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Quote1 I found a strange lunchbox. Who left this here? I should keep an eye out for others. Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Alex Casey Lunchboxes are collectibles exclusive to Saga Anderson's story within Alan Wake 2. Lunchboxes contain Manuscript Fragments, which can be assembled into weapon upgrades in the Mind Place.


Saga may come across concealed Alex Casey movie lunchboxes during her explorations in the woods and downtown areas of Bright Falls, Watery, and Cauldron Lake. Each location is marked with knitted ornaments and painted rocks arranged on the ground and suspended from trees and signs nearby.

Inside are manuscript page fragments, alongside a message affixed to the inside of the lid. These messages can be inspirational notes, positive aspirations, and occasional excerpts from the writer's fan fiction. Notably, there are recurring references to the "story" and the "Hero."

Once Saga's story takes her to the Valhalla Nursing Home, she can learn that Rose Marigold has been leaving the lunchboxes as a means of stashing supplies for the "Hero" (and herself) to aid in the battle against the Taken for Alan Wake.

Through a dream, Rose learned of Saga's fondness for knitwear and has been using nursing home resident Mandy-May to make knitwear to help guide the hero toward the secret stashes.[1] Meeting Mandy-May, and making a visit to her room, will reveal knitwear in the same design and creations that match those found nearby the lunchboxes.

Case Board[]

The Case Board for Alex Casey Lunchboxes can be found here.


There are 21 Alex Casey Lunchboxes to find during Saga's story. Some lunch boxes are only accessible after finding bolt cutters in Old Gods. Lunchboxes can be found anytime by revisiting an area before the point of no return.

Cauldron Lake Lunchboxes[]

Cauldron Lake has 8 Alex Casey Lunchboxes, and 36 Manuscript Fragments. 5 can be collected during Invitation, 2 during The Heart, and 1 after finding bolt cutters in Old Gods.

Lunchbox Chapter Location Manuscript Fragment(s) Message
CL Lunchbox 1
CL Lunchbox #1
Near the waterfall viewing area, off main path down to Cauldron Lake.
My dad used to say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
Not sure where the tough get going to, but maybe you'll find it inspiring.
CL Lunchbox 2
CL Lunchbox #2
North of the General Store, near the landslide where the road is blocked off.
Remember it's just a bad day, not a bad life.
But if you're having a good day, ignore this whole thing.
CL Lunchbox 3
CL Lunchbox #3
Campground, southwest of the General Store.
How do you like the knitting, hero?
I had it made just for you!
CL Lunchbox 4
CL Lunchbox #4
Near the Witch's Hut, where the fuse is found.
I know things can get a little crazy around here, but if you're ever feeling scared just remember that ALAN is watching over us.
CL Lunchbox 5
CL Lunchbox #5
FBC Monitoring Station, on a ledge behind the building.
We're all in this together, hero!
Have a heroic day!
CL Lunchbox 6
CL Lunchbox #6
The Heart
Northeast of Witchfinder’s Station, outside the cabin.
Obviously you're going to succeed, or else you wouldn't be the hero! Duh!
CL Lunchbox 7
CL Lunchbox #7
The Heart
At the bottom of the waterfall, follow the stream north.
I looked down at the rippling water. The moonlight danced over each and every little wave, a marching band of shimmering light. Lonely and cold, I hugged myself and sighed. I thought of him.
Then the surface of the lake calmed and, like a spectral surprise, he was there. His face, smiling at me, reflected in the water. I looked up, not daring to believe it was true. But it was true. He was there. My love. My savior. My writer.
CL Lunchbox 8
CL Lunchbox #8
Old Gods
Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins, inside Cabin #2 (Boltcutters Required)
His hair was longer than I remembered, blowing gently in the cool night breeze. I put my hand to his cheek, to confirm that he was indeed real. And he was. He was real. Feeling his hansoms beard, wild but neatly trimmed, beneath my fingers proved it.
"You're back," I breathed.
"Yes. I'm back."
I wasn't cold any longer.

Watery Lunchboxes[]

Watery has 6 Alex Casey Lunchboxes, and 43 Manuscript Fragments. All 6 Lunchboxes can be collected during Local Girl.

