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Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an action thriller third-person shooter video game created by Remedy Entertainment, developer of critically acclaimed action-adventure video game series Max Payne. It follows the titular character, Alan Wake as he arrives in Bright Falls with his wife, Alice. However she soon goes missing, and now it's up to Alan to try and find her. But stopping him along the way is a mysterious dark presence. To defeat it and find his wife, he'll need to trek across Bright Falls, using light sources to keep himself safe from the dark.

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The Alan Wake Files is a book that originally came with the Limited Collectors Edition of the Xbox 360 version and was compiled by the writer Clay Steward.

Presumably, defined by the story; Clay Steward had in fact had been having strange dreams/nightmares that involved Alan Wake in them. He soon proceeded to contact Alan Wake and told him about it. After this, Clay Steward had immediately proceeded to write an autobiographical-type book specifically about his strange dreams and had included parts related to it and parts that happened in the dream/nightmare. He also wrote some parts in the book about Alan Wake himself, the main man behind his weird, crazy, fantastical dream. Read more...

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Kranitoko Kranitoko 4 April

Alan Wake Remastered - 100% Achievement & Trophy Walkthrough

For a little while now I have been creating a video walkthrough to help new players earn 100% of all achievements/trophies in Alan Wake Remastered, and more importantly to tie it within this Wiki.

Please find the walkthrough below:

  • Episode 1:
  • Episode 2:…
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Kranitoko Kranitoko 10 December 2021

Alan Wake II Officially Announced

At The Game Awards 2021 Alan Wake II was officially announced for a 2023 release.

It is set to be Remedy's first Survival-Horror experience and is to be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC through the Epic Games Store. More information on the game will be revealed in Summer 2022, rum…

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