Assault rifle


The Assault rifle is a conventional weapon in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It is unlocked after the player collects 20 manuscript pages. It can be found just before the powerhouse at the Drive-In Theater.


"A fully automatic is a great way to make things look like Swiss Cheese. Even the toughest enemies will feel like taking a little nap after you've emptied a full clip into them."


The Assault Rifle is one of two fully automatic two-handed weapons, the other being the combat shotgun. In-game, the Assault Rifle bears a resemblance to the real-world M16A1. The Assault Rifle features a 25 round magazine, a high rate of fire, and a medium reload speed. The Assault Rifle deals decent damage per shot allowing the damage per second stat of the weapon to be pretty good. Firing a full magazine into an enemy will usually prove fatal, except in the case of the Giants. The Assault Rifle is a solid choice for a two-handed weapon, but will probably have to be supported by a one-handed weapon as the high rate of fire will make for frequent reloads.


The Assault Rifle is first found in a weapon's case at the Drive-In just after passing through the car park and before reaching the power station (right after Mr. Scratch taunts you for the second time) and requires 20 manuscript pages to unlock.

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