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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Alan Wake 2 contains many songs from a variety of different artists. Below are all the songs found in the game.

Alan Wake 2[]

Original Score[]

AW2 Soundtrack

The score is composed by Petri Alanko. It was officially released on May 14, 2024 (the 14th anniversary of the first Alan Wake game). The soundtrack also contains songs performed by Poe and Martti Suosalo.

Track Artist Name of Song Length
1 Petri Alanko Vertical Reflections 1:50
2 Petri Alanko Slaughtering a Nightingale 1:36
3 Petri Alanko Driving to the Spot 2:39
4 Poe This Road (The Mirror is a Trap) 1:43
5 Petri Alanko Manuscript Page 1:14
6 Petri Alanko Plotboard, Alleys and a Few Dead Bodies 6:23
7 Petri Alanko Driving Around Washington State 2:41
8 Petri Alanko Writer's Writings 3:50
9 Poe This Road (The Dark Chamber) 2:47
10 Petri Alanko Nightingale Wakes Up 2:47
11 Petri Alanko Saga 1:43
12 Petri Alanko Rose 1:30
13 Petri Alanko A Ritual and An Appearance 3:17
14 Petri Alanko Bathtub 1:45
15 Petri Alanko Evil is Contagious 2:48
16 Petri Alanko Cult Photo 2:10
17 Petri Alanko Them Three 2:12
18 Petri Alanko Wake Talks 3:57
19 Petri Alanko The Attack, a Ceiling Fan and Lots of Blood 4:32
20 Petri Alanko Wake Shoots Casey 1:53
21 Petri Alanko Tor and the Pond 3:02
22 Petri Alanko Wake Shoots Wake, Scratch Scores aAn Escape 3:15
23 Petri Alanko FBC Arrives 2:02
24 Poe This Road (Falling Apart) 1:01
25 Petri Alanko Into the Static 2:46
26 Petri Alanko Last Straws 2:57
27 Petri Alanko Just Driving 3:51
28 Petri Alanko Zane 6:46
29 Poe This Road (The Beginning) 2:04
30 Petri Alanko The End(s)? 4:46
31 Petri Alanko and Martii Suosalo Yötön Yö 4:09
32 Petri Alanko End Credits - Welcome Again to Bright Falls 3:15
33 Petri Alanko End Credits - Awash Unknown 2:29
34 Petri Alanko End Credits - Scary Suite 10:53
35 Petri Alanko Ballroom Jazzy Flyboys Inc. 2:16

Chapter Songs[]

Remedy collaborated with numerous Scandinavian artists to create original songs for the game. Seven of these songs appear on the Chapter Songs album, Poe's songs appear on the official score, whilst the remaining songs appear on the Old Gods of Asgard Rebirth album.

Chapter Artist Name of Song Year Released Length
Return 1: Invitation RAKEL Follow You Into The Dark 2023 3:40
Return 2: The Heart Jaimes Wide Awake 2023 2:58
Return 3: Local Girl Mougleta Superhero 2023 3:52
Return 4: No Chance Jean Castel Lost at Sea 2023 2:06
Return 5: Old Gods Old Gods of Asgard Anger's Remorse 2023 5:46
Return 6: Scratch Paleface Dark, Twisted and Cruel 2023 2:27
Return 7: Summoning Old Gods of Asgard Dark Ocean Summoning 2023 6:18
Return 8: Deerfest ROOS + BERG No One Left to Love 2023 3:45
Return 9: Come Home PJ Harvey Prayer at the Gate 2023 4:14
Initiation 1: Late Night through Initiation 9: Gone* Poe This Road 2023 9:32
End Credits Poets of the Fall Heroes and Villains 2022 5:10
  • The song "This Road" is broken down and certain sections of it are played at the end of the Initiation parts.


The below song was created for Alan Wake 2 but is not yet found within the game. It is confirmed to be for the Night Springs expansion.

Chapter Artist Name of Song Year Released Length
TBA Kiera Night Springs 2023 2:11