Lunchbox Chapter Location Manuscript Fragment(s) Message
W Lunchbox 1
W Lunchbox #1
Local Girl
Next to the Radio Tower outside Watery.
I lowered my rifle. Standing on the car's roof, I looked out at the carnage. The zombies had almost won but luckily I was here. Heros are sometimes the people we least expected them to be. Now my town was finally safe, thanks to me. I slung the hot piece of iron over my shoulder one more time, hopefully for the last time. The townspeople, cautiously emerging from the hiding places, surveyed the same carnage I saw and cheered my name and I waved and then cheered again. Now I could finally get back to my quiet, unassuming life reading books and gardening and fiber crafts and being the world's top mycology expert.
Suddenly a hand seized my wrist. I looked into the eyes of the sweet, sensitive writer I had known since childhood. A smile spread across his beautiful kind face and I felt at peace for the first time since the zombies had first emerged.
"You did it! I knew you could! Now we can live in peace together, for the rest of our days!"
W Lunchbox 2
W Lunchbox #2
Local Girl
On route to Coffee World, at a small campsite before entering the park.
Hi, hero. I think a few pieces of paper from my private fanfiction project got mixed into some of these stashes, but I don't know which ones.
I posted some online and they're getting pretty good reviews, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't read them.
It's a privacy thing.
W Lunchbox 3
W Lunchbox #3
Local Girl
Coffee World parking lot, inside the right of the two coffee jugs at the southern entrance.
You can do anything you put your mind to, HERO!
So long as what you put your mind to is part of the story.
W Lunchbox 4
W Lunchbox #4
Local Girl
Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park, behind the swing set.
You can overcome ADVERSITY and achieve your GOALS!
W Lunchbox 5
W Lunchbox #5
Local Girl
Behind the Kalevala Knights Workshop, in between two boats.
It must be SO EXCITING to be the story's hero.
Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. I wish I could be the protagonist of something.
W Lunchbox 6
W Lunchbox #6
Local Girl
Near the Watery Lighthouse, next to the stairs outside the Break Room.
But then, almost at the same time but not quite, another hand grabbed my other wrist. It was my childhood friend's estranged twin brother, a rugged ex-solider who'd helped me fight back the zombie horde, with his chiseled jaw and smoldering eyes and worn leather jacket. My heart fluttered like a small bird against its cage.
"Ignore him, babe. You know I'm who you want."
The sensitive friend I had cared for all my life, or the intense warrior I had known for one harrowing day? How am I ever going to choose? The zombies were easier than this!

Bright Falls Lunchboxes[]

Bright Falls has 7 Alex Casey Lunchboxes, and 49 Manuscript Fragments. 1 can be collected during Invitation. The other 5 can be collected during Old Gods.

Lunchbox Chapter Location Manuscript Fragment(s) Message
BF Lunchbox 1
BF Lunchbox #1
Downtown inside the park, at the base of a tree.
You wouldn't BELIEVE how hard it was to track down these lunchboxes.
Thank GOODNESS for the internet!
BF Lunchbox 2
BF Lunchbox #2
Old Gods
Off the main path to the nursing home, after the bridge, near where the path branches south.
Just then, I suddenly slammed into something that felt like a sturdy well-built brick wall. I almost fell, but a strong arm grabbed me by the waist. I hardly knew what was happening. A voice reached through my confused, frightened haze like an outstretched hand. A gruff, manly voice. The deep, reassuring voice reassured me.
"Don't you worry, miss. I've got this."
I looked up just in time to see the monster barreling through the forest at us. Just then, a blast! The monster went down like an elderly person who had lost their cane. I looked up at my savior and saw a handsome face with dark hair. He wore a stylish tweed jacket and held up a smoking pistol.
"Looks like I got here just in time," he said. He smiled at me and my heart fluttered like a bird.
I'll say, I thought myself.
BF Lunchbox 3
BF Lunchbox #3
Old Gods
Valhalla Nursing Home, on a desk in the first floor office.
You are strong!
You are successful!
You are confident!
BF Lunchbox 4
BF Lunchbox #4
Old Gods
West of the nursing home, in the middle of two paths heading south.
Don't pretend to be anyone or anything besides who you are!
BF Lunchbox 5
BF Lunchbox #5
Old Gods
Northeast of the Ranger Station, on the middle of three paths returning downtown.
I was going to leave you some cookies but I was worried an animal would get into them, so I didn't...
But it's the thought that counts, right?
BF Lunchbox 6
BF Lunchbox #6
Old Gods
Off the beach, before the main path goes back across the stream to the boat yard.
Remember that the story won't let anything bad happen to us!
Unless it's good for drama.
BF Lunchbox 7
BF Lunchbox #7
Old Gods
Billie’s Boat Yard, near the southern entrance.
The woods were dark. I held my breath. I could hear heavy footsteps out among the trees. I was scared. My heart beat in my chest like a small bird fluttering against its cage. I shivered. I was cold too.
I saw a shape emerge from the trees. It was a menacing, large shape. A bad shape. It looked at me with evil, glowing yeses. I gasped. No! It had seen me! It growled and lurched towards me. I ran. I ran and ran and ran until running became too hard to do. I couldn't run anymore. So I stopped running.
I could feel the monster's hot breath on my neck. I was too afraid to turn around. It was about to get me. I was a goner, for sure. I ran again. I had never been so scared, not ever. This was the end. I wished someone, anyone, would come to save me.


  • A Cult Stash in Watery (#1 on Wiki page) describes finding a dead Taken next to a lunchbox and "weird knitting."


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