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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Anderson Farm is a location appearing in Alan Wake. Which is owned by the Anderson Brothers. It's also known as Valhalla.


The Anderson Brothers came here in the 70's to take a break from the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. They built a rather extravagant stage fitted with viking paraphernalia including a dragon's head that served as the lead singer's spotlight. Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler use the stage lights and fireworks on the stage to fend off the Taken. They stored most of their bigger viking items in a barn, like a real viking longboat. The house is also covered with viking things like shields and flags. In front of the house, a sign hangs over the gate saying "Valhalla". The living room is also fitted with a stage and a few instruments still remain at the house. The farm was then taken care of by Walter Snyder by an unspecified amount of time.

Alan Wake (Game)[]

In Episode 4: The Truth, Alan and Barry go to the farm to find the message the Andersons left behind in a recording of "The Poet and The Muse". They also get ambushed at the stage and must use the supplies there along with the stage lights and pyrotechnics in order to fend off the Taken to the tune of "Children of the Elder God". Alan also confronts a poltergeist controlled combine harvester after entering the field just before the Anderson house.


The general appearance of the Anderson Farm consists of an assortment of barns, paddocks and farming equipment scattered across a large area. Most of the equipment is old and rundown.


  • Odin and Tor retired to their farm after Balder's death in 1980.
  • The original mock website for the band[1] includes a comment from a fan who mentions visiting the farm with friends in 2003 only to find it run-down, and were confronted by a mean-looking man who told them the Andersons were seeing their doctor and didn't want to meet anyone.
  • It's hinted in a manuscript page that the Anderson brothers manage to escape the Lodge quite frequently due to signs of habitation within the house which indicate someone living there.
  • When you first drop down in the field, go past the windmill and then behind the building on the left. Near the rock wall at the very back, you will find three wooden crosses. If Alan gets close to them, the darkness will possess the skeletons inside and attack.