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Andy was a Deputy Sheriff who appears in Alan Wake.


Andy was part of the original team of deputies at the orders of FBI Agent Robert Nightingale when he first tried to arrest Alan Wake at Sparkling River Estates.

Summoned by Paul Randolph after Alan and Barry Wheeler had spent too long a time inside Rose's trailer, Andy can be seen as one of the deputy sheriffs officers who responded to the call. Also with them was Nightingale, who was expecting to arrest Wake earlier that day. However, when Wake vanished and turned up again at the trailer park, it gave the rogue FBI agent the excuse he needed to bring a team of deputies there to finally take Alan into custody.

When Alan fled as he was confronted by the unstable, half-drunk, Nightingale, the deputies, under the command of Deputy Thornton, opened fire on him at Nightingale's urging. However, they almost shot Randolph in the process. Sheriff Sarah Breaker attempted to call them off the chase, but Nightingale threatened to take their jobs if they didn't listen to him. A reluctant Andy and his team were thus forced to grab their flashlights and flares, setting off into the woods after the fleeing Wake with Nightingale in tow. Two other teams of deputies also scoured the area around the trailer park in their squad cars. Wake eventually outdistanced the deputies, who fired on him repeatedly due to Deputy Janes reporting that the suspect was probably armed and dangerous.

However, Andy and his team were soon isolated from the other deputies and Nightingale. While they thrashed around the forest, guns drawn, they paused only briefly to get the department bloodhounds on the chase to pick up Wake's trail. It should be noted that Andy or one of his team used up a number of flares at this point in hopes of finding Wake in the dark.

Shortly after the flares were fired, a police helicopter came to search the nearby mountainside for any sign of Wake. As it turns out, Alan had reached the mountain; Andy and his colleagues were on the wrong track by looking about in the valley below. One of the deputies with Andy's team apparently had a bullhorn, because he could be heard barking orders to his friends through the trees.

As Wake continued his escape, the team apparently located something they believed was Wake and rushed through the forest in pursuit. However, what they encountered or disturbed was not the writer they were in search of. In fact, it proved to be an element of the Dark Presence, which retaliated with an earthquake.

As the unseen darkness attacked the deputies, Andy gave orders to fire. The deputies unloaded their sidearms into their unknown assailant, but it continued on, unaffected by their bullets. The entire forest became a deathtrap, with all of the deputies' flashlights being snuffed by the living shadows around them. As the trees shook, Andy and his colleagues were heard screaming that it was not stopping and ran back towards the safety of the trailer park. One of them also attempted to call for backup on his radio, but his pleas for help were either ignored or went unanswered. As they tried to coordinate themselves, one of the deputies looked for Andy. What exactly happened next is unknown, but through the speech of the confused officers it is clear that the Dark Presence spirited Andy away, apparently possessing him and turning him into a Taken. As they tried to flee from their maddened friend, the remaining deputies were either killed or possessed themselves. One of their squad cars was later found by Wake, deposited on the side of a nearby cliff by the force of the living darkness.

Filled with remorse over the deputies' fate, Alan later remarked, "This horror was everywhere I went, circling me. The cops didn't stand a chance. They were after a writer, not a monster". In the novel, it is revealed that Wake stood watching the lights of Andy's team swaying in the valley as they ran, and the muzzle flashes from their revolvers. He knew they didn't stand a chance and that there was nothing he could do.

When FBI Agent Nightingale tried to regain contact with the doomed team, he got the Sheriff on the line instead. The agent was enraged at the failure of Andy and his colleagues, calling them 'incompetents'. He then blamed their deaths on Wake, claiming it was Alan's doing, somehow. Sheriff Sarah Breaker refused to believe him. She observed that there was no report of Wake even having a gun and that one writer could not have taken out all of Andy's armed team. Nightingale was insistent, he claimed that no one could have done it but Wake. He also dismissed any other theories about their fate as 'Bigfoot nonsense'.

Safe from the Taken on the ground, the police helicopter finally searched out Wake on the mountain and continued the chase. However, a flock of Taken ravens then swarmed at the chopper, forcing the deputies to retreat before jamming the blades and sending the craft crashing into the woods, where it exploded and killed its occupants.

The Taken Andy and his team were presumptuously among the possessed deputies who attacked Wake later on his way to the nearby radio station to seek help from Pat Maine.

Quotes from Andy and his team[]

  • "Move out!"
  • "Search the area!"
  • "Stay sharp!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "This way!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Who's there?"
  • "What is that?!"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Shoot it! Shoot...!"
  • "Aaah! It's not stopping!"
  • "RUN!"
  • Oh God, help me! Help me!" (Presumed to be Andy)
  • "Hang on, Hang on! Andy, it's....ANDY!"
  • "Run! Run! Aaaah!"
  • "No, please!"
  • "Get away--Arrggh! No...
  • SIR?!