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Closed Case Casey poster

The Alex Casey film series is a film series adaptation of the Alex Casey novels by Alan Wake. It supposedly stars Sam Lake as Alex Casey.


Real world[]

The Alex Casey novels are centered on New York City detective Alex Casey (drawn from the real FBI agent Alex Casey, unbeknownst to Alan). Sometime after Alan's disappearance, discussions began in Hollywood to adapt the novels into movies, and Barry Wheeler, as the manager of Alan Wake's business affairs, has been working at Hollywood managing the series rights since at least 2021. Alan was very vocal against adaptations of his works which did not "do justice" to his vision, and Barry has spent his time in Hollywood trying to fight towards more faithful adaptations of the series. As of at least May 2023, he is serving as an executive producer on the project.

It is uncertain how many Alex Casey movies have been made. According to FBC supervisor Frederick Langston, a movie adaptation of The Sudden Stop premiered on October 29, 2019 (the same day as the Hiss invasion of the FBC's headquarters). Langston also says that the actor for Alex Casey "doesn't have enough gravel in his voice."

Dark Place[]

A fictionalized version of the Alex Casey film series exists in the Dark Place version of New York City. The series features actor Sam Lake as Alex Casey, and the most recent film, as introduced by Mr. Door on In Between With Mr. Door, is Murder Case Casey. The following monologue from the film is shown on the talk show:

Quote1 This city was an old scar that refused to heal. The rain made it fester. It needed the sun, but there was only the night. I was tired. Insomnia covered me like a plastic film. I was watching the world through a rain slick window, my own reflection haunting the view. I was trying to track down a missing writer. My only clue was a table lamp shaped like an angel, the only thing to shed light on this sordid mystery. Quote2
― Alex Casey


The fictional Dark Place version of the series is known to contain six films, order unknown. A snippet of a Casey monologue from each film can be heard via billboard echoes in the Dark Place.

  • Closed Case Casey
    • This city will suck you dry if you stay here for too long.  You'll end up a lost soul haunting the streets and alleys, a faded-out shadow, glimpsed by some other poor bastard on his way toward the same fate.  Your broken dreams become a broken mirror, and the twisted reflection- staring back at you with all the pent up anger, regret, guilt, and shame- was the monster you could never get away from.
  • Cold Case Casey
    • The rain tried to wash away the sins of this city.  But some sins, the evidence of the crimes committed, could never be erased.  Not by the rain.  Or any amount of therapy from Dr. Jack Daniels.  It remained, bruises under my skin like tattoos.  Bruises in my soul.  Scar tissue on my heart.  The rain never stopped falling.  And I never stopped drinking.
  • Final Case Casey
    • You dream of calling it quits.  Making a clean break.  Retiring.  Escaping.  Leaving all this sordid misery and terror behind.  Getting in a car and driving till you see the sunrise, somewhere where the sun still rises.  Settling down, buying a house.  Fixing it up.  Building a life.  Finding someone.  It's a fool's dream.  It would all go bad.  And having let hope in, it would be unbearably worse than this.  You can take the man out of the city.  But you can never take the city out of the man.
  • Hard Case Casey
    • The city was a monster, poised to tear into you the second you let your guard down.  You thought you had it tamed, that you knew what the hell you were doing.  Your last mistake, unless you got lucky.  And you didn't deserve to get lucky.  You blinked at the wrong time, let your mind wander- and the fire escape that was meant to be your getaway route was gone, was never there at all, you'd gotten turned around somewhere along the way.  The city was coming to finish you off and there was nowhere left to run.
  • Murder Case Casey
    • They say God made us in his image.  Just like us, he is an uncaring, cruel son of a bitch.  Having made it in heaven, he doesn't want us there- dirtying up all that nice white upholstery.  And he doesn't want to reach down to help us, he gets his kicks just binge watching us struggling, hurting, killing, dying- screwing it up again and again.  Lazily stirring it up when things threaten to get too placid.  This city is only here to satisfy his sick voyeuristic pleasure.
  • Worst Case Casey
    • Something kept me going.  A broken man, no hope, no prospects.  No love.  To stubborn to die.  Like a cock roach with a misguided sense of honor and justice- in a city where there can never be justice.


The Alex Casey movies were first mentioned by Frederick Langston in Control, as well as in AWE.