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Alan Wake Bonus Materials is a set of bonus features that was added to the PC (Steam) version of Alan Wake on the 17 December 2013.


  • Bonus videos
    Early demo videos, making of documentaries, the story of Remedy, Balance Slays the Demon music video and a clip from the Harry Garrett Show.
  • Visual exploration
    Alan Wake's visual identity guidelines, concept art, production photos, high resolution wallpapers and printable cardboard cutout characters.
  • Graphic novels
    Two graphic novels set in the world of Alan Wake titled Night Springs and Psycho Thriller, with stories by Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti.
  • Note by note
    The soundtrack of Alan Wake's American Nightmare and sheet music of Alan Wake, both composed by Petri Alanko.
  • Lost pages
    The complete Alan Wake screenplay and also scripts of The Writer and The Signal, narrations, Mr. Scratch videos, radio shows and manuscript pages.