Episode 1: Nightmare[]

Carl Stucky[]

Stucky was the owner of a gas station who was possessed by the Dark Presence. He became a tele-flanker.

Episode 2: Taken[]


Rusty was the Elderwood National Park ranger. After being attacked and injured by Taken, he became a tele-flanker and attacks Alan at the Elderwood Visitor Center.

Bird Swarm[]

A large flock of Taken Birds tried to attack Alan after he came back to the cabin he and Barry rented.

Episode 3: Ransom[]

The Bulldozer[]

A large shadowy bulldozer tried to run over Alan when he arrived at the train depot.

Old Train[]

An old train in Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town broke into two large Poltergeists which attacked Alan when he was on the way to Mirror Peak to meet the kidnapper.

Episode 4: The Truth[]

Nurse Birch[]

Birch was a nurse at the Cauldron Lake Lodge until he was possessed and became an Assault Taken.

The Harvester[]

A large possessed Harvester attacked Alan in the Andersen farm, aided by many Taken.

Episode 6: Departure (Alan Wake)[]

The Crane[]

A large, possessed crane awaits Alan at the end of a long bridge filled with poltergeist objects.

The Second Bulldozer[]

Another Bulldozer attacked Alan when he made his way in Larsen's Auto Salvage.

The Tornado[]

The final form of the Dark Presence was a tornado that stood between Alan and Cauldron Lake. Wake had to face many Poltergeists, Taken and Birds before he could get close enough to damage it using his flare gun.

Special 1: The Signal[]

Deerfest Parade Truck[]

The parade truck broke into several large Poltergeist Objects that Alan had to destroy when he made his way in the twisted version of Bright Falls.

Insane Alan[]

At the end of The Signal, insane Alan is fought in the form of a tv, summoning Taken and Poltergeists to aid him.

Special 2: The Writer[]

Imaginary Emil[]

Imaginary Emil was fought towards the end of The Writer near Bird Leg Cabin, acting as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary Anderson Brothers[]

Imaginary Tor and Odin were fought after destroying Imaginary Emil and act as tele-flankers. They were the only enemies seen wielding guitars.

Imaginary Barry[]

Imaginary Barry is fought after destroying the Imaginary Anderson brothers and Imaginary Emil at the end of The Writer. He appeared three times, twice as assault taken and once as a tele-flanker.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

The Giants[]

The Giants were introduced in Act III and served as the largest enemies in the game. They were limited to key moments and fights, making them more akin to mini-bosses.

Dark Fountains[]

Three large constructs which were summoned by Mr. Scratch to stop Alan from entering the projector room at the Drive-In Thater. They were not capable of attacking on their own, and instead were protected by other Taken. They serve as the final fight of each act in the game.


Control had much clearer bosses, yet this list contains only those which were directly related to the Alan Wake Franchise.


The Third Thing[]

Emil Hartman, who became a taken prior to being detained by the FBC and brought to the Oldest House, became possessed by the Hiss as it invaded the Oldest House. The influences of the two entities stratched Hartman to become a monster often described as "The Third Thing", which Jesse Faden had to face several times when she arrived at the Investigation Sector.

Most encounters consisted of evading him in the dark and turning on the lights to drive him away. When there was nowhere left for him to run, Jesse fought in one last time before killing definitively.

Alan Wake 2[]

Alan Wake 2 has several traditional bosses, mainly in Saga Anderson's story.

Return 2: The Heart[]

Robert Nightingale[]

After hunting Nightingale and following him to the overlap at Witch's Ladle, Saga confronted the former agent who carried a large log as a weapon.

Return 3: Local Girl[]

Mulligan and Thornton[]

After performing the ritual at Coffee World and entering the overlap at Watery, Saga faced Mulligan and Thornton in order to take hold of the Clicker. The deputies had different methods of attack, and took turns fighting Saga who had to destroy the dark spots in the area in order to stop them from being revived upon death.

After all the dark spots were destroyed, both deputies came forth to attack Saga at the same time for a last stand, before being killed for good.

Return 5: Old Gods[]

Cynthia Weaver[]

Cynthia, corrupted by the Dark Presence, dragged Thor Anderson into an overlap at Valhalla Nursing Home in order to stop him from aiding Saga - who later followed the two there. As Saga kept reaching closer to Thor, she had to avoid water sources as Cynthia lurked in them, waiting to a moment to strike.

After getting deeper, Saga faced Cynthia one last time before freeing Thor from the overlap.

Return 6: Scratch[]


After the Alan Saga men turned out to be Scratch, Saga had to face him in the Bright Falls Sheriff Station. Scratch was invulnerable to light and gunfire alike, and those the FBC equipement nerby was the only way to drive him out. However, Sagan needed to activate three power sources, and stun Scratch in order to buy enough time to do so.

When the power was restored, the light drove Scratch away from the area.

Return 7: Summoning[]


After trying to summon Alan Wake from the dark place and realizing the true effects of the ritual, Saga had to face Scratch once again on the shore of Cauldron Lake.

The encounter was overall similar to the previous fight, but Saga had to stun Scratch enough and allow Agent Kiran Estevez to stun him with light as she prepared a trap for him - an FBC containment cell

When Saga put the lights in place, she lured scratch into the cell with her. Estevez turned on the containment equipment, freeing Wake from the dark presence inside of him and banishing scratch, or so it seemed...


Alan Wake[]

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]