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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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For the achievements in Alan Wake, The Signal and The Writer, see Alan Wake Achievements.

These are achievements that can be earned in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

The game consists of 12 achievements, all worth 200G in total on the Xbox 360 version. The Steam and Epic Game Store versions have no score, though achievements are still earned.

Main Game[]

Icon Achievement Description Points
Escape Escape! Escape the Taken to the motel. 10G
Rewrite Rewrite Rewrite reality for the first time. 10G
Cool It Cool It Make sure Dr. Rachel Meadows can take another look at the skies. 20G
Happy Ending Happy Ending Rewrite reality for the last time. 25G
Glorious Dawn Glorious Dawn Survive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level. 10G
Poetry in Motion Poetry in Motion Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level. 20G
Enter the Nightmare Enter the Nightmare Unlock all of the Nightmare Arcade Mode levels. 10G
Skill Beats Gun Skill Beats Gun Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares. 10G
Survivor Survivor Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level. 30G
Split Splat Split Splat! Take out two Splitter spawns with a single shot. 15G
One Day I'll Buy a Stapler One Day I'll Buy a Stapler Find all of the manuscript pages. 20G
Pile 'Em High Pile 'Em High Defeat 2,000 Taken. 20G