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Alan Wake's American Nightmare soundtrack made of both licensed and original music like that of Alan Wake.

Licensed MusicEdit

There are two licensed songs in the game:

Original MusicEdit


Petri Alanko composed the score once again for this game. Only this time, he working on this in his spare time.

Track No. Name of Song Length
1 So Cold His Heart 2:19
2 My Eyes Or His 2:03
3 Revenge In My Arms Again 2:23
4 American Nightmares (The Theme) 1:51
5 Nailgun, Pistol, Shotgun, ANYTHING 1:43
6 Spiders 2:15
7 My Evil Thoughts 2:34
8 Itching 1:12
9 American Nightmares (The Demo) 0:53
10 Emma 1:34
11 Rachel 1:40
12 Serena 2:32
13 Funny How Things They Turn 3:46


Alan Wake's American Nightmare FULL SOUNDTRACK

Alan Wake's American Nightmare FULL SOUNDTRACK

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