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A little heavy on the metaphors, maybe.
This article, whilst considered part of the Alan Wake franchise, is from media that may be considered non-canon to the wider narrative, and may also contain spoilers.
This article, Alan Wake (Novel) is for the book by Rick Burroughs. You may be looking for Alan Wake or Alan Wake video game.
Alan Wake novel

The Alan Wake novel

Alan Wake is a novel by Rick Burroughs, based on the Alan Wake video game. It was released May 25th, 2010.


The plot matches that of Alan Wake video game, though differs from the source material from time to time and is considered non-canon.

Back Cover Blurb[]

"Welcome to Bright Falls a seemingly idyllic small town in the Pacific Northwest.

The perfect place for Alan Wake, a bestselling crime novelist and his wife, Alice to relax for a few weeks. Maybe a second honeymoon and the fresh air will cure Wake of his writer's block.

But when Alice goes missing under mysterious circumstances, Wake's desperate search for her leads him into a hell only he could imagine.

In the depths of nearby Cauldron Lake, a dark and malevolent presence has awakened from a long slumber. It's reaching out now, turning the townsfolk into mindless killers. Sheathed in shadows, vulnerable only to light, they are Taken.

Wake's journey will lead him to the very edge of madness, and deep within the dark woods, he will come face-to-face with a story he apparently wrote but has no recollection of writing."

Differences from the Game[]

  • On the ferry to Bright Falls, Ben Mott is staring at the couple, which is noticed by Alice. "There's the creepiest guy watching us", she says. Alan walks towards Mott challenged, asking if he had a problem, but Alice steers him back to their car. This is a perfect example of Alan's bad temper.
  • On their way to the cabin, Alan and Alice stop off to see what they think is a UFO in the woods. It ends up being a car with a tree going through the middle of it, as if it had been dropped there.
  • Alan leaves a note on the car windshield after waking up.
  • There is more information on FBI Agent Robert Nightingale's past.
  • The Anderson Brothers have more prominent roles.
  • On the way to The Well-Lit Room, Cynthia Weaver makes a reference to Alan and Tom looking alike “You look a lot like my Tom, Mr. Wake, ” said Weaver, shuffling forward, their footsteps echoing. “Perhaps that’s because you’re both writers.”
  • The ending is different: Alice washes up on the shore and is met there by Sheriff Sarah Breaker, who seems to be expecting her. Alice cries as she tells Breaker she doesn't think Alan is coming back. She then thinks she can hear Alan say "It's not a lake, it's an ocean".
  • Alan doesn't encounter Walter Snyder on the way to the Anderson farm.
  • On the way to the gas station, Alan mentions seeing the hunter that was murdered as one of the Taken.
  • There are manuscript pages in between chapters that aren't seen in the game.
  • During the Night life in Bright Falls section, Sheriff Breaker is forced to kill someone she knows because they have been turned into a Taken.


  • On the cover, Alice's face can be seen amongst the ripples in the lake (beneath Alan's reflection).
  • On the cover, reflections in the lake look like trees, but are actually Taken.
  • There is a typo where Barry Wheeler introduces himself as, "Barry Weaver".