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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Alarm Clocks are a type of collectibles in the The Signal. There are ten total in the episode and all are required to gain the achievement Tick Tock.


  • Alarm Clock (1/10)

In the kitchen of the Oh Deer Diner, behind the Staff Only door. You can only reach the clock after a Taken knocks down the door.

  • Alarm Clock (2/10)

You can hear this alarm clock when entering the playground. After fighting off the possessed play equipment, you can grab this clock from a chair next to the fallen trees near the entrance.

  • Alarm Clock (3/10)

In the church basement with the blast furnaces. From where you enter down the broken stairs, it is behind you and you will have to go around the furnaces to find it on an armchair. When I went for it, a Taken tried to take me by surprise, so be careful.

  • Alarm Clock (4/10)

When you are introduced to the floating ‘boom!’ and ‘fireworks’ words you will be sent into the woods with a decent amount of Taken coming after you. There is a TV, announcing an attack, just before a forked path. Taking either side will lead you to a broken train cart by a set of train tracks, with the alarm clock poking out of its side.

  • Alarm Clock (5/10)

On your way to the sawmill just past the above clock there is the floating word ‘turret’. Focusing your light on this creates a floodlight, pointed at a small tent with three floating ‘boom!’ words in it. Turn on the light, wait for the explosions and check the tent for this clock.

  • Alarm Clock (6/10)

You will come to an area filled with light poles that turn on and off spontaneously. At the first enemy encounter (Taken spawn rather rapidly here, so be careful), hug the wall on the left and follow it to a small cliff edge. There should be a gap between two broken fence pieces. This is where you will find the alarm clock.

  • Alarm Clock (7/10)

In the first section where vehicles are available (labeled ‘wheels’) head straight from where you entered the area. There is an alarm clock on a vertical pole near a shed and a set of wheels.

  • Alarm Clock (8/10)

You will come to a lake area and walk underneath a dock, where Insane Alan on a TV will announce you've walked into a trap. After fending off the enemies, continue on and spawn a ladder, climb up and turn around. Walk to the edge of the dock and the alarm clock will be sitting on the right.

  • Alarm Clock (9/10)

Moving ahead from above, you will come to a small maze of pallets and crates, accompanied by the lovely sound of a chainsaw. Take care of the Taken here and head to the far right corner for an alarm clock by the fence.

  • Alarm Clock (10/10)

You can hear the final alarm clock ticking away as you walk out of the room with the memory of Alan’s photo shoot. The clock is inside Alan’s study, on an armchair by the door.


  • This is possibly an item to try and wake Alan from his imagination.
  • It could be that they are like a call out in the darkness telling him he is on course or that he is late or running out of time.
  • There's a small chance for some clocks to not spawn. If this occurs, the player can simply load the last checkpoint and the clock should spawn in its rightful place.