Alan Wake (Season 1) are all the episodes in Alan Wake.

The season starts out with Alan having a nightmare about a character from a story he was planing to write, when he wakes up, he is on a ferry with his wife and they just started their vacation at a small town named Bright Falls.


Episode 1: Nightmare

Alice mysteriously disappears and Alan suddenly wakes up in a crashed car. He makes his way toward a Gas station, hoping to find a phone. On his way he encounters shadow-like men.

Episode 2: Taken

While at the police station, Alan is called by a man claiming to have his wife. Barry, his agent, joins up and together they rent a cabin in the woods. Soon Alan starts to pursue the kidnapper.

Episode 3: Ransom

Alan and Barry are being tricked by Rose, to drink coffee laced with a tranquilizer. When Alan wakes up, he is confronted by Agent Nightingale. He has no other choice, than to once again flee into the woods.

Episode 4: The Truth

Alan wakes up in a mental institution, where the head doctor tries to convince him nothing from the past few days were real. Alan meets the Andersons they tell him it's a lie and he and Barry escape and head toward the Anderson farm, to find answers.

Episode 5: The Clicker

As Alan and Barry wake up in a cell in the local sheriff's office the sheriff lets them out when she finds out about the shadows. Knowing they need to find the so called "lady of the light" that's the exact thing they do.

Episode 6: Departure

With his newest weapon Alan makes his way toward Cauldron Lake where he will put an end to the evil.

Special 1: The Signal

After setting Alice free, Alan himself is now trapped in the Dark Place. A friend tries to help him out of this situation but Alan finds it hard to make out the right direction.

Special 2: The Writer

Now that Alan has reached Zane, he can now much easier give him directions and clues, as he heads for his next goal, a lighthouse.