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Even though there are no clear-cut bosses as of yet in the Alan Wake franchise this article is a list of all special encounters that act as bosses.

Alan Wake

Episode 1: Nightmare

Taken Stucky

Carl Stucky, the gas station owner is possessed by the Dark Presence and becomes a tele-flanker.

Episode 2: Taken

Taken Rusty

Rusty is the Elderwood National Park ranger, after being attacked and injured by Taken. He becomes a tele-flanker and attacks Alan.

Bird Swarm

A large flock of Taken birds tries to attack you at your renting house.

Episode 3: Ransom (Alan Wake)


A largely shadowy bulldozer tries to run over Alan on the way to the kidnapper in an arena-like area.

Episode 4: The Truth

Taken Birch

Nurse Birch was a nurse at the Cauldron Lake Lodge until he was possessed and became an Assault Taken.


A large possessed thresher attacks Alan on the way to the Andersen farm, aided by many Taken.

Episode 6: Departure (Alan Wake)

The Crane

A large, possessed crane awaits Alan at the end of a long bridge filled with poltergeist objects. It will try to smash and use sweeping attacks with its large motorized bucket.

The Tornado

The final form of the darkness is a tornado summoned by . Nearby along the path is a crate of flare gun ammo. Shoot the flare gun into the tornado and it will die, never mind the things that gyrate around it. Enjoy the end of the story.

Special 1: The Signal

TV Alan

Insane Alan At the end of The Signal insane Alan is fought in the form of a tv.

Special 2: The Writer

Imaginary Barry

Imaginary Barry is fought after destroying the imaginary Anderson brothers and Imaginary Emil at the end of The Writer. He appears three times, twice as assault and once as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary Emil

Imaginary Emil is fought towards the end of The Writer. He acts as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary Tor

Imaginary Tor is fought alongside imaginary Odin after destroying Imaginary Emil, he acts as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary Odin

Imaginary Odin is fought alongside imaginary Tor in The Writer, he and his imaginary brother are the only enemies seen wielding guitars. he acts as a tele-flanker.