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Bird Leg Cabin sits on Diver's Isle in Cauldron Lake. It is named after the topography of the island from a top-down view, as it resembles a bird's footprint.


Bird leg cabin at the beginning of American Nightmare

In the 1970s, the cabin belonged to Thomas Zane and Barbara Jagger, before it was apparently destroyed by a volcanic eruption. In Alan Wake, Alan and Alice Wake come to Bird Leg Cabin on holiday in Bright Falls. The cabin is also featured in the Dark Place during the two Alan Wake DLC episodes. It also appears in Alan Wake's American Nightmare completely destroyed.

Events of Alan Wake



The cabin is a two-story building with a living room and a kitchen on the bottom floor, and upstairs is a bedroom and a study. During Alan and Alice's stay in the cabin, there is a calendar on the wall that reads "July 4th, 1970".


Off to the side of the cabin is an old hut with an old generator that powers all of the cabin's electricity, turning this generator on rewards the achievement Let There Be Light. The cabin has two porches: one in the front, and one in the back, the one in the back has a radio and also leads down to a dock on the island.


  • The Anderson Brothers refer to the Dark Presence as Baba Yaga at one point. Baba Yaga was a witch in Slavic mythology who lived in a wood cabin which stood on chicken's legs.
  • In an early version of the script, Bird Leg Cabin itself stood on giant bird legs and would 'walk' around in the darkness of the night.